Wednesday, November 28, 2007

50years of ironing

Inthis year 2007 is significient in many ways.
1. My retirement from active service life
2. Sugavanam attains 50 years
and Thirumoorthy completed 30 years of marriage life

and I have completed 50 years of iron pressing in this year.
I started pressing the clothes in the year 1957 at Salem. My guru in teaching the pressing is my mother. There was a Iron press box in the house . By chance I happen to see the Iron box in the store room. I took out and told I want to do cloth pressing. That was coal press. We were having coal in the house and I put the coal inside the iron box and lit the fire. The bottom of the box heated and with the guidance of mother i started pressing the cleaned the clothes. That was the starting. From then onwards in the house all started wearing pressed clothes. During course of years the coal based press has been replaced with electric press.

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