Monday, June 12, 2017

Gangai karai ooram

It is a different heading I thought of giving a different heading for the trip undertaken with my brother and family

 Yes truely it is the trip undertaken towards Ganges. On 19 th May 2017 Along with my brothers family I started my journey  to Ganges bank road journey in our vehicle. We started from Gurgaon by 5 AM During this time the Sun God also started blessing us from that time onwards. The total distance around 250 Kms.

      Although we taken care of fuel to mouthless being ie car we also make it sure that human being like get fuel So we prepared coffee in the house and consumed it to get full energy upto next human fuel station.As my brother has been promoted " PARTHA SARATHI" Grade I was the advisor on the road My brother is new to this road and I am the LKG student as for driving concern.

   The morning breeze is very wonderful. and the traffic was very minimum except one place near bus stand where we unknowingly diverted our vehicle.  We had aexpert advice from the starting point to take minor nourishment from a particular joint ie Sheetal Grand  which around 80 KM from Delhi. We reached the place by 8,15 AM . It was not upto the mark still the service was quick and self servicing We had near about 45 mts break. The road was good and Roorkee Collage of Eng had opportunity to have a Dharshan of us.  and also Baba Ramdev Ashram near Haridwar. We reached Haridwar by 12 noon.

       Haridwar was barricated against vehicle movement . The place was small but pilgrims are more. For the easy movement of people restriction were imposed. With guidance of local 3 wheelers we were able locate of place stay for the day. It was Hote Mayur  We were fooled by the internet booking, showing heaven as the limit. Anyway we were not bothered or taken into mind as because our aim is different. After taking lunch etc we started to visit places.

    In Haridwar there are 3  main temples
  1, Hari  ka pur    2, Manasa Temple located on hill top  3. Samundeswari temple located at other hill top  

   The Ganga ARATHI is at 6.45 PM daily.

The ticket for winches for for Manasa Devi And Samundeswari Hill and up and down transport  are available in the hotel itself and it is package.  Fortunately tha Manasa Devi temple was just opposite to our hotel ( it was not designed by us) We started by 2.45 PM from the hotel and reached the temple premises within 10 mts. We have wait for about 20 mts for the winch. By 3 PM we were in the temple, We had a dharshan of DEVI and by 4 pm we came down and proceeded to Samundeswari temple by tempo as per package There we found more than 1000 Pilgrims were waiting and as pers to go to Temple persons it will take atleast 1 to 2 hrs to reach the the temple On enquiry we found tickets for the dharshan will be valid for the next day also.
    We decided to postpone oue visit to temple next day and proceeded to Hari ka pur where ARATHI will be held. We the Ganga ghat by 6 pm By that time itself there were more than 50000 peoples. We had a good view point place to sit on the banks Ganges.

      The temple is being run by the private trust they were finding means to extract money from public many ways I am not here to express my view whether it is wrong  or right.. The Arathi began at 7 .10 PM and it has last for 2- mts.

   We while away the time in Ganges bank for about an hour. Then we had our dinner and gone our shell.

20-5- 2017
   Today we were ready by 5 Am and went Ganges and had bath of course we were having Mug bath. we feel refreshed it was a great experience and there is no words to explain Holy water is always holy water.  Then after having our tea/coffee we proceeded to Samundeswari temple. The temple opens at 7.30 AM. we were the early birds and by time the gates opened went by winch to temple as the temple was located over hill top around 3000 ft. We had a very eyeful dharshan of deities and by 8.30 AM we were downhill and by 9 am we were ready to further to go to RISHIKESH

  Around 10 Am we we were on the road to RISHIKESH .occasionaly we encountered some traffic hurdles and we faced some hurdles to locate Swami Dayanand Saraswathi Ashram and we reached the place around 12 noon and we were accommadated in a moderate room/house .  We had a very good meal provided by the ashram. The real beauty is we have been never charged for the accommadation or for the food If you want to give according to will and pressure any donation.

    In the  evening we had a Ganges Bath . We went to see Laxman Jhoola Hanging bridge by steel rope and had a ganga Arathi witnessed by us. We return to Ashram by 8 30 PM and had our meals


Morning we fortunate to witness the puja performed in ashram temple by 5 AM. The asram provides morning tea, Breakfast, lunch, evening tea, night dinner free of cost Time limit is there.  Afterwards we had ganges bath . After breakfast we proceeded to Musoorie around 80 KM by 9 AM. We reached Musoorie by 12 noon Then our hurdles started. There is proverb in tamil " Kashapattalthan Sugam"
There was a traffic jam in the main market area The Sterling resort where we booked our room was not specific in guiding our way Simply he was telling one point. The way/road is not as broad In addition there were parking of vehicle. The traffic policemen were not able to guide us properly as because they temporiarily posted there according inflow of tourists, we were making round and round and at last with the known local person after he furnished us with other reference point we reached the resort after one hour. The indication point provided by the resort is insufficient. We   went about roundabout. Where as on enquiry from the local drivers ti was found that the travel time is 10 minutes.
       We reached the resort by 1 PM and booked our rooms Shankar and family also reached the resort by 2 PM They were fortunate because local driver was with them and we also guided to some extent.

   We took our meals we simply took rest and there was a final IPL T20 match thatday and shankar has to by early nextday morning we spent that day in room itself and our meals also supplied in our room itself


    Today we hired one full day taxi to go around musoorie. WE had our breakfast in the resort,Then our journey of sightseeing commenced. The first halt was  waterfall. To witness the water fall winch system has been provided and people can go near fall. From the waterfall there is about 300 feet down water pool has been built which has got fecilities of water sport and ropeway etc. Only lacuna is no proper toilet fecilities.

food joints are there.   From there our next spot was Sakti temple which is 200 feet height only sloping walk way is provided. We had our lunch there. Meals are very good and fresh from kitchen prepared in front of us and neat and clean

 From here we went to Buddhist temple The entire area is occupied by the Tibetians.  From there we went to one big garden which  has been filled by food court, wax museum, water boating ,artificial water fall, handloom fabrics shop.Of course the prices as you understand are of tourist purpose.
After spending about 2 hrs we returned our nest. We had our night dinner. We had very good rain that night


Today marketing day Some view points  are seen. It is came to know there one view point from there we can see by telescope KEDARNATH Temple.


  Today the day of departure from mussoorie. This return journey was riiddled with heavy traffic  jams resulting about 11 hrs to reach gurgaon which is in normal course takes between 6 to 7 hrs.

Although there is some obstracles like traffic jams, it is bound to happen. The journey was one of the unforgettable. On normal way of life we will never get opportunity to take bath in ganges which is our hindu dharma put in high esteem. There still many peoples are there to give all fecilities to peoples without expecting any returnWith all difficulty and lack of finance many people visiting the hindu shrines without murmur  GREAT