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Pilgrimmage Journey

Last week A opportunity has arisen to undertake pilgrimmage trip to Illahabad, Kashi and Gaya and   Binsar in Himalaya region.

It is of Hindu belief that once in a lifetime A Hindu to undertake a trip to Kashi and Gaya to perform the ritual for their ancesters . It is one of the thanks giving to elders who blessed us for our better living and still blessing in our life time.It is not the fear that we must do otherwise they will harm not like that. It is one kind of namaskarams/ reverence which we are doing to the elders whenever we happened see the elders.

   My self along with my brothers family  we started by Poorva Express from New Delhi on 12 th Oct . The train departs from ND at 4.25 PM. . After taking sufficient rest we reached Illahabad by 3.30 Am 0n 13th Oct. As per pre arrangement our guide took us from Station to Shiva mutt and we had small rest in the room allotted us upto 6 am.
Around 8 Am after taking bath in the rest room the prohit came and explained rituals to be performed, As we were ignorant of the ritual  we thought over and we agreed to perform.

As per tradition  the sea sand brought from Rameswaram has to be immersed in Prayag.At Rameswaram while performing the puja to go to Kashi in the sand they will make 3  Shiva lingams representing  SETHU MADHAVAR, BINDU MADHAVAR, VENI MADHAVAR  .                             . Out of 3lingams one will be immersed in Rameswaram it self ,one lingam will be taken by prohit and third lingam ie Veni madhavar will be given to performer. As lingam is made of sand The shape is not the problem .  In Prayag/ Illahabad the prohit will make lingam out of sand we brought . The couple  will perform Puja for the lingam. Here it is performed VENI Puja. Veni represents Saraswathi and people offering hair for veni mainly husband cuts some portion of wife hair to Veni  ie to river.After performing the puja in the hall we went Prayag Sangamam had a bath and came rback to rest h ouse and perf ormed  PITRU BINDAM  ritual. Total  18 Bindam Representing  father sides and  mother side and  all the living being who helped us in our life say birds, animals etc. because they give food as well as guide our life in various ways which we dont know and the pitrus  whom we have forgotten to mention.

After wards we took our meals and we departed for Varanashi.  We started by 2.30 PM by taxi and onthe way we visited motilal Nehru bunglow and reached Varanashi by 6,30 PM.and after making arrangement for stay at SankaraMutt near HanumanGhat . we consulted the Manager of Sankara Mutt  for Gaya and Kashi Rituals. He made the arrangement.We witnessed the navaratri puja inthe sankara mutt

Inthe early morning at 3 AM from Varanashi by hired taxi. The distance between Varanashi and gaya is260 KM. Our journey was pleasent as earlymorning trip was pleasent. We reached gaya by &,30 AM to sankara mutt.


  With Koti Pranams  I am mentioning Sri Panchapakesha Iyer who is manager of Sankara Mutt at Gaya the youngest man at age of 75 Years.With the smiling face looking after the people who are coming over there to perform the rituals  for their departed souls as his near relatives and giving them able quidance and giving them proper advice and explaining them the greatness of the rituals .
 Man of principles. not taking even single cup of tea/coffee from the mutt kitchen purchases tea/coffee from outside shops. He is having very able assistant A oriya lad who is well versed in the rituals and also quiding the people at each moment.  I SALUTE THEM

            GAYA RITUALS
  Gaya means gone in our fore fathers who were  toiling in grief were releived of their pains due that we in our present life suffering has vanished by doing the rituals at GAYA. SRI RAMA,s Wife  SITA was performed this ritual at GAYA. This is the saying. When rama came along with his wife camefor performing the rituals. Rama gone for collecting the required materials.  the The time fixed by Pandits was nearing.but no trace of her husband. She THE SITA decided to perform the rituals and she made the offerings with the sand available in the river.The rituals performed as per tradition at  the time fixed by the pandits.   When the elders were enquired the onlookers  THE BRAHMIN, CROW, RIVER,EAGLE  AND  BANYAN  TREE.  The first 4 persons were ignorant and said NO. The 5th ie the TREE has told that SITA performed the rituals .Sita in her angry mood  has given curse to first 4. Brahmin even though he will be getting more  but  will not get satisfaction. THe crow must not fly over Gaya, the river  will vanish.  Eagle will not fly in gaya sky and blessed Those complete their ritual under the Banyan tree will be benefited of the rituals

    We started our rituals at the feet of VISHNU PADAM. there are 48 offering for the persons having mother alive otherwise it is 64. The offerings are one for father side , 2nd line for the mother side third line for mother side fatherside, 4 th one for mother,s mother side 5th one for mother only if mother alive it will be empty, 6 th line for all relatives, friends, gurus  and any body you can offer irrespective caste and religion 7th line is all the animals ,tree and other things which has helped us in our life. In the first line we offering one for our elders we forgot. This rituals are meant to express our gratitude to departed persons,elders and others  who helped us for better present living .The entire offerings were submitted to VISHNU PADAM.

  After wards we performed  one small yagna , and offered meals to 5 brahmins just like annual cermony . lastly we went BANYAN TREE AND PERFORMED offerings  to our departed elders as we ll to departed wife.   Who ever has departed have departed wife , she was offered   WE informed the banyan tree of our rituals and prayed our fulfillment.e

  Then we had our meals  and thus end our religious rituals at GAYA. ladies also allowed to perform the rituals

  WE went to BODH  GAYA  AND see the place where he had renunciation. It is just like fortress.

 We started from GAYA and reached VARANASHI by 7.30 PM


WE woke up at 4.30 AM and we started to have a Dharsan of LORD VISWANATH, ANNAPORNA, VISHALAKSHI, BHAIRAVA ETC

The riuals at Kashi to give offerings at 5 ghats and ritual bath. We performed accordingly.

We departed from Varanas
hi by POORVA EXPRESS by 7.00PM and reached NEW Delhi by 8.30

This Hectic trip and we had stamina to perform and enjoy and ful fill our one of the life long karma

        Our next trip started immediately within   8 hours
   This time were proceeding to BINSAR the foot of himalaya. We  have to start as per our schedule at 4.00 PM but due some delay we started by 4.45 PM. We had held up in places due to Traffic Jam . Our route was to go thro Gaziabad even at 6 PM we were at Delhi only, and Traffic at Gaziabad at that time is unmanageable . As our calculation we can able to reach middle of our journey by 12 midnight. we thought over and rescheduled our trip by next day early morning 4 AM

       As per schedule we star. t our journey by 4.00 AM. The morning was very fresh and we crossed the ever available traffic jam portion without any difficulty and in record time of one hour By early sunrise time we took our tea on the roadway shop. and had our breakfast at somewhere in a restraunt which ofcourse costly.  By 1.00 PM we had some snacks at the biffurcation point  of  Nainital and BINSAR.

  We reached BINSAR by 4.30 PM.We were stayed at Mahindra holiday home.After refresh our self we went to entertainment club where all kinds of indoor games were provided. At 7.30 PM a getto gather of occupants were enacted. all the children and parents joined in the fun lasted about 1.30 hrs.
At 9.00 PM we had our dinner which has mixture of all indian foods.

    Next day at 9.30 AM we hired a taxi to go to local trip which mainly to temple. It is 60 KM from the resort.On the way we stoped at bell temple which about 40 KM and reached the Jageswar temple .
n jageswar temple There are  125 shiva linga of all the temple.. The main deity is JAGESWAR which is 8th Jyothir linga. There is a lamb burning since centuries from start of KALIYUG and it is now at the breast level When it goes down to feet level the present yuga will come to end which will be around 5000 years
 Another linga called THRAIGAMBESWAR is also in this temple This is for long life. In rudra Japa we used to chant.  After this we returned to Resort. There is peak point here from where we can see the main peaks of himalaya whenever there was no clouds.
    we Started back our journey back and we passed thro NAINITAL this time and had brief halting there. There is a very big lake in the middle of town which is more attractive. We reached Delhi around midnight

    A enjoyable trip

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