Tuesday, March 2, 2010

one out look

Recently I had been to Delhi from Malaysia for a short trip. It was just like home coming . I had been in delhi for about 28 years along with family . During the course of intraction a intresting happening was came to light. Now a days parents are upkeeping their wards and insisting they should came topper. A family of parents with one child whowere living nearby area of mine. oneday I happen to visit their home. the child was studying in class I . They were teaching her something lesson.On quary it was revealed that the child which scored 99% of marks and the mother was lamenting that she missed onemark that why they drilling the child for getting 100%.What I told " Very good" and I left their house.
In another case by hearsay The mother was very much enforcing military discipline on their daughters from food intakes to all. The result the children learnt the art of cheating the mother . Which I told has happened in real.

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