Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dr A.PJ kalam

I have not having the words to express my self. Even in Death also he observed simplicity.What a man we had in our midst. And he lift our country to the greatest height and he is our man. ENTHRO MAHANU BHAVARU   OUR PRANAMS

Friday, July 10, 2015

New born

Sri Balasubramanian  -   Boovana ' s First daughter Smt Divya gave birth to boy at 8.30 AM IST at states
 We blessing the Divya- Shankar the parents of the child as well as the new born all the best. Shankar ' father Sri Chandra Mouli is well known in Trichy and owner of Vembu Sons

   We are congratulating both  SRI & SMT  Balasubramaniam and  SRI& SMTChandramouli   on becoming Grand Parents
 BALASUBRAMANIAN    is the 3rd son of  Ramanathan -Gunavathy (gini) and in Kambam tree  is A-9