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Thirteenth, fourteenth Fifteenth, Sixteenth Puranam

This is called Sri markandeya Puranam. In this puranam thefollowing stories are described.

Panchali's marriage, Sri Balaram's Dhosha,Young pandavas death,harichandran,Narakaloka's punisment,Nalayani,Karthaveerian,Rithathavajan, etc.Information on Yoga,the way to find death in advance etc.

It is informing that 16 bad elements are dormentig the living beings and remedies has also told

Mantra, chantings of god,White til,dharbai,Prarthana, discontinuing the started work when birds disturbs,Hanging of old Shoe,sastras,good thinging,homam,river bath etc.Information for ladies good.Stories of Manvanthrams, Mahishasura demon,devi mahathmiyam .

Stories of Marthandan,Manu Vamsam,vathchandran,balasuvan etc many stories are told.

The Fourteenth Puranam is Sri Vamana Puranam

The story of Bali . The vishnu Shetras along with presiding gods have been described. The story of Kurushetram ,Dhandakaranyam,Stanutheertham,Mahisharsura story,Mura,Murari story,Nishakara story,have been told.
Next puranam is Sri Varakha Puranam ,the fifteenth.
In this puranam, in addition to Sri Varakha Avtaram, the following are described
This varakha Avataram is also called as Yaghna Avtaram. Yaghnam means the power of creating w orld. This Yagna varakam is described in 35 ways.The story of Vasu and Ravyan based on which best " knowledge or doing things" The earliar birth of naratha has been described, Sri Vaishnavi Devi, Rudrani Devi stories, how to please Sri Vishnu are described. The importance of Thithis ( from Pradhamai to Pournami,Amavasya) are described.Naga Panchami vratham and monthly vrathams,kanthi,Avigna,Kama,Santhi,Arogya,Puthreshi Vratham are been described.
Relief from papam, Holy theerthams, Kaisika puranam,Story of nambiran are told.
Puranam No 16 is Sri Macha puranam
This is the story of Sri Vishnu's macha avataram.
Kacha-devayani ,Thirupurasurars,,ramasarma , yavana King AAthal , venkateswar-Alarmel mangai, Brahmadatthan, Vachirangan,Tharakan etc stories are there.
Information regarding building construction and measurement are given, The types of alms (Dhanams) are described
Next Puranam is Sri Koorma Puranam

Eleventh Puranam

The elevnth Puranam is Bhavisya Puranam means tells about future.It begins with starting of the world. It informs about Sri Ganesha, Sun.
The way for selecting land for temple and construction of temple ,and idols have been briefed.Several methods of vrathas has been explained. The payment for different works have been mentioned in the proportionate way.The different way of marriage system and duties of ladies have been mentioned.
Sri kalki Avatharam has been detailed. The kings of Kaliyuga has been mentioned. The details of Sun god & route of Sun have been mentioned.

12 th puranam Sri Prama Vaivarththa Puranam.
Sri Krishna in Sri Bhagavat gita told " I am Parabrahma" In this Puranam it has been told how Sri Krishna has created this universe.This has got 3 parts.first part deals withGods and Livingbeings, second part deals with ways of worship, swarga,naraka, diseases and remedies, in the third part devoted Sri Krishna.
Ways to prevent Diseases
Their are 64 varieties of diseases. Fever is the main reason .For fever Kapam, Vatham, Pitham,
Slatumam are reasons. Ayurvetham Stramam devotes Diseases and its remedies. Sri Brahma is the author of Ayurvedha.
Clean, message of oil (on head,ear,feet),Cleaning of eyes by clean water,Daily exercise,bath,having Chandan mix on the body,equality of food,control in food intake,Curd (only in daytime) along with good habits,clean cloth, Clean atmosphere will prevent diseases.Respect of Ladies is highlighted. Here Sri Radha's name mentioned as she is assisted Sri Krishna .Mention of Navaratri, end of Kaliyuga,birth of Ganga,impotance of Tulasi,Salakramam, Savithri vratham,Sri lakshmi, Sri durga and many other Sakthi gods are mentioned. stories of Sri Ganesha and Sri Krishna are mentioned in separate chapters. Radha - Krishna story has been mentioned in this puranam

Thirteenth Puranam
This is named as Sri Markendeya Puranam

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Eighth Puranam ninth and tenth Puranam

The eight puranam is Bhaagavatha Puranam. It describes Sri be Vishnu 's different avatharams. It begins with Mahabharatham ,then Sri krishna's end, Pandava's end ,Raja Parishisit and How Bhagavatha was told to him at his last 7days of life. It has stories of Sri Uttavar, Vidhurar,etc.Sri Dhuruva Story,Puranjanan,Priyavrathar,Jalabharathar, Ajamilalan, Prahlathan,Gajendra Moksham, Parkadal story, Ambarishan story,All avatharams of Vishnu etc
It informs how god will be at each Yukam. It describes 20 ways which make " paripoorna ( unlimited) happiness in the world thro the discussion between Yadhu and Avadhuthar.Entire Krishna Avtaram described in detailed story.

The Ninth Puranam is Sri Agni Puranam

In this Puranam, How to worship S hiva, Vishnu, Sun,How to pronounce Mantra, Homam, What are the Karma's to perform at each occassion ,etc
Construction of Temple is placed highest and the ways to prepare Images of Gods and construction of Temple tanks.the procedure for taking Bath,Theertha Shetras. Gaya shetra importance, Daily Karma's. way to observe during Birthand death, karma tobe done after death by son and relatives, etc
The way to conduct homams, Prayachitta vratham and many kinds of vrathams, the effects different kinds of flowers, different kinds of Dhanams, Purusha, Stri Lakshnams, effects of dreams, sakunams, ways of keeping forces for & against enemy .
Ways of Abhishekams, medicines and Rudraksha varieties are described.
Next Puranam is Sri Kandha Puranam. This is tenth Puranam
Inthis Puranam the entire Sri kandha life has been described in detailed way till Sri Valli Marriage
Eleventh Puranam is Sri Bhavisya Puranam

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Fifth Puranam , Sixth Puranam &Seventh Puranam

The fifth Puranam is Sri LINGA PURANAM.It commences with creation of Pancha bhootham ie Water, Fire, Vayu, Earth, Open Space.. The time calculations also given. It informs about 8 Yogas and its importance.
Imayam- No attraction, Brahmachariyam, Vaana Prastham included in this.
Concentration of mind this is included in cleaning of inside &outside of body and Vratham called Santhirayana. It starts no food on New moon day and adding one one handful of consumption of food till Full moon day and reducing one one handful of food to newmoon day,and cycle starts again. No food on newas well as fulmoon day

Prathiyakaram -- control of body
Tharanai --control of ear,eyes Etc
Dhyanam -- thinging of Almighty placing before our sense
Samathi yogam
Eswar has informed to Sri Parvathi any living being if they concentrate on me I AM THERE TO THEIR SIDE.
Eswara has got 5 Images and blesses his devottees in different forms.
The effect of chanting 'Namashivaya' has been high lighted.The ways to perform duties of different peoples,and the importance of Kashi Has been highlighted.Different stories in connection with Shiva has been described.The importance of Vibhuthi and Pancha Brahma Swarupam has been described. The importance of Alms and ways to perform Dhanams has been described.
The next sixth Puranam is Sri Garuda Puranam
In this puranam starts with 22 Avatharams of Sri Vishnu.
Kumara, Varaha, Devarishi, Nara Narayana, Kapilar, Thathrathria,Son of Rushi-Aguthi, Urukraman,Bridhu, Maccham,Kurmam,Dhanvanthri,Mohini,Narashimha,Vamana,Parasuram,Vedhavyasar,Naratha,Rama,Krishna,Buddha,Kalki
In the world 21 lakhs varieties coming from Hatching, 21 lakhes varieties as plants, 21 lakhes from birth, 21 lakhes from sweatings like Musquitto s.
Human birth is the best. Prarthans to Sun,Vishnu,Lakshmi has been highlighted .
Praneswara Mantram for snake biting, Salakramam and his 24 varieties has been described.Importance of Dhanams has been described. The ways to perform after death of person by their relatives ,Penance for 'papam ' ,Dhosham, reasons for getting Pretha Janmam, troubles arises due Pretha Janmam,and ways to get rid of this Janmahas been described,Birth and death, the 12 sravanars and their birth . Life after death and its way,Yamadharbar,Chitra Gupta And Various types of narakhas, The duties of Sons and Grand sons and ways to perform kriyas has been described. The significance of Til, Dharpai, significance of Dharma, rebirth, body science and remedies for different deaths has bee described in this Sri Garuda Puranam

Next Seventh Puranam is Sri Naratha Puranm
In this Puranam the life Of sri Naratha has been described.The effect of Sri sani ,Naratha's story connected with different persons has been described. The names of 18 Puranas and Upa puranas are as follows
18 puranas names already mentioned
The 18 upa puranas are
Sarath Kumariyam, narashimmam,Nandhiyam,Shiva Rahashiyam,Thourvasam,Naratheeyam,Kapilam,Manavam,Varunam,Devi Bhagavatham, vashistam,Kalki,Ganapatham,hamsam,Sambam,Sauram,Parasaram,Bargthavam.
All puranams are description of Vedhas. It teaches and commands to human to act and leads the way. the dharbars of Indra,Yama,varuna,Kuber,Brahma has been described in this Sri Naratha Puranam

The Eight's Puranam is Sri Bhagavatha Puranam

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Third Puranam & Fourth Puranam

The third Puranam in this order is Sri Vishnu Puranam. In this it has been insisted that knowledge has to be gained thro Guru. The calcllation of time for all the world has been mentioned here.and the cycle of creation and destroy and recreation etc has been mentioned here.The division of human,and others also mentioed.Sidth,Asidth,Eswara are described along with it's 6 divisions have been described. It contains many chapters and clearly described thro stories for easy understanding.Starts with creation of Universe in the first part. Second part is our Bharatha Varsha. Bharatha Varsham under Jambuth Dwipam has been praised as Punya lokam.
7 dwipams ie Jambu,Plasham,Salmalam,Kusam,Krausham,Sakam,Puskaram.
Below earth, Athalam,Vidhalam, Nithalam,Subasthimath,Mahathalam, Suthalam,Bhathalam.
Bhathal Lokam is very very beautiful ,more advanced and for better than Indra lokam.
Description about Naraka lokam is mentioned,
Above Earth, Puvar, Surya,Chandra,Star, Sukra,Ankaraka,Brahaspathi,and Sani Lokams above this saptha Rishi and Dhurva , These called as Suvar
Mahar Loka, Jana,Thapo, Brahma's Satya loka,
Total 14 lokas called Bramandam
The Sun Path and time has calculated and mentioned,as well as Chandra's path.Description of Sun and Chandra is well as all the Grahas.
In the Third partManvanthram has been described. Now we are in Vaivastha Manvanthram.
Vedha vysa in not one,they are Gurus just like Sankracharya just like we are mentioning.The details of Vedha vysa with their names in each manvanthra has been mentioned.The meaning& formation of "Pranava OHM " has been described. The "srartha ceremony " and its different methods were described.
In 4 th part Brahma's decentants were being mentioned.
The Dasavatharam is described

4 th Puranam is Sri Shiva Puranam.
In this Puranam, Lord shiva' s Appearence, Jyothilingam ,Creation of OHM has been mentioned
The marriage Of Shiva, Birth of Murugan, Vinayagar, and connected stories ismentioned. the marriage of Sri vinayaga is told. Milk ocean , Amirtham ,Usha Parinayam etc are being told.
The importance of "Vibhuthi" is being told, Marriage of Nandhi, etc.
Persons got Blessings of Sri shiva, Lifting of Kailasa Mountain by Ravana, blessing to Arjuna Savithri -satyavan story, The importance Of Kashi, Importance of Maha Sivarathri and observance Different Vrathas has been mentioned. Panch Bootha stahalams ie Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and open Space places ie Kanchi, thiru Aanaikka, thiruvannamalai, Kalahasthi,and Chithambaram

The Fifth Puranam is Sri Linga puranam

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2nd Puranam

The second puranam is Padma Puranam. This is divided into 22 chapters containing stories informing the way lead life. Here in this puranam the Radhastmi Vratham has been mentioned. The devotion of Radha to Krishna has been mentioned only in this puranam.The importance mahalakshmi vratham has been mentioned. The Puri temple story is mentioned.. It has mentioned in one story the holiness behind cleaning of Vishnu temple, the importance of Ekadasi Vratham, helping in lightings of temple, importance of taking Bath in Holy rivers, Theerthams, annadhanam etc,etc has been stressed with the help of stories.Birth of ganges riveris mentioned.
Lord Vishnu ' body has divided in the form of 18 Sri Brahma Purana is Head, Sri Padma is Heart, Sri Vishnu is Right hand, Sri Siva Left hand, etc . Thus the studying of Puranams brings " Punyams" to human beings.

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18 Puranas

Recently I happened access thro' 18 Puranas which are teaching the human kind and worshipped by Hindu community. It teaches how the mankind should behave and the remedies. It is not for people to frighten. On each occasion How the mankind must behave.It teaches with the stories so that it is easy to follow.Let us brief the puranas one by one.
1. Sri Brahma 2.Sri Padma, 3 Sri Vishnu, 4 Sri Siva 5 sri Linga 6 Sri Garuda 7 Sri Naradha 8 Sri bhagavatha 9 Sri Agni 10 Sri Kandha 11 Sri Bhavishya 12 Sri Brahma vaivartha
13 Sri Markandeya 14 Sri Vamana 15 Sri varaha 16 Sri Maccha 17 Sri Koorma 18 Sri Brahmanda 19 Sri vayu puranam has been included in the 18 puranams
Sri Brahma Puranam consists of 34 Chapters. One chapter is devoted to Gayathri Maha manthram.
We know Yugha . We are now in Kali yugha. There are 4 Yughas . 4 Yughas combines together is called Maha Yugha. 71 Mahayugha consists of one Manvanthram. 14 Manvanthram equals to one Kalpam One kalpam is Sri Brahma's one day. New world born for each Kalpam.Now we are in 7th manvanthram called as Vaivasvatha manvanthram.

Before the birth of Brahma from the Naabi of Moola Brahmam sound has come by hearing the sound from the 4 faces of Brahma 24 words has been formed and this formation of this called " Bheejakshra mantra called " Gayathri Manthra" After wards 4 Vedhas are formed. Hence Gayatri Mantra is called as Mother Of Vedhas.
There are 18 maha Puranam as per list given above. Additionally 18 Uba Puranams are there.
In the Maha puranams Brahma Puranam is called AAdhi puranam ie First puranam.
The earth has been divided into 7 islands surrounded by 7 seas. In the earth 7 types of Mountains are there. Our Bharatha desam has got 8 divisions. they are called as Indra, Suserumaana, Thambrabharana, Kabassthimana, Naga,Sowmya, Khandharva, Vaaruna. The ninth division has immersed in the sea..
Below the earth 7 worlds are there. Athalam, Vithalam, Nithalam, Sudhalam, Thalathalam, Rasathalam, Bhathalam. These places are more beautiful and precious metal are aplenty.and are like earth living beings are there. Lord Yam the king of all the earths and prople are rewarded as per doings. Above earth , Bhuvar ( this part of earth), Surya, Chandra, Bhuth, Sukra, Ankarakan, Guru, Saptharishi, Dhuruva lokams (contingency) are located. At the end of kalpam only Boo, bhuvar, Suvar lokam (contingency) will destroy.
The Puri Temple deities were initially prepared by Viswakarma .This has been illustrated in Brahma Puranam

Saturday, November 28, 2009


We regret to inform the demise of subbanarasaiah @Kunnadu at the age of 84 leaving his wife ,4 sons and 2 daughters.on26-11-09.
Sri Kunnadu is the eldest son of Dr sethumadhava Rao (S/O V Ganapathaiyya & Gajalakhasmma) & Sarathamba (d/o of Ellaiyya &Kamatchamma)
Sri Kunnadu is in his living days toured many places and collected many useful data of his anscesstors . He is the person nobody has ability to tie in one place more than 1/2 hour. While on visit to Gaya he performed Gaya Tharpanam to elders more than 40 that includes all his relatives by virtue of his collection of family details. He was having every minute details of the places visited and recorded in manuscript .He felt very much upset when onetime in the tour he lost the details of that tour but he tried his level best to reconstruct.
we lost one of our close who is always ready to help even at the age of 83 who was not able to hear with the help of hearing aid and walks with stick.
Suffered in his young age but he helped his children to prosper and his main supporting pillar his wife who at this age lost her mental support. She always stood by his side at difficulty with the smiling face We share her sufferings

Saturday, November 21, 2009

For information

This is general information only for Telugu Brahmin who are very minority community's welfare.
Sri Narendran is one of the trusty running welfare measure in respect of education , marriage for the poor etc
Sri Ramanathan Trust with Same purpose is initiated and initial investment of Rs 30000 has been created.
The good souls are still looking for the opportunity.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kambam Family Tree

Some corrections/additions may please be carried out in Kambam Family Tree

Chart B-17
3. YagnaKakshmi ---B.A Kumar
Poornima (D) @Annalakshmi
1. Jayanthi-------mani
Suga Pradhan(D)
4 &5 Unmarried

Pl add

A- 8 &A -20
5 K.C Vaidheeswaran 7/8/1930 --29-8-2009
A -11
2 K.V.Vaidyanathan ---Lakshmi 1940---7-9-09
2 K.R Vaidya Nathan ---12-5-1924 -16-9-09

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A visit

I had the opportunity to visit India in the recent past ,although the purpse was a sad beginning but later course it was a very intresting and l well spent .

Due to sudden demise of my mother in law I had undertaken this trip to CBE. After consoling the grieved family I had been to Chennai to meet my brothers and relatives. During this trip I had a pleasent as well as eye openning experience. I had a opportunity to associate to compile the Kambam family tree and in that connection I wanted to establish the contacts with the family members of Kambam.
It is a kind of renewing the acquintainance which due to my postings outside the state since 40 years. The first I contacted is re lated to me as paternal uncle's Family, They were in salem during 50's when our family was there.
Mr Venkata Raman very much Educated as well as was held very prestigious post in State Educational Board and still persuing further education even after retirement. Hats off to him.
Sri Venkataraman is the Son in Law of Sri K. R. Vaidya nathan II son of Sri ramakrishaiah of Salem

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One more

Sri K.R.Vaidyanathan S/0 Late Ramakrishna Iyer Of Salem (II son) Aged 85 years passed away on 16-9-09. in Chennai We pray for his soul. He is brother of Chandra mouli and Visveswaran Ph 044-24960482

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Unity in diversity

I came to know recently the following things
If son resembles mother and daughter resembles father the ofspring will proper . This is hindu hearsaying .The chineese also tells the same.
The present 15 days starts from Poornima to Amavasya is called " Pithru Thithi". The chineese terming these days are Dragons are hungry in these 15 days ,we have feed. What a coincide

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Sad News

Smt Laksmi W/o Late K.V Vaidya nathan @ Mettur Mani has breathed last on 7-9-09 afternoon at Coimbatore.May her soul rest in peace. She was Daughter in law of Late K.V Viswanatha Iyer- ( Retd PWD Mettur)-Sarathambal.

Monday, September 7, 2009

80th Birthday

Smt Gunavathy W/o Late K.S Ramanathan @ chinna Sethu completes her 80 th year as per star on 9th Sep 2009 . We bow our head and pay our namaskarams to her.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


A new website named " Geni" has been created and it is circulation for kambam family. Pl note

Friday, September 4, 2009

The loss

Sri K.C Vaideeswaran popularly known as Pollachi Vaidhi son of K.S. Chockkaiyer of Salem has passed away at the completion of 79 th year on 29-8-09 Saturday at about 9.30 AM in Coimbatore. we pray for his soul

Friday, April 24, 2009


CHUKHA HYDEL PROJECT IS THE another project I was associated . This project is in BHUTAN and this constructed under Indo-Bhutan treaty under Indian Aid.

The objective of this project is to produce Electricity and that will feed to eastern grid and India will get surplus current from Bhutan by purchase.The aid amount will be utilised for the purchse of electricity. The river is perennial one.
The dam was proposed at Chimakoti village. From the dam water will be diverted thro' tunnels to a fall of more than 300 mts to Chukha Power house and electricity will be produced .

Construction . The actual project was commenced in the year 1974, and I was associated with the pr0ject from the begginning

.It was Nov 2003 and Iwas at my worksite at Kadra which is in Karwar Dt in Karnataka and it is interior village and one bus will fly once in a day to near by Londa town. The population of that place is hardly 50- 75 people. My work is connected with River Kali observation Survey. I joined duty only on October 2003 . I got the standing order of releive from duty by the evening of Dec 31st and I had to proceed for joinning duty at Chukha Hydel Project immediately.I was thrilled to work in a project outside the country . Before proceeding I have got some personnel works to complete. I took 40 days leave,

In Feb 74 I joined Duty at Phuntsholing the gate way of Bhutan.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Farakka Barrage

Farakka Barrage .This is one of the biggest project Independant India Constructed in 60's.

What is Barrage. A barrage is the structure constructed on a river which has multiple usage of river flow as well as provision for vehicular movement also included in the construction.

Farakka is located in the borders of banglaDesh.erstwhile East Pakistan. Farakka is located on the banks of River Ganges. On the other side of the bank is Khejuriaghat. The width of River here is 1.5 K.M. The mode of transport for crossing the river is Stream ferries. The rail link from Calcutta terminates at Farakka and the passengers will be ferried to other side Khejuriaghat and train journey will be resumed.The Cars and jeeps will also ferried to other side.
The main important point is this is vital point for connecting North eastern States.
The hoogly river o f calcutta is filled with back water of Sea.There is a proposal to divert some quantity of Ganges water into this to make Hoogly river pleasent.There is very urgent need of Transport fecility for the defence purpose.
The barrage was designed to divert some quantity of water to River Hoogly and Road and Rail transport fecility.
Barrage :- The barrage length is about 1.5 KM and having provision of 4 way lane and 2 way rail line.
Provision given for raising the river water level to certain level so as to divert part of Ganges water to Hoogly river through Diversion Canal.A regulator was constructed on Farakka side .
It has pass thro Junghipur barrage.A very large Guide bund was constructed on Khejuria ghat side to prevent flood water enter into the nearby villages at the time flood as well as due rise in the water level.

The work of Farakka Barrage was started in the year 1965 and I was recruited there in 1967. When I joined in the project 3 piers on the left ( Khejuriaghat) side and 3 piers on Right(Farakka) side was completed.and further 12 piers were on under construction in left side ,out of 108 piers.

Two agencies were involved for construction. NPCC (National Project Construction Company, Govt of India under taking), and H.C.C ( Hindusthan construction Company, a Bombay Firm).

A Russian firm was doing experiment on Cellular cofferdam method. The Cellular cofferdam is a temporary method of of diverting river water in the middle of river so as to enable construction of barrage can be taken up without diverting river. The river water can flow on the both the sides leaving middle portion dry to take up the construction work.

In the two years of experiment of cellular cofferdam was failed miserably. In the mean time the traditional method of constructing cofferdam was discussed with the contractors HCL ltd and instead of construction of planned bays of bays of barrage for the year 1967-68 the area covered for construction will be doubled and the company will be given bonus amount of extra 1 lakh per bay for bays completed over the target projected for that year.

The earthen cofferdam was completed for in two phases ie first after completing as per programme so has to commence the work by Company and further coffer dam work continued so as to cover further bays. In that way two season work was completed in one season.

After seeing the sucess of this method next season work was completed in this way. In history of India this is first time a Project was completed in before time. The employees were given one

month salary as bonus/ incentive ,what ever you call.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

River Flow Survey

River flow survey. It is the survey the Central Water commission undertakes every day in the all surface flowing rivers in our country. The main function of this survey is to assess the exact quantity of water available in the rivers irrespective of small or big.The another important work is to forecast the incoming flood to the places where river flows minimum 2 days in advance.The state Government always depend upon this forecast.

The Central Water commission established gauge sites in many points for one river so as to avoid human error as well as to asertain accuracy of flow. The data will be collected for particular river point for more than 10 years and then it will be shifted to other place of river.If the particular place is important the gauge site will be permanent and gauge observation will be taken without any interruption.
The river flow Survey is taken either by float system or by current meter system. Before establishing the gauge site a straight reach of min 1oo mts length is chosen. Before this reach there must not be curve in the river. In the chosen point A gauge post will be fixed. The base level will be fixed according MSL of the area,by undertaking level Survey. The point selected will be Centre line of gauge station. From this point 100 mtr up& down further two points will be fixed ,and gauge poles will be fixed.
Fixing of gauge post The gauge post is wooden post with metreement measur plate fixed on it.The gauge post will be fixed in such a way it will corrulate with each other. The first post will be inside the river indicating the river level. Every 5mtr distance the gauge post will be fixed on the central point.and the points selected in the upstream as well as downstream side from river watel level to top of bund.Every day at 8AM.12.00 noon,6.00PM the water level will be observed.At 8.00AM the flow of river will be observered.The river cross section is 3 times in a year in the 3 sections at 1o mtr interval and depending upon the surfaceof the river, in May (lean season before rain),Aug ( Rainy /flood season),October (After flood season) Flow observation The river velocity is taken either by float method ,by current meter etc. The will be biffercated by available means into 5mtr/10mtr depending upon the width of river.A visible float will be sent passing thro' the point( av.3 times).The time taken to cross from U/s side to D/s side point will be noted.This process will be done in all the points covering entire river water surface. The entire process will take 3 hrs time.
Then after wards the paper work starts based on the site observation for calculating the flow of river and velocity( speed) of the river and quantity of water passing in the river on this particular day and after calculation the result will be conveyed to main central station by wireless method.
Water samples will be collected daily and it will be analysed daily in the site office for the suspended particles as well as sand particles it is carrying . The sample water collected daily from the river will be sent to main division office for analysing chemical particles.
I am proud to associate this work from the field side for more than 3 years.The river is Wain Ganga ,a tributory to Godavari River and another Tributory to Mahi river. during my service life.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Service The question arises occasionnally as we are going to manyplaces at times we are appreciating many things that attracts us. the way the things arranged in a beautiful way, the things conducted and the cleaniness of the place was maintained. We long for cleaniness. In some places we are hurt by the way the place is kept. Especially the place of worship. People appreciates the clean , but they are not following the basic principle.Simply they are following others for sake of convenience.If we take example The containner of prasadam say paper/leaf is thrown conveniently nearby place.The blaming game among the people is common. While blaming the others they refuse to see them in that angle,as they also part of that incident.

During my latest visit I came across the awareness in this field. Some high working executives has formed one group and they select one temple everymonth and doing some cleaning works of the temple premises. This they are doing regularly. Material help to Spastic children like colour boxes etc are being distributed.
You can also try in a small way. And you will feel the difference.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Why is the small word .90 % of human beings are taking and accepting the things as it is. On that basis there are running their life.Why is the important word for the life improvement. Whenever you come across anything you must not accept on that face value.Ask the question why? How it has been there?

By asking question You are not a laughing stuff ,but you upgrading yourself in the knowledge . You will not be ignorant of fundamental principles. Why to follow the things although you feel good without understanding the basic knowledge. By asking why ,you can able to understand the things and you can follow still vigourously and confidently.

Why people are not asking why? Although they want to ask but due to fear complexion or inferior/superiority complex they refuse to ask. It is high time that is everybody must start asking this question .

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Famosa Resort

From Kulalampur 120 KM away a place called Famosa Resort is being developed by a private
party . This 100% entertainment resort. Total area is 520 HA.There are places for staying and cottages are for hire.
a) Cow boy town :- In this area there are eating pla ces, marketting places, games, 4D theatre and function hall.
The place is decorated as cowboy style the functonaries are moving in cowboy dress and cowboy dance s are being performed. At 4D theatre we witnessed a horror movie (10mts duration) in thro' Glass provided by them.The movie is not for the weak hearted persons and it is very much exaggeration .
The next stop is function hall where entertainment were being performed lively.
First it is fireworks from mouth, it has lasted for 15 mts. Then procession of animals( wild as well as Domestic). Beauties parade in walk and in decorated cycle rickshaws. Then cowboy parade and lastly thrilling fire works. The entire programme lasts for one hour thirty mts.
Then there is food joints and play area for all.
Water world :- Consists of swimming pools for all ages, High speed water sliding, kid sliding and they created a small artificial beach and ofcourse eating places. People became child and naughty in water ( both sexes include).
Animal world:- This a small zoo, free van arrangement is available for seeing entire zoo.Separate island enclosure for monkeys is there. Free raft service provided

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Economic Crisis

Today As a layman I want to express my view on this subject . What is crisis? Materials not selling as per projection and profit is not sweeling day by day to the manufactures. Why
The money so hard earned are not for swindling,still he purchases out of compulson which manufactures exploits. Ex.The Bru Refill used to Rs 10, Suddenly due scarcity of coffee in the world it has increased to 3 fold. the coffee crisis ended as prices has fallen down to more or less old level. The Bru company never has reduced ,but it started giving a plastic/glass tumblers worth Rs 2/= as gift and retai n the profit level to the highest. The company fellows thinks purchasing people are fools. Naturally the consumer will think twice before purchasing and he
will purchase alternative to suit his budget. The surf at introduction was very good and at later stage the quality reduced and they introduce old quality in new brand name with hiked price and this process is continuing So people changes brands to suit their budget.
The educational expences are sky rocketting,and the parents are getting nervous as because it can not be avoided in this competitive world. They have to tighten the belt in some other expenses.

One man can not purchase all the things all the time. He has got limit,whatever may be his earnings,and the his dwellings are going smaller smaller per day and reverse the maintainance and rent.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Retirement Contd

In continuing retirement policy, In my old organisation ,the people retiredfrom higherest posts gone for begging in other organisation after retirement for amount equivalent ts their pension amount or less is being humilated by the present as well as parent organisation's lower grade employees. Why this sufferings,whether is it necessary? That people doing post retirement works simply for prestige/time passing. Am I severe? or jealousy NO . The explanation received from pro retirement worker is Why waste the knowled ge? Yes D'nt waste. My suggestion to them import that knowledge to willing people either by discussion or by writing notes and handover. There will be more willing peoples to accept the gesture
Your comments please

Friday, January 9, 2009

Retirement -cont'd

The retirement is being viewed by the few that it is a punishment. I differ. In some countries say in Malaysia the retirement age is 55. In western countries is more than 60. Why. the shortage of population is the criteria. In India after someyears the age of retirement may go up to more than
present age of 60, because of pausity of qualified people. The indian will go to outside of countries because of attraction and for prestige. The older people will be lethargic and continues to work for their false prestige .

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Retirement word most of us having dreadful notion. Oh you are retired this will be first word we will get from opposite mouth. Now what will do any alternative job?
Why alternative job ? What will you do . Invent new one and work leasurely and enjoyfully without any tension. By the time of retirement you commitment to family mighthave been compleated. If by anychance if it was there you can further persue the alternative carreer. Your
comments are welcome

Sri K.R. Thirumoorthy retired on 31-12-2009 on superannuation.