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2805 Reality

The year was 2805 . The world is very fast. 1oo story ed buildings touching the sky. One can touch the clouds moving over here and there. To see the plants and trees one has to undergo weekly holidays and separate farm houses organise the visitors to see trees and plants.
Anantha Krishnan sitting from window side and looking down streets below by a telescope. The vehicles are moving in a snail speed. Often he noticed a air taxi moving above the building to carry the people to work spot as by going road to work place from place residence will take hell of time and the govt also introduces air bus terminal wise to carry the public. As the petrol supply became very negligent the scientists already evolved sea water fuel and it is in practical use for past 50 years.
The rain water is in scarcity and govt is in process of getting water and food .
In the beginning of 21st century as India send its chandrayan to Moon and only few countries were able to succeed the world moon authorities allotted land equal to country 's area in the moon and it became called monoindia and indian govt established Govt there with a administer head called Pres mon.
In the city for lively hood the cities became overpopulated and lack of space for the smooth movement of transport. The govt wants to regulate every thing .The atmosphere became hotter and people gone for artificial cooling . The Govt made the city area restricted and beginning to make 1 KM wide forest area around the city.For that the 1km wide patch around the city was cleared of all houses etc and a forest area was developed In between forests a wide water lake was dug to store rain water etc .At any cost no dwelling was allowed. The lake area developed as a park area and a strict vigilance as well a severe punishment on the spot deterred people to maintain cleanliness of the area. eatables allowed in a separate enclosure so cleaning was made easy.A method was adopted so as to collect rain water and fed in the lakes. un clean waters were purified as used in the unproductive uses.
As desalination of sea water is in process for the past 3 centuries water problem is not there,and to develop cool atmosphere the lakes have been created and to get enhanced monsoon showers which still considered as valuable treasure. Still the the problems of over population existed.

Govt has to find out other possibilities for the happy environment for the people. The other alternative place for living. there are Elders,Youngsters and the children. They could not go outside except for work,schooling etc. The materials for house hold can get from online shopping. For morning walkers they have book timings in day advance The walking time is programmed. At a fixed time the walkers asked to assemble in a particular place and they will be transferred to morning walk area by carriers. and they will be placed a short medical test and according to physical condition they will be placed in a belt and by help of machine body,leg ,hand shaking and body message will be administered on them for 15 mts and they will be released and their exercise will be completed and they will be transferred back.They will not be entertained for another 15 days for exercise. The era of casual walking is over.hence people resorted other type of exercise like Pranayamam and other body exercises.

The children Education is on lined. When the children completes 4th year he will be automatically enrolled as student of the school nearby. The school curriculum is same for all over the country. Separate screen for the children education has to be provided by the parents as per norm indicated by the school.At the particular time the children with the help of guide provided by parents will assist the children . Once awhile the get together of children will be there.

As the play ground became scarce the children has to content with the facility available with the condominium. For big play like football etc They have enroll in clubs . The children became self oriented and lonesome.This becoming a threat to growing children as they have clued to TV for all the time including school studies. They are seeing games in the TV only and not playing.So the govt has decided to establish the nation in the moon and the task has given to eminent scientists


The scientists of India has vigorously started evolving the process of settling some % of indian in the moon. The ability to survive and lead the normal life has already been established some century before and Govt was lacking in per sue further as because if people has shifted means their vote bank reduces .Politics playing even in this century also. Now as the problem exceeded the limit the govt has forced in this juncture.

The matter has been assigned to space engineers and they started evaluating the plan . For the settlement of the citizen so much advance works has to carried out. The preliminary requirement , houses, play areas, place of worship, division of places for dwelling ,entertainments,lazy mind is satan's workshop,hence work assignment etc,etc.Groups were divided and assignments were entrusted to them. The work of group is to select people to do the works assigned to them.It was decided by the group the first task is to select the real experts to assess the work and for planning

At the beginning The panel selected the actual engineers not paper executives and also actual true workers in all the fields. Near about 30 persons each from different fields have been screened after careful study. In one particular day they been taken to moon . The journey to moon these days are one day affair . In the moon each party has been assigned and explained the things required . The team then made a detailed study and assess the requirement and availability of materials and the quality of materials and the plan for execution and man power required etc .They have taken near about month time for they started planning and the way for implementation. The next task is to collection on human power. they engaged all the available govt and other private sources and collect the human power from all the sources.and they will not be any excuses from anybody.

The Task

on a particular day the groups were gathered in a place and the the work was explained to them .They analysed the work and and the way for implementation. In the mean while another group of agriculturists went to moon and they experimented for the food production and they find out the yield is very quick say within a week's time the grains,fruits etc blooming such was a fertility and the environment condition .At last the entire group was trained and on a particular day the groups were assembled and were sent to moon

The assignment

Initially temp sheds erected at the moon sites. It has been found out that for constructing the walls etc no binding materials are required as because the stones had own binding quality,simply one has to keep the stones in position and give some pressure so as to make binding. For removal you have use some tools. After placing the stones with the help of one planer one has to smooth en the surface for smooth appearance. The same material is used for roofing with proper cover.With slight modification the the doors and windows have been fixed. The house constructions were going smoothly . for electricity the engineers successfully utilised the solar energy and with their inventions the power supply started.The Agricultural activity ensured the food supply. In a span of six months a small town was setup.

The next step to migrate the people population .Initially it has been decided that one entire village has to be shifted to avoid confusion among the residents,and to generate the same atmosphere. A village has been selected and they have been informed about their migration. Although there was opposition by order they have been informed about the decision. One fine morning the entire village transferred to moon

The life pattern

After migration of people there ,they been assigned the works of house building ,roads, etc to make another village providing enough space for play ground, parks, agricultural activities etc.they have been taught agricultural activities for their foods. the water was plenty and pure. In the mean time the geologists have found out precious metals in plenty quantity that was scattered all around , The collection work of the metal initiated so as to run the Govt finances

The population started increasing Initially Govt supplied food etc, then afterwards when people began working and started getting salary kind of money, so the people asked to buy materials and they have been encouraged to develop kitchen garden . A common place has been provided so as enable do religious prayer . The punishment is very severe who has defaming others, doing harm etc etc and they will be eliminated by the hour as each persons movements are under scan, and therefore there is very peaceful atmosphere. The people has to do exercise just like walking, running, yoga etc as per their wish and it is compulsory for one hour in the morning Proper play ground has been provided and children were taught play all types of outdoor games. The school education was made easy and productive.

When the moon living become enjoyable people began to adopt. Next thing Land govt began to send Trouble creators of land to moon on some pretext .When they at moon started creating trouble as per their quality they have been eliminated. In this way land trouble creators either eliminated or transformed . The land people as the population decreased to considerable level the space availability increased.

As by experiment the water seeds were planted on the clouds so as to bring normal rain during the season and hence the land become fertile .Food agricultural activities increased many fold. The population has equally spread in all places and the result the multi storied buildings are razed down

All are happy.

The Government Formation

The moon Govt is formed In the beginning the adhoc govt formed with the consultation of land govt for period of six months. The new govt formation is formulated in this way. The period of persons occupying the rein is limited to only two years term of two times .The gap of first and second term is 4 years . The people has been asked to select their representative .The area consists of 100 families can depute one person That person will be their representative for two years. like vise the parliament was formed .From parliament ministers have been selected .

Any body in the country give proposal to parliament. The feasibility etc will be anaylyed through computers and pros and cons analysed by computers will have detailed discussion and agrees will be implemented . In the beginning the true experts were sent to moon from earth for some period . But many of them refused go back to land after finding the sweet atmosphere in the moon. They have been engaged in the educating the others. and etc etc and the dream is extendin--------------------------------------------------------------------g

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We regret to inform the demise of Sri V.Viswanathan S/o V.Vaidya nathan@ Sundram Div ACCT highways and Brother of SRI Dhandapani LIC expired on 7-7-2010 . We pray for his peaceful Soul.
His mother Smt Jayalakshmi is own sister of K.R Gunavathi W/o K.S Ramanathan
Smt Jaya lakshmi and Smt Gunavathy's Parents 's name is Abbayee @ Ellaiyer -- Kamatchi of Rayaprolu The reference Chart is B-7 of kambam family

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The Invisible Hand ( The saints are noticing - ---)

The Invisible Hand
It was early morning .The singing of mild birds awaken the world for their enjoyable day. The house holds are woken up and clean their front area of their houses and decorates with the Rangoli and welcoming the waiting gods to their houses with devotional ,musical songs and started their daily cores of making hot drinks like coffee,tea etc for the family.
" Siddhaiah " this was the sound heard from the mother and Siddhaih who was sleeping in one corner of hall cum bed cum study cum dinning hall woke up and went for brushing the teeth by the home made tooth powder and face washing etc . After he comeback his mother gave coffee colour hot water and fried bread ( called as VARKI in tamil)to him . After drinking the coffee, Siddhaih told I going the computer office.
Siddaiah who has completed up to class VIII could study further due to family circumstances and he started working as sweeper cum all purpose boy in computer centre. His duty is to clean the rooms,computers and doing errant work like bringing tea etc . While bringing tea etc more or less every day he can get some bite which it will quench his hunger which is suitable for his mother that his son getting enough food in the centre. Sometimes she will lament that she could not able to give good education.
Siddaiah went to the computer study centre. The manager already opened the office. He went inside and started cleaning floors bring water etc has done As usual he finished the computer desk cleaning on the previous night they were waiting for the customers/students to come. One by one they came. somebody using computers. The tutors came and they started teaching the students. Siddhaiah sat in the one corner and listening..Meantime some errant works will come Some of will ask for tea/coffee ,breakfast for Manager,tutor,and for users and students on requirement etc he will do with smiling face. this has made darling to all .

Sometimes they will ask about him and they will suggest for correspondence course for School final. and somebody brought books for him to study. In the meantime Siddaiah by his nature of work has learnt to open and close the computer system which was became necessary for the custommer 's use and it was insisted by the computer users . By regularly using Siddaiah learnt well in this operation of openning and closing the computres.

That is a Town. It had a temple. One day good souls met and they were discussing so many things which affect the mankind and they were lamented how the moral value of humanity has been degraded, the corruption , etc etc. They thought that a Homam has to be performed for the betterment of country . They were also discussing about Siddha Purushas who are roaming with out selfish and doing work for betterment and leading and guiding people who are in distress. They decided and started prayer immediately and the homam date also decided.

On a particular day with the help of local people homam was conducted for the betterment of human kind. The performers were happy for smooth completion of function. In this country all politician are of notion that the other peoples generally are fools and boneless people and when money shown to them they will be come around them with their tongues falling.And once they came to power the money spent will be earned 4 times of spent.

It was on that basis by virtue of money they conduct mass following ,so much decorations, false naming of their leaders,giving unlimited titles etc. They will organise meetings so as brainwash people in regular intervals and to conduct meeting they will go to shops etc to collect the fixed money as decided by local leader, the shopkeeper knows refusal means disaster,hands over the money in turn he will increase the goods price from the same minute so as to recover from the public in 3-4 times.The local leader will pocket 25% of money collected and thro Channel when it reaches the main leader it will be 20-30% of collected.

Like that in that town one meeting was organised. The money was collected. The date was finalised for the meeting. The leader called local leaders and hand over the money to them and informed that have bring so many people to the meeting to make as big show.

The local leaders came back with the money and kept in their safe. On a particular day they called their branch heads to handover money so as to bring people. When they opened their money bags and lift it ,it was just like ashes as if all the money was burnt in the fire, but there was no damage to nearby things,only money was burnt. This was the case for all the local leaders

The matter was reluctantly conveyed to leader by the local leaders and informed him with no money in hand it will be difficult to conduct meeting. The paper announcement came that due some emergency the meeting was cancelled. the local leader went and explained to their leader in detail.Although he was not convinced he has got no other way because all the local leaders are telling same thing.Siddaiah as usual was doing his work in the computer centre and in the spare time he started started studying for School final. One day it was a heavy work day The centre which use to close by 9 PM ,even after 10 Pm it was busy and it may take another 30mts to one hour more to finish its work and after wards Siddaiah work will take another one hour. The manager has asked Siddaiah to take food from Near by hotel and requested him to finish the job and sleep there itself in the office . He has got full faith on him .Siddaiah agreed and thro somebody he conveyed the message to house and it took around midnight for Siddaiah to complete the work and with tiredness he slept in the office.In the middle of night , Siddaiah still sleeping woke up and with eyes closing he opened one computer and started doing some work with such enormous speed which any human being operate for near about an hour and closed the computer and gone to his place sleeping and lay down and continue to his sleep.

The Day

Next day morning Siddaiah wokeup and clean the office and took bath etc in the office bath room and when manager came ,he took an hour permission gone to home and came back.

Exactly at the starting of office hours in all State capital Income Tax office when the vigilant section opened their computer there was a clear office order to proceed for income raid for houses of individual . Still it was strange that house no, location of black money and benami papers transaction and receipt for exact amount to hand over the person after the raid.

It was noticed by the staff already vehicle to take them to places were in ready position. Hence they started immediately. Word spread inside the office .As usual the black moneyed people used to get information from the office when the raid party proceeds. The black sheep's collected the names . They started phoning the concerned party to give information ,the phone nos found engaged,even though they were trying continuously.

In the mean time the raid party went one house after another with authority letters and with armed reserve police protection, they complete the formality of capturing money with in 10mts and they are spending only 10Mts for each house and within matter 2hrs their work was completed. This was the case for all the state capital and they deposited the entire captured money in the Reserve bank.

After half an hour the black sheeps begin to get phone numbers they rank one by one. When they told the persons regarding raid they resorted saying whether you are sleeping ,the raid party has just now left after capturing money and documents etc and we have been given 5 days for the geneunitity of money as well as documents otherwise entire money will be deposited in govt account. The black sheeps told them they trying their numbers for past one hour but we received engage tones.

At the end of the day the entire collection of black money in the entire state capitals was more than 50000 crores,and un specified value of immovable properties.The money belongs from highest ranked politicians to industrialists etc. The politicians were indirectly affected by raids of their benamies.They rang the central finance minister .There they got the message even they also affected and they also came to know of the raid after it has completed and they have been forced to keep silent.

The Day after





(GITA -4-7,8)

The next day woke up. The govt is in a fix. The unexpected flow of huge money has made govt department has reschedule the plans. In the higher level meetings there was a opinion that this was not the end but beginning.They decided to wait. At present they kept the money in Misc a/c.

The land and building cost which has been skyrocketed during previous month has started falling just like rocket. Many high level plots have been returned to builders,there was no buyers only sellers.Vehicles movement reduced to half. The parties are being cancelled.One kind of fear complex arisen. the inflated prices are started falling.

The leaders whose money has been snatched are trying other ways to run their business are think of getting money from their foreign banks,for that they have to make journey to that country.At least it will take sometime because at at time so many politician going to same place will raise hue and cry.

In the meantime one fine morning in all newspapers a bold ad has appeared The source is not known .Even Newspapers dept came to know only on print .

The Ad is read like this

To all citizens of all position

pay your tax on your money collected other than genuine sources to govt within 30 days starting from 5days after this ad.

If you pay within 10 days pay only 5% , 11 to 20 days 10%, 21 to 30 days 20% 0f the money collected by you to any bank without mentioning your name putting in the sealed cover. All banks will have Hundi type arrangement for this collection otherwise

1. Do any facility whatever you feel for school,hospital, temple,footpath with roof,cleaning of your area either by road, providing dustbin etc and whatever you want to with the money which you want to pay to govt.

whatever service you want to do you will get unexpected help from all sides.if you you not done the any of the following after 30 days the entire black money will vanish.

The public was puzzled. Many thought this is just prank. The same ad was repeated another 4 days as reminder and newspaper owner told at the time of printing the ad was not at all there but once paper is on stand the ad was in printed papers As the black money tax was asked to pay only 5% some 60 % of people has paid in the bank as banks also instructed to put hundi type things.As concerned people are getting some dreaded dreams like some people wanted to do some development works. When they finalised in their mind what to do the next 3-4 hours some people came to them enquiring about same and they will also contribute and with a day some contractor contacted and the suppliers started dumping the materials and work started in such a speed and work was completed in 10 days period .

The beautiful footpaths, good drainage, Open nallahs closing ,Providing tree plantation Good Roads .Many felt that this is act of god and by seeing,hearing 90% of people have either paid or engaged this kind of work . The money collection in the bank has got tremendous effect on govt earnings and the development work has made the govt speechless.At the end of 30 days The remaining 10 % people has got the shock that their entire black money was found vanished from their hiding places and was deposited in govt banks in bundles.

The entire public was were either happy or dump founded. the law breakers were very panic and they lively hood were at stake.

Siddaiah as usual concentrating on his work and his studies. he is unaware about anything as because he under deep sleep. The persons who coming to computer centre helping him in his studies which made Siddaiah to study with much enthusiasam and he was proceeding well and becoming confident.

On the day of final exams he wrote well all the papers . Then as usual he conscentrating his work. With the permission of Manager he began learn finer points of Computer study.

One day suddenly heavy work has come to computer centre and at the request of Manager he assisted manager to complete the work and as it has became past midnight Siddaiah stayed back and the centre and with overbearing tiredness he slept like wood inside the centre.

During the sleep he and open the computer and furiously operated computer at a speed which impossible for human being . after an hour siddaiah in the sleeping stage itself went and continue the sleep in the bed.

One More RED day

Next day when RBI opened at office hours the officers were astonished and panicked to find out a enoromous amount which is beyond their imagination was credited to Govt of India's Misc fund. They rushed to finance min and emergency meeting of highest level ministers and officers called within a matter of 2 hours and all Chief Ministers were also called and the meeting was held

The revolution

The high level committee meeting has a tough situation which in their hand and they are at sea to come at solution of plenty of money. they have called the intelligent secretaries in the discussion. In the last they list out works ie Desilting of water, solar energy. forestation of barren land, pay back the loan, moderenisation of defence forces, transport, communication including the roads ,and fixing the responsiblity to complete the ongoing projects etc.The emergency orders were being issued to carry the works on war footing as money was not a issue now and responsiblity has been fixed and standing orders were issued that for the decision that is required to be taken must be taken at the site itself,no pending etc .

The politician and others who had dumped their money in secret sources soon find out that their money has evoporated and in a day they also become ordinary man without any muscle power and they drove their goonadas out. The goondas become pennyless not because of their fault. The highest authorities had received the invisible message that all the goondas should be appointed inthe secrurity position as they were having good physique and with good training they will become good custodition of country as well as establishment. Necessary orders and recruitment were done so that nobody suffered. The borders secrurity become very strong and inside country also it was become very strong and in one stroke the law of country prevailed,

The Change

The roughness due to money has vanished and the real humanity started appearing on human beings As temples become a place of get to gather and mass prayer the oneness has developed.

Oneday during this period a person went one office in connection with some work and met the highest officer and enquired of his work permit or something and offered money which was a usual practice . The officer told him to go to particular person dealing with the work and he politely told him to keep the with him and it is not required. The person thought his work will not be done and reluctantly went to the dealing person and enquired. the person was offered seat and it has been already completed and if he wait for one hour neceessary orders will be given to him. Here also he offered money but it was politely refused and he told to the person to utilise money for some goodcause.

The artificial price increase has been removed and the people are getting the things at 20% of what they paid earliar. The school fees are very very nominal, and many children now able to get good education at aaffordable cost . The barren land become fertile because of getting plenty of water available due desalination process. Because of greenary the rain were intime so agriculture prospered.

Because of lack of money and fear of invisible force the bad element were ran away from politics and very good people with good intention were cam e for ruling and country became very stronger the enemies were afraid and and borders are strengthened . Now the country helping the poor people and persons in need without any prejudise and caste .

the invisible hand the Siddha purushas were very smilingly sees the Ramrajya of the country and they were very vigilent to maintain and they were ready to punish the culprits at any moment.


Siddaiah after completing his final exam he was requested by the manager computer centre to be his assistant,as because being aged he could control the centre effectively. On joining the centre, Siddaiah proposed some addition such as computer repairing , photostat machines etc . The centre grown up adopted things in relevence of world requirement and began modernising and it became one of the good centre. As in due course Siddaiah also became partner of the centre and he going up up up and up

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one out look

Recently I had been to Delhi from Malaysia for a short trip. It was just like home coming . I had been in delhi for about 28 years along with family . During the course of intraction a intresting happening was came to light. Now a days parents are upkeeping their wards and insisting they should came topper. A family of parents with one child whowere living nearby area of mine. oneday I happen to visit their home. the child was studying in class I . They were teaching her something lesson.On quary it was revealed that the child which scored 99% of marks and the mother was lamenting that she missed onemark that why they drilling the child for getting 100%.What I told " Very good" and I left their house.
In another case by hearsay The mother was very much enforcing military discipline on their daughters from food intakes to all. The result the children learnt the art of cheating the mother . Which I told has happened in real.