Monday, October 29, 2007

Sastiyaptha poorthy

The Sastiyaptha poorthy of Sri Seetharaman will be performed at Chennai on 29& 30 th December 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Minnakkal Marriamman Day

I am once remainding you all That Nov 1 is the date of 3rd Iyyappasi Thursday. Pl. chant Lalitha sahasranamam, Cook Pongal and pray for betterment of life.

Sri Thirumoorthy is celebrating his 31st marriage day on 2-11-2007. We wish him all the happiness to the couple.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Recently I happen to study the book namedNatural cures " They don't want to you know about" written by Kevin Trudeau. He insists that on any account avoid taking anti biotic medicine. The medicine is simply supressing the symptoms and at the same time creates another source for buying new medicines. Avoid all the fast foods and the body has got capacity to cure max'm diseases.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Relax Time

From my auto biography ( Considering myself as one of the great man ever born in the world)

One day I was pompering that I must write autobiograpy thinking that I am one of the great man in the world and I started writing biography. From this I am producing some incidents

My sister Boovana when she was 7 years old I was working for off west bengal. One time I came on leave to my house.
During the period our one of the close relatives living nearby. My mother told me " Go to there house show your face and come" My sister was murmering something. " Yee Boovana what you are saying "
For that She told " Go to their house and show only your head and come back"
We had all heafty laughing.

On every friday my mother use to take oil bath as per traditition . This incident happened in year 1955 at sooramangalam. One friday as usual she wanted to take Arappu podi which is required for removing the oil from hair, she put her hand in the container ( ,the container was kept in the stand above head level), Suddenly she screamed. we all rushed to see. In side container there were 4 scorpians and bitten the mother's hand .

When we are at young age father used to go salem which is 5 Km from Sooramangalam . When he comes hewill purchase "THEN Mittai" ( honey sweet) . which was rare item in our place.
For the present relax

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Random thoughts

Random thoughts do occur in all human beings. Sometimes it is so felt that I should share with you.

We born in this human form to fullfil some karma and also for our earliar karmas. accordingly the present life we are leading. Sometimes,say many times we came across that if you read particular shostram/ perform particular puja our sufferings will vanish. What I feel is our sufferings will be always will be there.and we have undergo that sufferings without fail as because it is karma, but performing the kind of puja etc one can get the strenghth to bear the sufferings so that the magnitude will not be felt. For example by taking the doctors medicine we feel releived because the medicine gives the physological feeling as well as strength to bear sufferings. Hence instead of wiping out the sufferings,pray for the strength to bear the sufferings,Why postpone the sufferings.
We are all the puppets in the hands of Almighty. Always keep it in the mind.

Please write your comment as well as happenings to further circulation

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bhimaratha santhi of Sri K.Vaideeswaran

Sri K.Vaideeswaran is very much attached to Sringeri Peetam. He desires that his &0th Bhimaratha Santhi must be performed at Sringeri with blessings of Peedathipathi. This was one more occasion to visit Sringeri for us also. Accordingly in a divine atmosphere this function was performed in nov 2005. His holiness also blessed the couple by way of Prasadams and clothes.

Sastiaptha Poorthy of My father

The sastiaptha poorthy of our father was performed in Chennai during Nov1986 During that time My sons Upanayanam was also performed. In first day Navagraha Homam as well as Ganapathy homam were performed. In the next Day rest of the vedic rituals were performed.Many relatives and friens came and grace the occasion. Sri sugavanam made fine arrangement for the function

In the Year 1996 Nov Bhimaratha Santhi of our Father was performed and Sugavanam's Son Sri Praveen 's Upanayanam was also performed.
In the Year 1989 September we performed special Function on completion of our mother's 60 th year completion at our house

Sri K.S. vaideeswaran's Sastiaptha poothy function was held in the year 2000 Jan at trichy

Monday, October 1, 2007

On 21-10-2007 Mrs & Mr Sivaraman completing their 37 th marriage year and starting 38 th year of marriage life.