Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Relax Time

From my auto biography ( Considering myself as one of the great man ever born in the world)

One day I was pompering that I must write autobiograpy thinking that I am one of the great man in the world and I started writing biography. From this I am producing some incidents

My sister Boovana when she was 7 years old I was working for off west bengal. One time I came on leave to my house.
During the period our one of the close relatives living nearby. My mother told me " Go to there house show your face and come" My sister was murmering something. " Yee Boovana what you are saying "
For that She told " Go to their house and show only your head and come back"
We had all heafty laughing.

On every friday my mother use to take oil bath as per traditition . This incident happened in year 1955 at sooramangalam. One friday as usual she wanted to take Arappu podi which is required for removing the oil from hair, she put her hand in the container ( ,the container was kept in the stand above head level), Suddenly she screamed. we all rushed to see. In side container there were 4 scorpians and bitten the mother's hand .

When we are at young age father used to go salem which is 5 Km from Sooramangalam . When he comes hewill purchase "THEN Mittai" ( honey sweet) . which was rare item in our place.
For the present relax


Praveen said...

These incidents seem very nice pednaina... tell us more of these thro' the blog so that we'll know more about how you all were, during your childhood... very very nice blog.. hats off to you!

Saranya thirumoorthy said...

hi pednaina...awesome blog...continue the great work!!!!

Saranya thirumoorthy said...
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