Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sastiyaptha poorthy

The Sastiyapyhapoorthy of Sri Seetharaman will be performed at Chennai on 30-12-2007. We on behalf of relatives and well wishers greet the couples and wish them a healthy life.

Sri Muralidharan , Rama 's brother is performing the ayushomam for his grand daughter on 29th dec at chennai. We wish the the child all the happiness in the world may bestowed with the blessings of Almighty.

Monday, December 10, 2007

My Dream

The tendency of human behaviour to dream which is the expression of his inner feeling as well as his ambitious to see his place of birth is something unique then others.
First of he thinks peace and comfort, all fecilities like unintruppted water, electricity, house. For this he has to contribute possitively by economically as well as physically. Work hard, contribute to the nature by way of rain harvesting, planting the trees like mango,palm,neem, coconut, banana like that kind of trees, beautify the surrounding with frangrance variety of flowers. Install the solar panels for house use, with the help of your neighbours construct big ponds to save the rain water, maintain the cleaniness of your house as well as surroundings, help the needy, use the politicians for maintaning your area after all he is also a human being who has got goodness in him although he has got some compulsion.
educate the children to the maximum and give the freedom to choose their future because they got more source of information than the elders,but guide them
too much advice Ok this is the phenomeno of the old age
let us start some beginning.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ageold home

I have one dream of one age home for the Telughu bramins.

This will be for Maximum 15-20 Elders. There will be 20 rooms with attached bath and double cot with mattress and a small puja room and arrangement for making coffeeonly. No cooking is allowed. Rooms will be air conditioned. Common modern Kitchen . 24 hours hotwater supply.Periodic health checking. Ambulance fecility. Connected with full pledged hospital. 24 hrs attenders on duty with office manager in charge who wiil be given separate house inside the compound.

Inside the compound there will be small temple and regular puja, bhajans,chanting of sahasranamas, harikathas, will be regular features..

Morning there will be very light tiffin (limited only) considering health point of the elders either by way of liquid or semi liquid diet.
Around 11-1 There will be lunch. Evening hotdrinks and 7.30 PM -9 PM dinner will be served in the common place .
In the morning there will be joint prayer and Parayanams (optional) .

In side compound there will be big kitchen Garden catering for the home. Solar panels and proper water supply will be ensured.
If elders wants to visit temples nearby a van will be arranged and arrangement with the temple management will be made for their safety darshanam.

Let the dream will come true.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

50years of ironing

Inthis year 2007 is significient in many ways.
1. My retirement from active service life
2. Sugavanam attains 50 years
and Thirumoorthy completed 30 years of marriage life

and I have completed 50 years of iron pressing in this year.
I started pressing the clothes in the year 1957 at Salem. My guru in teaching the pressing is my mother. There was a Iron press box in the house . By chance I happen to see the Iron box in the store room. I took out and told I want to do cloth pressing. That was coal press. We were having coal in the house and I put the coal inside the iron box and lit the fire. The bottom of the box heated and with the guidance of mother i started pressing the cleaned the clothes. That was the starting. From then onwards in the house all started wearing pressed clothes. During course of years the coal based press has been replaced with electric press.

Monday, November 26, 2007

In salem We had a very big house and we had a big kitchen garden . Different varieties of flowers , vegetables were grown inour garden. Thiswas our cricket ground. Moorthy, myself used play cricket. My upanayanam was held in that house. My faternal aunties Thailamma and banu attha performed veena Katcheri in the evening.
In our street we are selected kind of people having Kaveri water pipe inside the house. Water will come in alternative days for two hours. Our requirement may be 3/4 hrs. remaining period water will be distributed to neighbouring houses .

I wiil be with you shortly. A short break.
It was a day in my life from autobiography. When I am 6 years old my aunty from father's side Mrs banu attha came to our house at Sooramangalam. One day during mealstime we all the children usedto sit around and take meals by hand provided by the elder. One that time my attha gave food that way. She used to give big slice of food in the hand. I objected and told her to give smaller size. For that she replied first you take the extra food and afterwards you take the regular one so that you will not feel that you are taking bigger one. What a phylosiphy. as children we took on the face value.

One time during this period My Periamma ie my mother's elder sister came to our house. On her departure day she requested my father to send my self and thirumoorthy along with her to Gudiyattam her native place. Gudiyattam is around 200 km from Salem Jn. We boarded the passenger train around 7.30AM and the train was moving around av 25 km per hr. and it reached Gudiyattam around 5.00PM. We had a pleasent journey and it was our first long journey in the train /bus.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Today (21-11-07) I am informing you that at age 86 Smt Paattamma D/O of rayaprolu R.M Ellaiyya- Kamatchi mother of Coimbatore Krishnamoorthy, Sundram, Kumar left for heavenly abode. Smt Pattamma And Gini @ Gunavathi are own sisters. We pray for almighty .

Sri Chandrasekar , who related to Sri Seetharaman as father side relation is of very knowledgeble person.
Sri Chandrasekar who lost his wife at young age has brought up his sons with the help of his widowed sister was working in CPWD organisation and retired as Chief Engineer. By this this time the sons come to stand their own legs. In memory of his wife Sri Chandrasekar has planted one tree at Newdelhi . The park is maintained by the Govt horticultural Deptnear Dhaulakuan. Any person who is intrested can plant a tree there in memory.
After retirement Sri Chandrasekar undertook aprigrimmage to all Devara Shetram , which are 108 Shivastalam. For this he undertook so many studies, made enquiries,and completed this rare Thirthayatrai which is unique. It is beleived if one person completes 54 Shiva shetram and if any other person sees him will get benefit of having dharson of of Shiva temple. His sons are proud of their father who completed this Theetha yatrai.
A guide like booklet was published by him for guidance.
Such a great man is no more now and he left for Shiva patham 3 months before.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

C.S Moorthy

Sri C.S moorthy is approaching 70 th Birthday on 27th 0f November2007. Greet him on this day. If you are not having No intimate to me and I will be forwarding your message.
krsivam07 @ gmail.com
and please see www.kambam.blog.com for general news

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

one festival of lights has just now enlightened our lives. Now the another Jyothi is on the way on24th of this month to enliven oue life. Thiruvannamalai deepam will bring you the Almighty near to you.
While praying think in your mind about your bossom friend the almighty and talk with him as your friend. He is there tohelp you always at any time.

Monday, November 12, 2007

K.R Sugavanam

It is the the great pleasure that Sri Sugavanam is going to Manila for 5 months for one project. We wish him a great success and many more avenues.

I wish you all a happy deepavali.

Monday, November 5, 2007

For your Quidance

Balu Birthday 14 th November 53rd birthday
Padma 18th November56th Birthday
Sugavanam 22 nd Nov Praveen23rd K Vaideeswaran Of madurai 22nd Nov
Karthik 24 th Nov

We wish all A happy birthday as wellas blessing from Chinnainna of Madurai

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sastiyaptha poorthy

The Sastiyaptha poorthy of Sri Seetharaman will be performed at Chennai on 29& 30 th December 2007

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Minnakkal Marriamman Day

I am once remainding you all That Nov 1 is the date of 3rd Iyyappasi Thursday. Pl. chant Lalitha sahasranamam, Cook Pongal and pray for betterment of life.

Sri Thirumoorthy is celebrating his 31st marriage day on 2-11-2007. We wish him all the happiness to the couple.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Recently I happen to study the book namedNatural cures " They don't want to you know about" written by Kevin Trudeau. He insists that on any account avoid taking anti biotic medicine. The medicine is simply supressing the symptoms and at the same time creates another source for buying new medicines. Avoid all the fast foods and the body has got capacity to cure max'm diseases.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Relax Time

From my auto biography ( Considering myself as one of the great man ever born in the world)

One day I was pompering that I must write autobiograpy thinking that I am one of the great man in the world and I started writing biography. From this I am producing some incidents

My sister Boovana when she was 7 years old I was working for off west bengal. One time I came on leave to my house.
During the period our one of the close relatives living nearby. My mother told me " Go to there house show your face and come" My sister was murmering something. " Yee Boovana what you are saying "
For that She told " Go to their house and show only your head and come back"
We had all heafty laughing.

On every friday my mother use to take oil bath as per traditition . This incident happened in year 1955 at sooramangalam. One friday as usual she wanted to take Arappu podi which is required for removing the oil from hair, she put her hand in the container ( ,the container was kept in the stand above head level), Suddenly she screamed. we all rushed to see. In side container there were 4 scorpians and bitten the mother's hand .

When we are at young age father used to go salem which is 5 Km from Sooramangalam . When he comes hewill purchase "THEN Mittai" ( honey sweet) . which was rare item in our place.
For the present relax

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Random thoughts

Random thoughts do occur in all human beings. Sometimes it is so felt that I should share with you.

We born in this human form to fullfil some karma and also for our earliar karmas. accordingly the present life we are leading. Sometimes,say many times we came across that if you read particular shostram/ perform particular puja our sufferings will vanish. What I feel is our sufferings will be always will be there.and we have undergo that sufferings without fail as because it is karma, but performing the kind of puja etc one can get the strenghth to bear the sufferings so that the magnitude will not be felt. For example by taking the doctors medicine we feel releived because the medicine gives the physological feeling as well as strength to bear sufferings. Hence instead of wiping out the sufferings,pray for the strength to bear the sufferings,Why postpone the sufferings.
We are all the puppets in the hands of Almighty. Always keep it in the mind.

Please write your comment as well as happenings to further circulation

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bhimaratha santhi of Sri K.Vaideeswaran

Sri K.Vaideeswaran is very much attached to Sringeri Peetam. He desires that his &0th Bhimaratha Santhi must be performed at Sringeri with blessings of Peedathipathi. This was one more occasion to visit Sringeri for us also. Accordingly in a divine atmosphere this function was performed in nov 2005. His holiness also blessed the couple by way of Prasadams and clothes.

Sastiaptha Poorthy of My father

The sastiaptha poorthy of our father was performed in Chennai during Nov1986 During that time My sons Upanayanam was also performed. In first day Navagraha Homam as well as Ganapathy homam were performed. In the next Day rest of the vedic rituals were performed.Many relatives and friens came and grace the occasion. Sri sugavanam made fine arrangement for the function

In the Year 1996 Nov Bhimaratha Santhi of our Father was performed and Sugavanam's Son Sri Praveen 's Upanayanam was also performed.
In the Year 1989 September we performed special Function on completion of our mother's 60 th year completion at our house

Sri K.S. vaideeswaran's Sastiaptha poothy function was held in the year 2000 Jan at trichy

Monday, October 1, 2007

On 21-10-2007 Mrs & Mr Sivaraman completing their 37 th marriage year and starting 38 th year of marriage life.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It was our fore Father's blessings and Almighty's that we four brothers have performed Kanagabhishekam to our mother on 4-6-2005 at Chennai. It was a unique function.
on 2-6-2005 there was marriage of Vishanvi's D/O Mrs &Mr ShyamSundar &Indu . ( ShyamSundar is First Son of Mrs &Mr Thiagarajan& meena of CBE)
on 3-6-2005 Grahapravesham of Sugavanam& Chitra 's house at Chennai.
On 4-6-2005 Kanagabhishekam of our mother.

Kanagabhishegam is being performed when the person is attaining 80 years or When the person is blessed with great Grand Son during her life time. My Grandson is blessed to have great grand mother ie my mother.

The function was organised in one temple premises nearby. The function started at about 8.00 AM. All our four brothers along with our family members performed Ganesh,Navagraha, Ayus homa Puja and Homam in the presence our Family Elders, Well wishers.
Friends and relatives came and attended function to bless and wish us and as well as to get the blessing of my mother who is elder to her. It was a great occasion to all the family members which is very rare.
After performing the required homas and other connected pujas, we all including relatives and friends poured Japa water on my mother,s head along with Gold and Silver coins specially prepared for the function and got mother's blessing.

Afterwards we honoured all those present there on this occasion.
We were blessed by doing this function.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sastiaptha Poorthy

In continuation,
We planned that instead of having in cities it is better to perform our function in the temple so that it will be like thanksgiving to almighty who has guiding us in our life.
The place one of remote place and from Chennai we have to travel for 8hrs by bus. We hire a bus to take us and we started our holy journey from Chennai at 6.00 AM, and arrangements were made for intermittent tiffin and coffee break.We reached the Thirukadaiyoor by 3.00PM and we lunch.
At about 5.00 Pm RudraEkadasi Japam was Started. It is chanting of rudram 11 times by 11 Vedics, equivalent to chanting of one lakh namas of shiva, the protector of human life. Elderly people were present for blessing this occasion.

Next Day on 24-5-07 we were taken into the temple by Elephantleading us the party. After performing the Gaja Pooja, and Cow Pooja RudraHomam, navagraha homam etc performed and on the sastiapthapoorthy couple (we) japawater was poured by the relatives and friends and afterwards I tied Mangalya Sudram to my wife.

Friends and relatives elders as well as youngsters graced the occasion and this function was performed by my two sons and Daughter-in-laws.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The marriage of YaminiD/O ShantiThiagarajan& V.R Thiagarajan will be held on24-10-2007 at RamakalyanaMandapam ,Nungambakkam Chennai.
Sri Thiagarajan is Sri V.R Seetharaman 's brother. Sri Seetharaman is Sri K.R Sivaraman's(Mine) Ist Sambanthi.
We are wishing nascent couples A happy and Enjoyable and Proprous life. May Almighty blessess them all the happiness.

Sastiaptha Poorthy

One of life ambition in normal brahmin's mind is to have sastiapthapoorthy for himselfalong with his life partner. My sastiapthapoorthy function was held on 24-5-2007 at Thirukadaiyoor near Sirkali/Vaideeswaran koil.near Chidambaram.
Thirukadaiyoor is the Markandeya Stalam where Markandeya was saved by Shiva from Yama,and Yema was given rebirth by shiva.
The regular Marriages, Sastiaptha poorthy, Sadhabhishekam are being performed everyday in several places. (cont.d)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mulakanadu Family

The mulakanadu community consists of following sections. If you got further any information please intimate.

1.Manyama 2. Panyam 3. Dudyala 4. RayaDurg 5. Rayaprolu 6. Rupangudi . 7. Renvanur 8.Choudur 9. Bengaluru 10. Subraveti 11. Kambam 12. Alur 13.Dharba
14. Goturu 15. Thondrum or Thandram 16. Gadiyarum 17. Kaipa 18. Munipalla
19 Pappu 20 GUNDALAPALLI  21. Vattipalli  22. Nivarthi      23 Akumulli  24. Alluru

Kargesha Gotram

Naga Subbaiyyer @ Kannaiah --Kamala(W) The family lived in Tannerpalli Village near KuliThalai in trichy district
son& daughters

1 Venkata Raju -- NagaRatnam (W)
a) Ravi (S) -Mangalam(W) --1 daughter &1 son
b) Sekar (S)-- ! daughter
c) Mythili(D) --Narashimhan (H) ---- 3sons
d) Janaki (D) --Nandakumar (H) ----1 son ,1 daughter
2. Krishnamoorthy - Nagalakshmi (W)
a) Sridhar
b) Balu
c) Kumar
d) Meera --Vasudevan(H) 2 Daughters
f) Nirmala
3. Ramanarasu - Thailambal D/O K.S Chockaiah of kambam family
( Refer Kambam Family Tree For this family details)
4. T.N.Surianarayanan - Rajalaksmi (W)

a) Padma (D) --K.R Sivaraman S/O K.S Ramanathan KambamFamily refer kambam family
b) Jayanthi- died young
c) Meena ---Ragupathi (H) 2 daughters
d) Murali nathan --Indu --- one daughter

Sri Kannaiah worked in the Mandapam camp. Those who are having any information orwho worked with him may please furnish further information.
My Email Id krsivam07 @ gmail.com. Please write your opinion as well as news about our family function tome so as inform others. Unity is the best for any organisations and it is the way to strengthen ones to face the hurdles in the life.

3rd thursday of Iyypasi (tamil ) m0nth fallon 1-11-2007 . Please try to worship Minnakkal Marriamman by chanting Lalitha Sahasranamam and offering Pongal.

Vaideeswaran Koil Visit -- try to undertake to visit our Kuladeivam Temple at least once in a year.

Try to pray our KulaDevatas by mind everyday for brief period as per your convenience.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am introducing some of the important personalities inthe telugu family

Sri K.Vaideeswaran
He is the pioneer of the kambam familyand he is having much details of the familyand contacts
Sri Narendran
Sri Narendran is doing yeoman service in uniting the telugu families and he is having much contact.
Smt Padmaja
She was general secretary of Telugu Bramins assn ob mumbay for about 2 years.
Sri Sundresan see other blog which has been published.
I wiill be in contact for further information

Monday, September 17, 2007

Madhangi D/O Mrs&Mr Soumya Pawankumar 's Ayus Homam will be held on 7-10-2007 at Chennai.
Soumya is the daughter of K.R.Thirumoorthy and Grand Daughter of Gini.
We wish the sweet Child happy and long life and Pray the almighty for the sweetest life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In continuation of minnakkal.
Ellaiyya 's elder son Sri Annaiyyais agreat artist ie in Arts, Poetry. Music,basket weaving and was a Philosopical temperament. Some of hisworks are Chandra Kalavathi(Yakshaganam), Thra Sasakha Vijayam (Yakshaganam)Bhajanakirthanam(Bhaktavijayam) etc.

Minnakkal village

Minnakal village near salm eas Inam land gifted to 13 families of learned Vedic Brahmins. The inam gift is in canerese language as it was under Tippu sultan. The area was around 3000 acres and in the course of time the bramins sold the lands and migrated to to nearby places like Naickarapatti, Dharmapuri. In 1932 communual riots the remaining telugu family vacated the area and shifted to other places. the Telugu bramins were holding the posts of Karnam for many years.
Sri Ramabhadraiyya , The grand father of Ellaiyagaru for sometime managing a Choultry near Dharmapuri Salem Dt. Due to some mismanagement he gone to Kasi and after sometime he returned with GangaJal and presented to Chieftain of the place and ask for forgiveness. It was granted.
RamaBhadraiyya 's Son Visweswariyya died at young age leaving hiswife, son Ellaiyya, Daughter Subbamma. Ellaiyya and his sister brouhtup in his motheside parents house at Taramangalam.
Ellaiyya Period from 1799-1872.
Ellaiyya is responsible for reposessening the lands at Minnakkal at he was Karnam of Papparapatti and later he has given his post to his cousin Narayanaiah.Sri Ellaiah was estate manager of FIsher and co and the head quarter at erode in later dates. The fisher &co was exporting cotton to Manchester England.He became commission Agent and became financially very sound.His charity well known and respected byall and he instrument in getting back most of the inam land back to telugu family.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sri V.S.Subbanarasu @ Kunnadu 's Sadhabhishesham ie 81 th birthday was celebrated on 5-5-2007. Even at this age he was pond of visiting places and he visits. He has compiled the list of elders of his family. He is the son of Sri V.Sethuramarao- Sarathambal 's son. Some 5-7 years before he along with his wife went on pilgrimage to Kasi--Gaya. There He remembered all the telugu Elders who have passed away . He notes even the minute details in his diary.

Sri K.S Thiagarajan S/OSri K.V.Sankaranarayanan of coimbatore some 8months before has performed Sumangali Puja for the benefit of welfare of the Kambam Family. We praise his thingings and best wishes to him.

Sri K.V Sundraraman S/O Sri K.V. Viswanatha Iyer of Mettur.s daughterSmt Muthu Bala saraswathy's House Chanti homam is performed regularly during Dasara Period.
From the available records the Kambam family begins with Udhanda Malla Samundram Pedanti Samaiyer @ ThirumalaiSamy Iyer (around 1750). And Rayaprolu Family begins with Sadasivaiyya-Parvathi Family (1680). Udhanda Malla Samudram is called Minnakkal these days . This place is around 30km from Salem.
Kambam Vamsam
Udhanda Malla Samudram Pedanti Samaiyer(1750)
@ Thirumalai Samy Iyer
K.T. Vadyanatha Iyer (s)- Balambal
Chockaiyer (S)--
Two Sons
a) K.C. Thirumalai Samyiyer -- Vedambal(1823-1865)
b) K.C.Vaidyanatha Iyer -- Seethalakshmi Ammal(1818-1898)

Rayaprolu Vamsam

Sadasivaiyya -- Parvathi (App 1680)

Mallaiyya- Meenamba (Around 1715) (S)

3 Sons

a) Ellaiyudu (S)- Pedda Subbamma
b)Narayana Moorthy (S) --Thimmamma@ Seshamma
c) Ramabhadrayya (S)(1750) --Subbamma

Information required in respect ofBellary Ellaiyya Brother of Copyist Subbaiah Family of Kambam Vaidyanathayya of Salem and Ellubbu and Narayannaiah of chevoor.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Erode Ellaiyya DaughterAmmai Ammal was married to KunigalLakshmi Narashimha Sastry S/O Kunigal Rama Sastry Asthana Pandit of Mysore Palace in 1856 Sri Sastry's younger brother Sri Sivasami become sanyasi and become 33 rd Sankaracharya of Sringeri Peetam
Erode Ellaiyya is Smt Gunavathy's Grand Grand Father (Father side)

Dr K Bala Subramanian S/O Sri K.V Krishna moorthy Iyer B/O Sri K Vaideeswaran is M.D consultant Physician is famous in Mumbai .

LateSri K.V . Vaidyanathan Popularly knowned as Mettur mani was Vocalist.

Sri K.V Chockalingam B/O of above is one of the sucessful Industrialist in textile and his materials are being exported to different countries.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sri Ramanathan 'Sons has created one charitable trust to help needy children's education. contact thro this media
Do you know the adventures performed by sons of sri P.Sundresan of Bangalore.
Sri sundresan himself a great vidwan And he has conferred with so many awards by Karnataka Government
1. Gnana Kalanidhi
2. Sangeetha Sudambhuthi
3. Abinava Kalavariri
4. Gyana kalaBhushana
5 Karnataka Sangitha Nrithya kala Academy honoured him in2005
6. Artistist of the year 2005 by bangalore Gyana Samaj
6.Sri Sri ravi shankar honoured him

Sri sundresan Son SriMohan has toured entire India by Bi cycle and his another son Lakshmikantan @ Sekar has toured India by Honda Scooter

Monday, September 3, 2007

Smt Gunavathy W/O Late K.S Ramanathan @Chinna sethu is completing 78 years and celebrating 79 th birthday on22-09-2007. We are praying for her good health and our namaskarams to her.

Vaideeswaran koil Kirthanas
1. Sri ganesath param siddha nahire Artharesi--jambai
2. Ankaraha masra yam yaham Suradi Rupakam
3. Kumarasaminam guru gugam Asaveri aadhi
4. Sri vaidyanatham Bhajami Sritha Jana vanthitha Balambikesam Atana Adhi
5. BalambikayaiNamesthe Varadhayai sri Nattakurinchi
6. Ganalola balepanjathasakuri pahimam nagavarali thripudai
7Balambike kadathuham Sri ranjani--Adhi
8 Bajere Sidda balambikam bakta kalpa ladhikam kalyani thripada
Last 4 songs are part of panja ratna Krithis of balambika
We are proud to inform the follwing development in the family.
Sri Balasubramanian's daughter Divya@ Manasa( Gini's Grand daughter) has gone to states for persuing further M.S studies. Sri Praveen S/O of Sugavanam ( Gini's Grand Son ) is proceeding to States on university exchange programme for 5th semester engineering degree course from Singapore university.
Gini's Grand Grand daughter & Thirumoorthy'sGrand daughter Sowmya's Daughter's Ayus homam (one year Completed)) on 17th oct.

Sri Seetharaman , Sivaraman's First sambanthy was retired from active govt service on 31-8-2007

Please send important function and happenings to me. to enable me to inform to all through this media
Mother side


Two Sons and 3 daughters Last son R.M.Ellaiyya @ Abbayee-- Kamatchi Of mysore
Sri Ellaiyya 's sons & Daughters
1. Mallikarjunan 2. Saratha 3. Thatthri 4. Jayalakshmi 5. Subba krishnan 6 Patthamma 7. Gunavathi

Pattabi Ramaiah and Mallikarjanaiah are brothers
Pattabiramaiah 's son is Seetharamanna
Seetharamanna's Son is Dr kothandam of Erode and Dr Kothandam,' Daughter is Chitra's Mother Meenakshi

Monday, August 27, 2007

Telugu Brahmin Family are closely connected with Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple in the early years of1330. this are scripted in the tabloids in the temple.
Sri P sundresan of Bangalore has collected kirtanas on Vaideeswaran koil and he rendered songs and recorded in the CD form. His age now is 90 Years and on 12-5-2007 his sons performed special pujas in commorating this event and onthis year this old couples have compleated 63 years of marriage also. Our Namaskarams to this unique couples.


You know the Minnakkal Village was called earliar as Uttanda Malla Samudramconsists of 3000 acres and Salem was called asBara matal. The source of information given by Respectful Sri R.M. Sambamoorthy of Rayaprolu . The inam gift is written in Canerese language and it is available with Sri Sambamoorthy.

The kambam Family Tree as well as rayaprolu Family Tree is available with me.
The Mulakanadu is consists of 23 families
Please inform me regarding Mandapam where some our telugu elders worked if any body got information regarding this

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Dear friends &Well wishers,
It is my pleasue to meet you via this media for which I am grateful to this media Blogger. Iam sharing my findings to you and all. The credit is goes to my respectful uncle Sri K. Vaideeswaran of Madurai for his findings of our forefathers.
There may be mistakes and please intimate to me and it will be rectified with the consultation of my uncle.
Thank you
K.R Sivaraman K.Vaideeswaran
E mail Id krsivaraman @ yahoo.com

My First Blog

This is my first blog ... hope to pen my thoughts on a few things here !! enjoy