Sunday, June 24, 2018

Kumbakonam Temples

During the last month I had an opportunity to have Dharshan of some temples in Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu.

        I reached Kumbakonam by  9.30 AM from Trichy. There was some function to attend in trichy so I took a long route to kumbakonam  via trichy.   The pligrim to Kumbakonam started with my loosing the purse at the Bus from trichy . I was saved by constant companion of God as it was contained with few rupees and no bank cards. The money was safely in my suitcase and  no big casuality and pilgrim with donation to needy

     I took a hotel room  and booked one tourist car to visit temples. By 10 30 Am the journey started.

Kumbakonam visit was a one day only. I requested the the driver take me Navagraha  temples and And in temple i will take my owntime and there must not be any urgency. The driver informed me that the temple will be closed by 1 PM and reopen by 4 Pm upto 8,30 pm.


   Surya narayanar temple is at Adudurai  The temple Main Deity is Sun God .I had very fortunate to mention as the day was one of the week days and normal day I am blessed to have a dharshan very nearby deities and blessed by god by my peaceful worship. The temple deity is surrounded by all the remaining Navagraha Devadas.The system of parigrama is shown by arrows. After getting blessings of presiding deities at This temple my pilgrimmage started to another temple. Here in this temple the engraving of Ganesh in the ERUKKAM TREE is famous


   Very near by The temple for Lord SUKRA is situated   The driver took me that temple and I had eyeful of Dharshan  of Sukra .


       Near by Temple IS Mahadeva Temple.After worshipping the Lord Shiva at Mahadeva temple I WENT TO Uppliappan temple. The time was 12,00 noon The time for mid day puja so the Gurukkal were performing arrangement and hence the deity was inside the screen.The dharshan started at 12.30 PM.  There is a proverb in Tamil Without salt the food goes to dust bin. Here in Uppliappan temple no salt is added for the offerings to deities  AFTER WARDS MY NEXT DHARSHAN WAS AT thirunageswaram Temple In all the temples Iwas blessed by the gods without any obstruction as I was only  one at the sannathi 

       The temples were closed from 1 PM to 4 PM   I took my lunch and took rest for 2 hours.

I started at 3.45 PM and my first visit after lunch was Iravadhiswar Temple . After worshipping Eswara I went around the temple I was wonderstruck . The temple is one of the beautifulone and the the way in which the carving were done is no match  The people who are were going to Orissa./Bubeneswar to see the temple artitexure must see this and it is much more superior or not less below  wonderful ---  There was a underground tunnel capable for horse riding from this temple to Tanjore Palace now it is closed.

Pattiswar Durga temple is one the richest. The tall Gopurams are situated in all 4 sides are Gold plated .I had my dharshan of deity without any disturbanceand I was alone in the sannathi. 

AfterwardsI worshipped nearby temple SAKTHIVANESWAR at Thirusakthi mutram Pattiswaram This temple is adjustant to Durg temple.


 Next temple is Swami malai  Murugan temple.The producer Chinnappa Devar was ordant devotee and he spent much for this temple. The temple has 60 steps and each got name of one tamil year

I had a dharshan  and got the blessings. As the temple is located in the hill it was a small temple.

 Chakrapani Temple

   This temple located  Kumbakonam city. In this temple In Utta rayana the temple gate opened in that north side and in Dhakshirayana the gate to sannathi opens at south side..

 With this The day was completed

Next day morning after having my breakfast I hired one Auto and I went to Kahi Viswanatha temple  the presiding deity for KUMBAMELA, Nageswar Temple, THE oresiding deity of Kumbakonam  KUMBESWAR templeand Someswae temple

The temple are very big and it is by blessings only I can able to worship there and it was my great day         

Friday, April 13, 2018

Happy new year


Sunday, March 18, 2018


Dear Friends and all well wishers,

   I express my Happy New Year "VILAMBI"  greetings to all . May this uplift you in all respects brings many happiness in your life as well as your near and dear and friends

Thursday, January 25, 2018



Friday, January 12, 2018


On this happy day I wish all of you a Happy Pongal  Sankranthi. Just like Milk boils and spread over all the place let this year may fill your life all the happiness of the world

Thursday, November 16, 2017


I  visited Kurushetra   recently about 4 days ago. The visit was not a planned one but on  instant decision. I had been to Kurushetra some 10 years before and that was a spelbound one With that mind I readily accepted to go that holy place.

 we started from Gurgaon  7 .30 am.By. relaxing on the way for about an hour we reached Kurushetra by 12. 30 hrs

   our first stop was BRAHMA KUND  this was  about 1.5 KM long and around 1 km wide. This  made was a magnificient tank of olden years and it is a holy one . This present intellectuals who always find way to undermine the  Hindus has a made a plan as if they are glorifing the values of hindus  about 10 years back spilt the tank into half and constucted  a road of in the middle and made a park installed the GITA UPADESH Statue  and built 3 temples in it and fooled the people saying that part of MAHA BHARAT battle was enacted here and draupathi washed her hair here after revenge  etc etc .  Height of it they built a toilet and it is send down in the holy pond thus make the tank became waste management place. I shed tears. i have no words to express my anger.

  Actually the battle ground is 6 KM away from here. We went to battle ground area some decades before it was such a holy place we revered . Now it is a ordinary temple No feeling of pious occurs They have spoilled entire place as a play ground.

  I sincerely forget this place Let the old pious feeling may prevail

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I Trip to Native place A new experience

Every time to visit to our native place is adding our mental strength. and giving new path .

I had been to Chennai on 26th of august from Gurgaon,

I boarded the flight from Delhi by  6.40 AM and and by 9.45 AM i was at Chennai. The day was Ganesh  was in symbolic way after sending fare well to mother also departed to his destination. In way it shows the world that dont depend on materialist world immerse yourself with me.Understanding the meaning after his symbolic departure from material world  to real world inside us we prepares sweets in our house.   Ok  well . I reached chennai and proceeded to My relatives house.   It was a short stay at chennai. In the night I boarded the train to Bangalore at 11.30 PM

        The train on right time reached Bangalore by 6 30 AM at Yeswanthpur station which is  apart of bangalore station. I went to my cousin sister house at Rajaji nagar. After my freshness I went to basavangudi which is adjacent to jayanagar to meet a relative met thro blogger and happen to be near relative of Padma my wife. I travelled in Bangalore metro which was convenient

   Sri Ramasubramaniam   A GREAT MAN

   God Reveals the greatness of the man through nearby persons so as enable other human being to understand and follow the goodness of the life.

   Sri Ramasubramaniam  ,

  The god has being giving opportunity to meet the great people  at times to mend our thinkings to lift our life. This meeting with this great man in one of this kind. He leads his life in such a way  which can not be written but only to see.

  Sri Rama Subramaniam is one of the close kind of relation with my wife family side.  He has collected so many details of his family tree with the rare photos. I had the opportunity to mix with him for about a short time of about 3 hrs. 

     I returned to chennai next day and I had a pleasent time with my brother sambanthi Sri Mani Raju at bangalore for about 3 hrs Bangalore had monsoon weather continuously in the evening time regularly at about fortnight days. 

      This time I represented my family in  marriage at Karur In karur my paternal uncles in law side marriage In a detailed way that marriage is my paternal Uncle's  wife brother son 's marriage .

After attending marriage I went to salem for a get togather meeting of School mates Due to some reason it was post poned But I had the opportunity to attend the marriage of my school friend's son marriage at Salem 

 I return to Chennai on 3rd of september and 4 th September I returned to Gurgaon/delhi head quarter.

    The memory is green Thanks for the  happenings