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Fifth Puranam , Sixth Puranam &Seventh Puranam

The fifth Puranam is Sri LINGA PURANAM.It commences with creation of Pancha bhootham ie Water, Fire, Vayu, Earth, Open Space.. The time calculations also given. It informs about 8 Yogas and its importance.
Imayam- No attraction, Brahmachariyam, Vaana Prastham included in this.
Concentration of mind this is included in cleaning of inside &outside of body and Vratham called Santhirayana. It starts no food on New moon day and adding one one handful of consumption of food till Full moon day and reducing one one handful of food to newmoon day,and cycle starts again. No food on newas well as fulmoon day

Prathiyakaram -- control of body
Tharanai --control of ear,eyes Etc
Dhyanam -- thinging of Almighty placing before our sense
Samathi yogam
Eswar has informed to Sri Parvathi any living being if they concentrate on me I AM THERE TO THEIR SIDE.
Eswara has got 5 Images and blesses his devottees in different forms.
The effect of chanting 'Namashivaya' has been high lighted.The ways to perform duties of different peoples,and the importance of Kashi Has been highlighted.Different stories in connection with Shiva has been described.The importance of Vibhuthi and Pancha Brahma Swarupam has been described. The importance of Alms and ways to perform Dhanams has been described.
The next sixth Puranam is Sri Garuda Puranam
In this puranam starts with 22 Avatharams of Sri Vishnu.
Kumara, Varaha, Devarishi, Nara Narayana, Kapilar, Thathrathria,Son of Rushi-Aguthi, Urukraman,Bridhu, Maccham,Kurmam,Dhanvanthri,Mohini,Narashimha,Vamana,Parasuram,Vedhavyasar,Naratha,Rama,Krishna,Buddha,Kalki
In the world 21 lakhs varieties coming from Hatching, 21 lakhes varieties as plants, 21 lakhes from birth, 21 lakhes from sweatings like Musquitto s.
Human birth is the best. Prarthans to Sun,Vishnu,Lakshmi has been highlighted .
Praneswara Mantram for snake biting, Salakramam and his 24 varieties has been described.Importance of Dhanams has been described. The ways to perform after death of person by their relatives ,Penance for 'papam ' ,Dhosham, reasons for getting Pretha Janmam, troubles arises due Pretha Janmam,and ways to get rid of this Janmahas been described,Birth and death, the 12 sravanars and their birth . Life after death and its way,Yamadharbar,Chitra Gupta And Various types of narakhas, The duties of Sons and Grand sons and ways to perform kriyas has been described. The significance of Til, Dharpai, significance of Dharma, rebirth, body science and remedies for different deaths has bee described in this Sri Garuda Puranam

Next Seventh Puranam is Sri Naratha Puranm
In this Puranam the life Of sri Naratha has been described.The effect of Sri sani ,Naratha's story connected with different persons has been described. The names of 18 Puranas and Upa puranas are as follows
18 puranas names already mentioned
The 18 upa puranas are
Sarath Kumariyam, narashimmam,Nandhiyam,Shiva Rahashiyam,Thourvasam,Naratheeyam,Kapilam,Manavam,Varunam,Devi Bhagavatham, vashistam,Kalki,Ganapatham,hamsam,Sambam,Sauram,Parasaram,Bargthavam.
All puranams are description of Vedhas. It teaches and commands to human to act and leads the way. the dharbars of Indra,Yama,varuna,Kuber,Brahma has been described in this Sri Naratha Puranam

The Eight's Puranam is Sri Bhagavatha Puranam

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