Monday, November 26, 2007

It was a day in my life from autobiography. When I am 6 years old my aunty from father's side Mrs banu attha came to our house at Sooramangalam. One day during mealstime we all the children usedto sit around and take meals by hand provided by the elder. One that time my attha gave food that way. She used to give big slice of food in the hand. I objected and told her to give smaller size. For that she replied first you take the extra food and afterwards you take the regular one so that you will not feel that you are taking bigger one. What a phylosiphy. as children we took on the face value.

One time during this period My Periamma ie my mother's elder sister came to our house. On her departure day she requested my father to send my self and thirumoorthy along with her to Gudiyattam her native place. Gudiyattam is around 200 km from Salem Jn. We boarded the passenger train around 7.30AM and the train was moving around av 25 km per hr. and it reached Gudiyattam around 5.00PM. We had a pleasent journey and it was our first long journey in the train /bus.

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