Monday, November 2, 2015

Pilgrimmage Journey

Last week A opportunity has arisen to undertake pilgrimmage trip to Illahabad, Kashi and Gaya and   Binsar in Himalaya region.

It is of Hindu belief that once in a lifetime A Hindu to undertake a trip to Kashi and Gaya to perform the ritual for their ancesters . It is one of the thanks giving to elders who blessed us for our better living and still blessing in our life time.It is not the fear that we must do otherwise they will harm not like that. It is one kind of namaskarams/ reverence which we are doing to the elders whenever we happened see the elders.

   My self along with my brothers family  we started by Poorva Express from New Delhi on 12 th Oct . The train departs from ND at 4.25 PM. . After taking sufficient rest we reached Illahabad by 3.30 Am 0n 13th Oct. As per pre arrangement our guide took us from Station to Shiva mutt and we had small rest in the room allotted us upto 6 am.
Around 8 Am after taking bath in the rest room the prohit came and explained rituals to be performed, As we were ignorant of the ritual  we thought over and we agreed to perform.

As per tradition  the sea sand brought from Rameswaram has to be immersed in Prayag.At Rameswaram while performing the puja to go to Kashi in the sand they will make 3  Shiva lingams representing  SETHU MADHAVAR, BINDU MADHAVAR, VENI MADHAVAR  .                             . Out of 3lingams one will be immersed in Rameswaram it self ,one lingam will be taken by prohit and third lingam ie Veni madhavar will be given to performer. As lingam is made of sand The shape is not the problem .  In Prayag/ Illahabad the prohit will make lingam out of sand we brought . The couple  will perform Puja for the lingam. Here it is performed VENI Puja. Veni represents Saraswathi and people offering hair for veni mainly husband cuts some portion of wife hair to Veni  ie to river.After performing the puja in the hall we went Prayag Sangamam had a bath and came rback to rest h ouse and perf ormed  PITRU BINDAM  ritual. Total  18 Bindam Representing  father sides and  mother side and  all the living being who helped us in our life say birds, animals etc. because they give food as well as guide our life in various ways which we dont know and the pitrus  whom we have forgotten to mention.

After wards we took our meals and we departed for Varanashi.  We started by 2.30 PM by taxi and onthe way we visited motilal Nehru bunglow and reached Varanashi by 6,30 PM.and after making arrangement for stay at SankaraMutt near HanumanGhat . we consulted the Manager of Sankara Mutt  for Gaya and Kashi Rituals. He made the arrangement.We witnessed the navaratri puja inthe sankara mutt

Inthe early morning at 3 AM from Varanashi by hired taxi. The distance between Varanashi and gaya is260 KM. Our journey was pleasent as earlymorning trip was pleasent. We reached gaya by &,30 AM to sankara mutt.


  With Koti Pranams  I am mentioning Sri Panchapakesha Iyer who is manager of Sankara Mutt at Gaya the youngest man at age of 75 Years.With the smiling face looking after the people who are coming over there to perform the rituals  for their departed souls as his near relatives and giving them able quidance and giving them proper advice and explaining them the greatness of the rituals .
 Man of principles. not taking even single cup of tea/coffee from the mutt kitchen purchases tea/coffee from outside shops. He is having very able assistant A oriya lad who is well versed in the rituals and also quiding the people at each moment.  I SALUTE THEM

            GAYA RITUALS
  Gaya means gone in our fore fathers who were  toiling in grief were releived of their pains due that we in our present life suffering has vanished by doing the rituals at GAYA. SRI RAMA,s Wife  SITA was performed this ritual at GAYA. This is the saying. When rama came along with his wife camefor performing the rituals. Rama gone for collecting the required materials.  the The time fixed by Pandits was nearing.but no trace of her husband. She THE SITA decided to perform the rituals and she made the offerings with the sand available in the river.The rituals performed as per tradition at  the time fixed by the pandits.   When the elders were enquired the onlookers  THE BRAHMIN, CROW, RIVER,EAGLE  AND  BANYAN  TREE.  The first 4 persons were ignorant and said NO. The 5th ie the TREE has told that SITA performed the rituals .Sita in her angry mood  has given curse to first 4. Brahmin even though he will be getting more  but  will not get satisfaction. THe crow must not fly over Gaya, the river  will vanish.  Eagle will not fly in gaya sky and blessed Those complete their ritual under the Banyan tree will be benefited of the rituals

    We started our rituals at the feet of VISHNU PADAM. there are 48 offering for the persons having mother alive otherwise it is 64. The offerings are one for father side , 2nd line for the mother side third line for mother side fatherside, 4 th one for mother,s mother side 5th one for mother only if mother alive it will be empty, 6 th line for all relatives, friends, gurus  and any body you can offer irrespective caste and religion 7th line is all the animals ,tree and other things which has helped us in our life. In the first line we offering one for our elders we forgot. This rituals are meant to express our gratitude to departed persons,elders and others  who helped us for better present living .The entire offerings were submitted to VISHNU PADAM.

  After wards we performed  one small yagna , and offered meals to 5 brahmins just like annual cermony . lastly we went BANYAN TREE AND PERFORMED offerings  to our departed elders as we ll to departed wife.   Who ever has departed have departed wife , she was offered   WE informed the banyan tree of our rituals and prayed our fulfillment.e

  Then we had our meals  and thus end our religious rituals at GAYA. ladies also allowed to perform the rituals

  WE went to BODH  GAYA  AND see the place where he had renunciation. It is just like fortress.

 We started from GAYA and reached VARANASHI by 7.30 PM


WE woke up at 4.30 AM and we started to have a Dharsan of LORD VISWANATH, ANNAPORNA, VISHALAKSHI, BHAIRAVA ETC

The riuals at Kashi to give offerings at 5 ghats and ritual bath. We performed accordingly.

We departed from Varanas
hi by POORVA EXPRESS by 7.00PM and reached NEW Delhi by 8.30

This Hectic trip and we had stamina to perform and enjoy and ful fill our one of the life long karma

        Our next trip started immediately within   8 hours
   This time were proceeding to BINSAR the foot of himalaya. We  have to start as per our schedule at 4.00 PM but due some delay we started by 4.45 PM. We had held up in places due to Traffic Jam . Our route was to go thro Gaziabad even at 6 PM we were at Delhi only, and Traffic at Gaziabad at that time is unmanageable . As our calculation we can able to reach middle of our journey by 12 midnight. we thought over and rescheduled our trip by next day early morning 4 AM

       As per schedule we star. t our journey by 4.00 AM. The morning was very fresh and we crossed the ever available traffic jam portion without any difficulty and in record time of one hour By early sunrise time we took our tea on the roadway shop. and had our breakfast at somewhere in a restraunt which ofcourse costly.  By 1.00 PM we had some snacks at the biffurcation point  of  Nainital and BINSAR.

  We reached BINSAR by 4.30 PM.We were stayed at Mahindra holiday home.After refresh our self we went to entertainment club where all kinds of indoor games were provided. At 7.30 PM a getto gather of occupants were enacted. all the children and parents joined in the fun lasted about 1.30 hrs.
At 9.00 PM we had our dinner which has mixture of all indian foods.

    Next day at 9.30 AM we hired a taxi to go to local trip which mainly to temple. It is 60 KM from the resort.On the way we stoped at bell temple which about 40 KM and reached the Jageswar temple .
n jageswar temple There are  125 shiva linga of all the temple.. The main deity is JAGESWAR which is 8th Jyothir linga. There is a lamb burning since centuries from start of KALIYUG and it is now at the breast level When it goes down to feet level the present yuga will come to end which will be around 5000 years
 Another linga called THRAIGAMBESWAR is also in this temple This is for long life. In rudra Japa we used to chant.  After this we returned to Resort. There is peak point here from where we can see the main peaks of himalaya whenever there was no clouds.
    we Started back our journey back and we passed thro NAINITAL this time and had brief halting there. There is a very big lake in the middle of town which is more attractive. We reached Delhi around midnight

    A enjoyable trip

Friday, August 14, 2015

A new way of Education

Recently I had a talk/ discussion. During the discussion I was really astonished to find out the in which our education was progressing

      The mode of education is as follows
   In the present way of education the students are well preparing the theory although they were not sufficient.  Again after joining any industry they are diffient in work.

    During the talk it was told to me how this college works
  They are taking the students who passed school final. This is degree course. after 3 years degree from the recognised college. The students work in the company for 5 days and 2 days theory. Semester system. Exam  will held once in 6months. The student has to qualify to go further. At the end of 3 years he will well qualified student with practical as well as work wise.

    Fees      No fee and at the same time he will get 8000/-  monthly . The good food which cost 1000 deducted from monthly amount.
Immediate employment on completion of study which is min 15000 PM.

  This one system of skill power studies. The institute is at chennai. centre for excellance in organisation Ltd   Ph  91 44 49006000,  91- 44-4900 6018

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dr A.PJ kalam

I have not having the words to express my self. Even in Death also he observed simplicity.What a man we had in our midst. And he lift our country to the greatest height and he is our man. ENTHRO MAHANU BHAVARU   OUR PRANAMS

Friday, July 10, 2015

New born

Sri Balasubramanian  -   Boovana ' s First daughter Smt Divya gave birth to boy at 8.30 AM IST at states
 We blessing the Divya- Shankar the parents of the child as well as the new born all the best. Shankar ' father Sri Chandra Mouli is well known in Trichy and owner of Vembu Sons

   We are congratulating both  SRI & SMT  Balasubramaniam and  SRI& SMTChandramouli   on becoming Grand Parents
 BALASUBRAMANIAN    is the 3rd son of  Ramanathan -Gunavathy (gini) and in Kambam tree  is A-9


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kambam blog

Dear  Shyam ,

        Kambam blog is not opening


Sunday, June 7, 2015

My First outing outside Tamilnadu then Madras State

It was 1967 Jan . By that time  I had been to West Bengal At the age of 19 years. Yes I completed my diploma in Civil Eng in 1966 and I got the interview card for the Junior engineer post at Farakka barrage Project in west Bengal. It is the Central govt job.There was a apprehenson that  I should be sent to far away place from the family side. I got boosting from my friends to go and I told to my parents my wish and determination.After so much discussion they agreed to send me to attend the interview. The interview was within first 10 days of Jan 1967.  we were not aware of the location of Farrakka barrage and the place Farrakka. In 1966 no computer to find out.

    first along with my friends we took out the Atlas to find the place. We located Farakka . Then we took out the railway map to find out the route to reach the place. and we went to railway station and booked the ticket. I requested my friends who studied with me in eng to join me. they flatly refused  saying House meal is always good. Even if we earned very little it is always good because that is near by house. So I started my journey to outside world just like once bird get its wings it started to venture outside.

      From Salem I went to Madras and for the first time  in my life I started my first journey to outside Madras. The name of the train is Howrah mail.It passed thro Gudur, Nellore, Tenali Vijayawada,Waltair,Srikakulam, Bhubaneswar, and it terminated at Howrah  in the morning of 3rd dayMy connection train to Farrakka is at 2PM, I took some snacks and meals and boarded the train and I reached Farakka at 6.30 PM. I enquired and reached Project Dormitory and informed care taker regarding my Interview letter. He gave one room for Rs 5 per day  and He informed meals were available at canteen After refreshing Iwent and had meals.
Next day morning interview and it had completed by 1 PM and after taking rest etc and by  night return journey to Howrah nd reached Howrah by 6 AM.By evening the train I started from  Howrah to Madras.and reached Madras by 4.30 AM on the third Day and after taking rest in my cousin ,s house at Ambattur and reached Salem by next morning by Nilgiri Express.

With 20 days I got the Appointment order from Farrakka Barrage Project as Overseer(Junior Engineer)nd my last date to join was 7 th March 1967 for accepting the job.. In the mean while one more interview call from GREF organisation for MES job. My father insist me to attend the the interview. The problem is the last date joining the duty and interview date is same. Recalling the tamil Proverb that instead of acquiring the fruit in hand no effort must be made to capture the flying object.
             I decided to join duty by 7th march and I reached Farakka on 6th evening and as I have to join on the other bank of Ganga Crossed the ganges river by steamboat and Joined duty on 7th. Immediately I have been provided Single room Dormitory accomadation of Rs 5 per month rent and my salary was Rs 306/-PM.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Again story on tooth. different one This time this is entirely.THe swinging 8 tooths were removed on 25 th o f March and doctor dentist asked to come after 15 days. I had a inkling after taking the mould of the mouth he will fixed the denture by one week. I went to dentist after 15 days He started his moulding Process and it took 1/2 hours. He satisfied himself with his work as well as me. He asked me to come after 6 days in his prescription. My mind was doing rock and roll recalling my youth how I enjoyed the food and specially the sugarcane which I used to enjoy by tearing it with my teeth.
      As per date prescribed I went to dentist and he took my teeth set and he has done so many times to adjust the settings. In my mind I was sure I will come out of hospital with the regulated face shape. Alas He asked me to come after week . My mind mind baloon air has bursted. I said OK and came back. He asked me to come along with close relative in my case my son, for getting closer view and proper suggestion as per liking because he is the one to be with me.

    In my next consultation he fixed the tooth and asked the opinion of my son and he showed me mirror to see my beauty of the face. After that he asked me to after 7 days. 
       These are following tests he has conducted. First is you get a Rough idea of denture formation, second was to get the actual formation to in corporate in the rough formation , third was after fixing teeth how my teeth bitting will be. This has been incorporated in the  formatin mould. In the next He has fixed the duplicate teeth in the mould and tested all kinds of activivities teeth performing. Then last visit was fixing final denture.

      Now Iam shining with MUTHU PARGAL ie pearl like teeth. But alas my dear was not here to sing the relevant songs and make rock and roll I hope she will be singing from the heaven

Monday, April 27, 2015

Earth Quake

We are very much sor ry and I dont know how to express my feeling towards grief sicken families affected by severe earth quake I pray for them and speedy recovery of sufferers.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Savithri Ammal

Smt Savitri ammal at the age of 89 attains the Sivapadam on 19-04-2015. She was the wife of Late K.R vaidyanatha Iyer who worked as PWD Head draftsman. We express our deep condolance to dear and near.
(  Kambam family Tree B-8)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pallu Pidinkina kathai (tooth removing Story)

People used to say  when they became angry  they will utter if I not  not removed your tooth  I wiil change my name. But be sure It is not in my case now and I had not fight with any body and nobody utter the above word. It is age factor played the major role in my case.

   Let me elaborate.The story began 6 years before. One fine morning I had noticed that  one of my swinging tooth had fallen while brushing. This was the beginning. After fall of first tooth  the face was normal . after 6 month second one fell. My wife was insisting why you are not filling the gap. As it was not easy to find by others the loss of teeth. Hence I told her not to worry When more teeth fall then I can think of.

      Then instead of my teeth one big one fall. Yes I lost my wife. Then One by one teeth started falling on every 6 months ie the gap of one teeth to other teeth falling is 6 months. I dont want to go the dentist for extracting tooth as I feel it is not necessary Let nature take its own way. that was my feeling.

      When There was 12 teeth remaining I just to know the trend I went to a Dentist for consultation.He was very generous. He examined me took some X-Ray and he studied and before study he by his generosity extracted from me Rs 1000/=. Afterwards he told me as your teeth are weak requires artificial teeths are to be fixed .

     I asked him the time to be taken for extraction as well as for fixing the artificial . He informed the time required.then Lastly asked him the amount to pay. This time also he was very very generous He told me that
3 laks is sufficient.  I was very much overwhelmed and there is no speech came from my mouth at the same poor fellow with this money only he has to admit his small child to KG level school. I felt very much because
I was unable help his child education .
    I was an opinion let the teeths fall on its natural way and being alone why I should bother myself on my beauty. time passed One by one teeth started falling. It was 6 teeth remaining. The children took pity on me for not taking slightly hard food just like dhanthuri roti, murukku,nuts etc. They started pressuring me to go to dentist. As I retired central Govt employee I am eligible for treatment under CGHS.( central Govt Health Scheme). I got reference from my health centre to dentist. The treatment cost will be bourne by Govt.
  I met the dentist and within 2 days my natural teeths have been removed. Now at present I am like 3 month child. The mind boggling thing is when toothless child laughs everybody irrespective of age group goes and ponder the child Whereas it is reverse in my case. OH MY GOD

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Tamil Nadu visit

During 2nd week of Feb I had been to tamilnadu. Although it was started as normal visit became hectic during the course of time.My journey started from delhi by flight I was treated with with Rs 80 coffee and 100 Rupees of sandwich  with smile by the air hostress after paying the money. This time near bhopal it was very cloudy the pilot was in panic still and  skillfully he overcome the difficult situation  and landed in time at chennai. After two days of rest I went to Salem and went to place called MINNAKKAL  a small village nearby Salem.I was astonished to hear from the viilage people about the latest development of the country. He talked about latest change in delhi politics and other things which I was not expected . It is really wonderful and Our country come to age.

         From Salem I went to Bangalore. I noticed although bangalore is place of cybercity having attracted so many industries on the food front  after 10 PM getting food is problem from hotels and in day time the housing colonies are looking deserted as people goes for work and house hold people locking themselves inside and it is very difficult for a stranger to locate the place.The taxi drivers and auto drivers mainly depend upon the passengers mobile phones to locate place of destination and the places are not indicated by name boards

  It is please to note that Bangalore station is equipped  with lifts for every platforms . Hats off.Rajdhani express food is sufficient for 8 years old childrens The quantity and the quality of food has to be hiked atleast by 50 %. . Allow outside food 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Traditional Tit bit

Some of the easy way to drove away some discomfort. 

  Dycentry :-   Take   Vendayam (TAMIL)  and take it along with buttermilk or water.
  Body pain :-   Put your one hand fingers in the back side of another hand fingers middle and by slightly pressing downwards for few minutes

 Skin itching :-  put sea salt in the water while taking bath .good for madras eye

Alergy:- Take molasses

 Press  2cm below your little finger for 3 to 4 minutes daily to avoid blood clotting in the blood channel

Nerve  Pulling  :- Press with your finger below index and middle finger for one minute

Clap your hands for few minutes daily for better eye sight and rotate your eye balls few minutes  for eye wariness.

press your waist daily to avoid cold also along with bottom of fingers

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mudras for health

Our elders have for the welfare of human beings taught mudras. Here are some of Mudras

     1. Gnana Mudra

   This the Mudra you are finding in Dhaksinamoorthy idol
      Thumb Finger and the index finger edges to join and rest of fingers straight.
             Due to this the brain cells will get will get flow of blood. sleeplessness, Anger etc go

2.  Namaskar Mudra

       Just join your both palms together just like we are greetings the elders and in front of God.
  With this both the sides of brain will work simultaneously

3.Kubera Mudra

     Thumb Finger,Index finger and centre finger edges will join together and give light pressure and rest of fingers must touch the bottom of thumb finger

   There no time limit for this action. Your finacial problems will be over.  Remedy for Sinus problem .

4.Varuna Mudra

Join the thumb and last finger together and press it slightly.  and rest of three middle fingers straight   remedy for Dryness in skin and skin diseases 

5 Heart mudra

    Index finger to touch bottom of thumb finger and index and centre finger touch top of thumb finger and give light pressure. last little finger  straight
 If you do this mudra regularly for 30 to45 minutes daily you will not get heart attack. This is also called as aapana vayu mudra

 6. Sangu Mudra

      Place left thumb on the right palm touching left thumb edge on the right thumb bottom. close the left thumb by the middle three fingers and give little pressure. this process can be done by changing the hands. this will help to reduce thyroid problems,indigestion.

   7.  Maha Sirasu Mudra

   Bent the ring finger inside soas to touch the palm. Keeping last finger straight, press the rest of fingers together. Head ache will vanish

    8.  Prana Mudra

      The little finger to touch bottom of thumb, Index finger to touch top of thumb. Remaining two fingers straight.
Resistance power, energy, sugar disease will be under control,

   9. Linga Mudra

    keeping left thumb finger straight and fold both the hands together. While folding hands the straight left thumb must be circled. Increase the body heat, Good for lungs, give strength to lungs, fat will be reduced. Must not do more than half an hour in a day.

10.  Soonya Mudra

     Centre Finger and thumb finger edges together and give little pressure . rest of fingers straight.  good for ears but those persons ears are good dont do this exercise

Friday, January 9, 2015

Hindu gods

Many times I want  to know  gods represent /  what it conveys to us.First Vinayaga and Murugan quarrelled just like brithers quarrel. and when ever younger brother needs his help he rushed to help him ex vaali marriage .. Shiva has got third eye emitting fire. All human beings are having very hot air in the centre of fore head, that why ladies are asked to put kumkum and gents were asked wear either vibhuthi/Naamam/Chandan etc to reduce the heat.

    At first where is the god ? whether he is temple or hills ,Kailash,vaikuntam or in open space or specially in theertha stalam ? no where is the answer. Whether he exists answer yes but where is the question. . When ever we visits to shiva temple there we worship only Lingam. The god is in lingam shape. On seeing any person sitting with folded legs in the floor and anybody sees from distance his sitting shape is resembles lingam. Yes God is with you in your body. That why the God was shaped in lingam shape. To remind us God is in you our elders has made that shape. The Upanishads, Vedas are all describing in their verses human being  are called linga shaped beings not as human.
While doing puja think of god in yourself and do prarthanas. Our Ambal gods are are very affectionate and loving idols. This shows our ladies are very affectionate and loving and Annapoornas who feed us and thinking of our welfare. What vedas telling is one time if you call Maatha she is there at your side. I am telling the upanishads and vedas telling.

Hanuman is good administrator. Good minister, good communicator,quick decision maker and good executor.. We are submitting neivedyam to god. Molasess( Vellam), coconut, fruits, Sweet pongal, dal etc All are good for health.   Grinding of occean.  That shows much wealth is in the sea. search it.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Visit to Native place

Recently I had been to Chennai in connection with some works.Of course it was not a happy visit. The visit was very hectic. In a way first 2 days in chennai and next 3 days at Hyderabad , next 3 days at Salem and last2 days at chennai. The purpose to share my views with you.This time I travelled by flight due urgency. My first son's father in law has passed away. Of course he was in 65 years leaving his wife, one son and one daughter.

   he worked in defence accounts officer and had good reputation.  after that I went to Hyderabad.In Hyderabad my brother in law ie my wife's brother was who was suffering from lung comes ?  I was anaylysing.  His house is having one room + kitchen in ground floor and  two rooms in first floor. .Once doors closed no ventilation. reason told musquitos. Hence all doors, windows were closed for from 6 PM to 6AM. In addition Musquito coils. The lungs due to lack of oxygen became thick walled and chemicals done the rest ie eating the sponge that made lungs honeycomb. THen Doctors medicine is dirct oxygen feeding from machine. In allopathy no medicine for lungs only in Ayurvedic and homepathic has got medicine.  My b'in law was having this . he had 15hrs under artificial oxygen. What is the remedy? In temple where regular puja is performed there is no insects. Reason Ghee deepam, camphor, samprani.  Regularly light ghee deepam in the house, put samprani smoke, light camphor, agarpathy . .   After staying with him Icame back to Chennai. My brother in law actually lives in coimbatore For rest only he had been at Hyderabad. Although I reserved train ticket . the reserved ticket not confirmed. therefore I took a decision to come back by bus from hyd to chennai. I thought it will be combursome. >The bus starte at 10.30 PM from HYD and reached chennai outer by 8.30 AM. Reached Koyambedu by 10 AM. The journey was not tedious. Then in the night train I went to Salem which is my native place Stayed there for 2 days and returned Chennai to attend the functions for which I came and back to Delhi.  But within  15 days igot the demise of my brother in law Again I gone to Coimbatore for 15 days to pay homage to him.

 In this trip I came to face some unpleasent truths. Although some section of people getting much more benefits and some section of soceity not getting any thing even though thy are much eligible benefited soceity hating others. My brother son got 95% in School final he has not got any degree course in india. they demanded huge amount.ANYWAY THIS ANOTHER CASE. I COMING TO POINT.Iwent to my friends house who studied with me in same school in higher secondry level who is well known to me refused allow me inside his house because of unbenefited soceity. my friend's co office friend  refused to take even water in my house because my non benefited soceity, although he travelled from Salem to Delhi and directly  I brought  him from station to house.

 These some of my experience. Why to worry others. we have got 125 crores of indians thouse respect us we will respect and we should not worry others feeling.and we will not good for all the people. Do according your mind quidance and do whatever you are feeling good  That is sufficient.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sringeri Peedam

The next successor to Sri SRINGERI PEEDAM  is being crowned on 22nd Jan. Namaskaram.