Thursday, March 23, 2017


A very interesting episode took place near by gated community apartment very recently. The dog owners never bothered about their neighbours. Whenever if a person enters in a lift where owner is with his dear doggy and the person afraids  the ready reply of dogger is" It will not do anything". My mind will ask if the dog will not anything what is purpose of dog It s main duty is to protect the house.I imagine the dog will welcome the stealers  with a smile     HA HA HA

Ok let me come to the point. The dog keepers used to take dogs outside twice a day to keep it brisk. Sometimes thro dogs cupids will interact between dog keepers leaving the dogs to interact between themselves.  During this period of interact of dogs one Big dog has had a big fight with a small one and small dog has injured severely. On hearing this the dog owner has rushed to the spot with so much tear and she called entire secruity staff and blamed them for their careless ness in failing their duty

A near half an hour drama was enacted and the ownner took dear dog to hospital. There is a humour that a FIR to be lodged against  the big dog keeper    PETA

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