Friday, August 14, 2015

A new way of Education

Recently I had a talk/ discussion. During the discussion I was really astonished to find out the in which our education was progressing

      The mode of education is as follows
   In the present way of education the students are well preparing the theory although they were not sufficient.  Again after joining any industry they are diffient in work.

    During the talk it was told to me how this college works
  They are taking the students who passed school final. This is degree course. after 3 years degree from the recognised college. The students work in the company for 5 days and 2 days theory. Semester system. Exam  will held once in 6months. The student has to qualify to go further. At the end of 3 years he will well qualified student with practical as well as work wise.

    Fees      No fee and at the same time he will get 8000/-  monthly . The good food which cost 1000 deducted from monthly amount.
Immediate employment on completion of study which is min 15000 PM.

  This one system of skill power studies. The institute is at chennai. centre for excellance in organisation Ltd   Ph  91 44 49006000,  91- 44-4900 6018

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