Thursday, November 16, 2017


I  visited Kurushetra   recently about 4 days ago. The visit was not a planned one but on  instant decision. I had been to Kurushetra some 10 years before and that was a spelbound one With that mind I readily accepted to go that holy place.

 we started from Gurgaon  7 .30 am.By. relaxing on the way for about an hour we reached Kurushetra by 12. 30 hrs

   our first stop was BRAHMA KUND  this was  about 1.5 KM long and around 1 km wide. This  made was a magnificient tank of olden years and it is a holy one . This present intellectuals who always find way to undermine the  Hindus has a made a plan as if they are glorifing the values of hindus  about 10 years back spilt the tank into half and constucted  a road of in the middle and made a park installed the GITA UPADESH Statue  and built 3 temples in it and fooled the people saying that part of MAHA BHARAT battle was enacted here and draupathi washed her hair here after revenge  etc etc .  Height of it they built a toilet and it is send down in the holy pond thus make the tank became waste management place. I shed tears. i have no words to express my anger.

  Actually the battle ground is 6 KM away from here. We went to battle ground area some decades before it was such a holy place we revered . Now it is a ordinary temple No feeling of pious occurs They have spoilled entire place as a play ground.

  I sincerely forget this place Let the old pious feeling may prevail

Sunday, October 8, 2017

I Trip to Native place A new experience

Every time to visit to our native place is adding our mental strength. and giving new path .

I had been to Chennai on 26th of august from Gurgaon,

I boarded the flight from Delhi by  6.40 AM and and by 9.45 AM i was at Chennai. The day was Ganesh  was in symbolic way after sending fare well to mother also departed to his destination. In way it shows the world that dont depend on materialist world immerse yourself with me.Understanding the meaning after his symbolic departure from material world  to real world inside us we prepares sweets in our house.   Ok  well . I reached chennai and proceeded to My relatives house.   It was a short stay at chennai. In the night I boarded the train to Bangalore at 11.30 PM

        The train on right time reached Bangalore by 6 30 AM at Yeswanthpur station which is  apart of bangalore station. I went to my cousin sister house at Rajaji nagar. After my freshness I went to basavangudi which is adjacent to jayanagar to meet a relative met thro blogger and happen to be near relative of Padma my wife. I travelled in Bangalore metro which was convenient

   Sri Ramasubramaniam   A GREAT MAN

   God Reveals the greatness of the man through nearby persons so as enable other human being to understand and follow the goodness of the life.

   Sri Ramasubramaniam  ,

  The god has being giving opportunity to meet the great people  at times to mend our thinkings to lift our life. This meeting with this great man in one of this kind. He leads his life in such a way  which can not be written but only to see.

  Sri Rama Subramaniam is one of the close kind of relation with my wife family side.  He has collected so many details of his family tree with the rare photos. I had the opportunity to mix with him for about a short time of about 3 hrs. 

     I returned to chennai next day and I had a pleasent time with my brother sambanthi Sri Mani Raju at bangalore for about 3 hrs Bangalore had monsoon weather continuously in the evening time regularly at about fortnight days. 

      This time I represented my family in  marriage at Karur In karur my paternal uncles in law side marriage In a detailed way that marriage is my paternal Uncle's  wife brother son 's marriage .

After attending marriage I went to salem for a get togather meeting of School mates Due to some reason it was post poned But I had the opportunity to attend the marriage of my school friend's son marriage at Salem 

 I return to Chennai on 3rd of september and 4 th September I returned to Gurgaon/delhi head quarter.

    The memory is green Thanks for the  happenings

Friday, July 21, 2017

the Story that has struck to me

This story was Written by Jeffrey Archer.  Name of the story is  COLONEL BULLFROG

      The actual name of the colonel was MOORE. The Japaneese troops oven run them and tthe allied troops were became War Prisonners and they have driven to prisonners camp by Japanese. They have put under hard work and mal nourishment. The Japanese Major SAKATA was in charge of camp . He was not that much cruel  but his assistants were opposite. Moore given inspiration to his fellow prisoners   The Cruel men shifted on their places came sergent AKIRA and corporal Sushi. Japanese Major named Moore as Bull FROG.and Allied troops nicknamed japanese Sakata as  Chopsticks and AKIRA and sushi as sweet and sour.

    Japanese surrendered uncoditionally to allied troops and Major SAKATA surrendered to Moore and Moore took over the camp being the highest Millitary officers Japanese troops were put  under guards and taken them as prisonners. The story goes on.

War commission setup The head of the war commission sentences all the japanese prisoners to gallows. Moore argue him that should not be because they are not culprit The chairman disagrees and struck to his verdict Moore with his closeness of England PM put pressure on commision head and judgement reverted to imprisonment. Some 200 Japanese life saved

 Moore left army and became preacher of church  After 12 Years one day moore as a father of church started bible preaching and suddenly noticed SAKATA WAS sitting in front of him . He continued his preaching and afterwards he talked with Sakata  about olden days and over lunch he enquired about sweet and sour. Bullfrog and chopsticks were talked Sakata informed within 5 years they were released. Only he has got touch with Sour Regarding sweet  lost touch. He told him how the Bullfrog saved their life.
They were in communication One time sakata wrote that  your church was asking donation for roof. Moore replied due war many churches are under damage and it is usual that ask for donations. Within a week a lumsum amount from a unknown Japanese firm cheque came which sufficient for roof repair . Whenever problem money comes Moore's church unknown poured money to his church Moore was elevated to higher priest and his condition worsened and he left the body and gone up. On his funeral day there was no place to sit and people were standing in the adjucent ground People were astonished see more than 200 Japanese old person were there to pay homage. Before death Moore asked for 3 million pounds of donation from the public. While writing to sakata he used to mention that for church renovation church will float demand etc . After finding everytime the cheque for the required money used arrive well before. Moore felt very much gratitude and inside fear has come how to repay the this kind dept, hence this time while writing to his friend he never open or mention about this.
       After homage the head priest called one elder person and after enquiry he traced SAKATA  and thanked him for writing to him for permission to attend the homage function.The Bishop Moore always mentions about warmly as Chopstick Mr Sakata bowed lowly


SAKATA REPLIED"NO NO NOT ME,i LIKE MY BEST FRIEND" I AM ONLY  CHAIMAN OF THE COMPANY' After telling this thing he introduced President of the company. The president of the company came from back and handed over one envelope.
  Head priest opened cover and he astonished to see the cheque which amount written as  3 BILLION



A inspiring Story

Recently I happened to read one Hindi Story Which has bowled me  and it was a very inspiring. I leave the comment to yourself only.

     The village ayurvedic Doctor called his wife before going to his shop  asked her wife " what is the requirement today Have you written already. She gave the written paper to him in the folded manner and handed over to him. This was the the routine for several years. The Vaid (which was usually mentioned for the Ayurved Doctors) took the paper and went to his Shop which he usually opens at 9 AM daily. On openning the shop after alittle prayer he opened the letter and he read. In that paper the day requirement for the household is written just like provisions etc. He calculated the amount required for purchasing the same. One by one the patients came and accordingly he gives medicine and gets money. Once the calculated money receives he will close the shop and retires for the day and goes to his house.

This was the routine. Oneday as usual wife handed over the list and he went to shop and opened the letter. There as usual the requirement of provision were there. In addition there was one more line  For the daughters marriage required Dhage ie gold ,clothes, and connected things.The vaid was lost at the line of thinking and after sometime ,he wrote that this is duty of god to make arrangement for this and resumed his work.

             Just has he started attending the patients One big car came and stopped in front his shop.It was usual some rich patients were also used to come get medicine and he has not given much attention. and and proceeded in his work.The man from the car came to Vaid and greeted him. Vaid replied. The man asked Vaid whether he recognised him The made affermative, then the man sat on the bench. The vaid told him If you came for medicine for you come and sit near my chair I will examine your pulse. If you came for other pl describe the symtoms. On this The man told him I came here to talk to you.
        I am settled at England and often I used to India to see my belongings etc At one time some 15 years before when I travelled thro this road my car tyres get punctured in front of your shop.\My driver took the wheels and gone for repair. I was standing by the side of car waiting for him. As you have noticed You came to me and told me to on the bench of your shop till your driver came. He took some more time. I was little feel guilty because I was using your place of custommer. Still you have not uttered a word. Then I told him that after marriage of some years we are childless. I gone several treatment from so many specialists. God is not taking care of me. Immediately you have told dont blame god He has got so many things to offer and he is offeringand it it is bountless. While talking you were folding some medicines in small pockets and you have asked me my name .I told you Krishna Das. You have written my name . You have made two envelops On one you have written my name and on other you have written my wife name and handed the pockets to me with the instruction
how to take the medicine.  I asked you how much to pay. You have told me " today ledger is closed" One small girl was standing by the side of you and insisting you to go to house You had consoled her wait for sometime. When my driver came I started going and you also closed the shop.

   I enquired the neighbours why you have uttered Today's ledger closed. They told me that your wife has written todays requirement and you have calculated the amount required You might have collected the calculated money and no extra money you will collect for the day .  I was astonished

    I went to my house and narrated the entire thing to my wife and handed over the medicines. My wife told me "he is not human HE IS DEVATA His medicine will fulfill our ambition.  Today I am blessed with 3 Flowers Means his children.

   Further the man narrating his story and told to Vaid this time I came to preform marriage my sisters son. The marriage was negotiated and about to held shortly. My sister son was making all the arrangement and with out proper rest he was going all the places resulting he started getting fever and  he made self medication. The fever became unbearable he became unconcious and admiited in the hospital The fever became unbearable and gone to coma and gone out of this world.. My wife told me and recollected about the young little girl who was near by at that time. The man told Vaid Iam handing over all the marriage materials to you and cash also if your daughter is not married. The vaid was speechless. He showed to the man the letter given by her wife today and the note written by him .

 That is the end

Monday, June 12, 2017

Gangai karai ooram

It is a different heading I thought of giving a different heading for the trip undertaken with my brother and family

 Yes truely it is the trip undertaken towards Ganges. On 19 th May 2017 Along with my brothers family I started my journey  to Ganges bank road journey in our vehicle. We started from Gurgaon by 5 AM During this time the Sun God also started blessing us from that time onwards. The total distance around 250 Kms.

      Although we taken care of fuel to mouthless being ie car we also make it sure that human being like get fuel So we prepared coffee in the house and consumed it to get full energy upto next human fuel station.As my brother has been promoted " PARTHA SARATHI" Grade I was the advisor on the road My brother is new to this road and I am the LKG student as for driving concern.

   The morning breeze is very wonderful. and the traffic was very minimum except one place near bus stand where we unknowingly diverted our vehicle.  We had aexpert advice from the starting point to take minor nourishment from a particular joint ie Sheetal Grand  which around 80 KM from Delhi. We reached the place by 8,15 AM . It was not upto the mark still the service was quick and self servicing We had near about 45 mts break. The road was good and Roorkee Collage of Eng had opportunity to have a Dharshan of us.  and also Baba Ramdev Ashram near Haridwar. We reached Haridwar by 12 noon.

       Haridwar was barricated against vehicle movement . The place was small but pilgrims are more. For the easy movement of people restriction were imposed. With guidance of local 3 wheelers we were able locate of place stay for the day. It was Hote Mayur  We were fooled by the internet booking, showing heaven as the limit. Anyway we were not bothered or taken into mind as because our aim is different. After taking lunch etc we started to visit places.

    In Haridwar there are 3  main temples
  1, Hari  ka pur    2, Manasa Temple located on hill top  3. Samundeswari temple located at other hill top  

   The Ganga ARATHI is at 6.45 PM daily.

The ticket for winches for for Manasa Devi And Samundeswari Hill and up and down transport  are available in the hotel itself and it is package.  Fortunately tha Manasa Devi temple was just opposite to our hotel ( it was not designed by us) We started by 2.45 PM from the hotel and reached the temple premises within 10 mts. We have wait for about 20 mts for the winch. By 3 PM we were in the temple, We had a dharshan of DEVI and by 4 pm we came down and proceeded to Samundeswari temple by tempo as per package There we found more than 1000 Pilgrims were waiting and as pers to go to Temple persons it will take atleast 1 to 2 hrs to reach the the temple On enquiry we found tickets for the dharshan will be valid for the next day also.
    We decided to postpone oue visit to temple next day and proceeded to Hari ka pur where ARATHI will be held. We the Ganga ghat by 6 pm By that time itself there were more than 50000 peoples. We had a good view point place to sit on the banks Ganges.

      The temple is being run by the private trust they were finding means to extract money from public many ways I am not here to express my view whether it is wrong  or right.. The Arathi began at 7 .10 PM and it has last for 2- mts.

   We while away the time in Ganges bank for about an hour. Then we had our dinner and gone our shell.

20-5- 2017
   Today we were ready by 5 Am and went Ganges and had bath of course we were having Mug bath. we feel refreshed it was a great experience and there is no words to explain Holy water is always holy water.  Then after having our tea/coffee we proceeded to Samundeswari temple. The temple opens at 7.30 AM. we were the early birds and by time the gates opened went by winch to temple as the temple was located over hill top around 3000 ft. We had a very eyeful dharshan of deities and by 8.30 AM we were downhill and by 9 am we were ready to further to go to RISHIKESH

  Around 10 Am we we were on the road to RISHIKESH .occasionaly we encountered some traffic hurdles and we faced some hurdles to locate Swami Dayanand Saraswathi Ashram and we reached the place around 12 noon and we were accommadated in a moderate room/house .  We had a very good meal provided by the ashram. The real beauty is we have been never charged for the accommadation or for the food If you want to give according to will and pressure any donation.

    In the  evening we had a Ganges Bath . We went to see Laxman Jhoola Hanging bridge by steel rope and had a ganga Arathi witnessed by us. We return to Ashram by 8 30 PM and had our meals


Morning we fortunate to witness the puja performed in ashram temple by 5 AM. The asram provides morning tea, Breakfast, lunch, evening tea, night dinner free of cost Time limit is there.  Afterwards we had ganges bath . After breakfast we proceeded to Musoorie around 80 KM by 9 AM. We reached Musoorie by 12 noon Then our hurdles started. There is proverb in tamil " Kashapattalthan Sugam"
There was a traffic jam in the main market area The Sterling resort where we booked our room was not specific in guiding our way Simply he was telling one point. The way/road is not as broad In addition there were parking of vehicle. The traffic policemen were not able to guide us properly as because they temporiarily posted there according inflow of tourists, we were making round and round and at last with the known local person after he furnished us with other reference point we reached the resort after one hour. The indication point provided by the resort is insufficient. We   went about roundabout. Where as on enquiry from the local drivers ti was found that the travel time is 10 minutes.
       We reached the resort by 1 PM and booked our rooms Shankar and family also reached the resort by 2 PM They were fortunate because local driver was with them and we also guided to some extent.

   We took our meals we simply took rest and there was a final IPL T20 match thatday and shankar has to by early nextday morning we spent that day in room itself and our meals also supplied in our room itself


    Today we hired one full day taxi to go around musoorie. WE had our breakfast in the resort,Then our journey of sightseeing commenced. The first halt was  waterfall. To witness the water fall winch system has been provided and people can go near fall. From the waterfall there is about 300 feet down water pool has been built which has got fecilities of water sport and ropeway etc. Only lacuna is no proper toilet fecilities.

food joints are there.   From there our next spot was Sakti temple which is 200 feet height only sloping walk way is provided. We had our lunch there. Meals are very good and fresh from kitchen prepared in front of us and neat and clean

 From here we went to Buddhist temple The entire area is occupied by the Tibetians.  From there we went to one big garden which  has been filled by food court, wax museum, water boating ,artificial water fall, handloom fabrics shop.Of course the prices as you understand are of tourist purpose.
After spending about 2 hrs we returned our nest. We had our night dinner. We had very good rain that night


Today marketing day Some view points  are seen. It is came to know there one view point from there we can see by telescope KEDARNATH Temple.


  Today the day of departure from mussoorie. This return journey was riiddled with heavy traffic  jams resulting about 11 hrs to reach gurgaon which is in normal course takes between 6 to 7 hrs.

Although there is some obstracles like traffic jams, it is bound to happen. The journey was one of the unforgettable. On normal way of life we will never get opportunity to take bath in ganges which is our hindu dharma put in high esteem. There still many peoples are there to give all fecilities to peoples without expecting any returnWith all difficulty and lack of finance many people visiting the hindu shrines without murmur  GREAT


Monday, May 29, 2017

Praveen -Sneha house

Today Praveen  and Sneha entering new aquired house at America This is the first house of KAMBAM family  A new chapter begins. The parents SUGAVANAM  and CHITRA are at this time at States for function   We wish him all the best

Sunday, May 28, 2017

A wonderful gesture

Recently I happened to go to one Rajasthani hotel situated in Gurgaon. We are in family. and ordered food. We sat and food was prepared and server came for serving food  Plates were placed and the server started serving food not as per row of sitting . First He served the food to youngest of all. Then to ladies and then elder persons and after only to youngsters. It was please see his mode of serving we all delighted

Thursday, April 13, 2017


I Sincerely wish and PRAY all of you HAPPY TAMIL NEW YEAR " HEY VILAMBI". On this new year wish you all A Properous And Healthy Happy at all time A SMILING YEAR

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Dear friends and Elders

          I am thankful to all of you for giving the moral support as well as suggestion to express my views as I felt. I bow my head before you all for the affection shown

Monday, March 27, 2017


Wish you  all a Happy UGADI New year HEY VILAMBI brings all the happiness and prosper

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A journey with purpose

Why I put this title even I also think of it Just I started to write suddenly this sentence came to mind and I written it,

 Yes the purpose of a human to attain some high level searching Please don't mistake me as if I am thrusting my thoughts upon anybody. I am narrating my journey to southern most part of our country.

  The occasion was My Paternal Uncle;s  Sadabhishekam ie 80 th year completion function. The function was held at Sringeri  Madam in Karnataka.

My journey commenced from Delhi/ Gurgaon on 12th of March . My first stop was Chennai where other members of my family joins with me On 12 th there was not much activity. My intention on day was to visit my paternal uncle  house at Sulurpeta. His daughter was getting married on 9th of April As it will be difficult to undertake one more journey to south from Gurgaon within the matter of 10 days I intended to go over his place now itself


     The distance between Chennai to Sulurpeta is about 75 KM the best way of journey is by local EMU train which has got frequency of  1/2  hour time and the travel time is 2 hrs.As 12th is Sunday the railways undertook maintainance of track  hence 2 trains were cancelled .  So 3train load passengers were to be travelled at that time of train.  As it was starting point  we can (my brother and Myself) able  to achieve our goal of getting our comfortable seats near windows by walking some distance.

 The train started People were were standing and hanging on door also The face of the travellers shows less irritation but they were he satisfied in respect that they were able to get inside he train and reach the destination. No grumbling In this packed crowd comes the vendor selling goods, eaables and travelling allowing them without grumbling and at the same time purchase from them also merrily. thatmeans people understand that the fellow travellers also goes to house/ work as per compulsion and not for merry making that generates oneness feeling and therfore no grumbling and each accomadating others as for as possible. and tolarating the inconvenience.

In time I am recalling one incident happened sometime ago I was travelling inone long distance train in a AC class. The AC was adjusted  for the comfortable journey position Suddenly one person shouted to Electrician " what you thinking We paid the AC charges and why you are restricting Increase AC cool Otherwise you will face consequence. The AC coolling was increased We were shivering even under Warm clothes . Then we made it comfortable assuring full protection to electrician  This is one way People want their comforts only.

In the plane one person hanged his carry bag on his shoulder projecting the bag on his backside while standing in the plane in preparation getting down hitting the persons standing backside even on requesting .

  The EMU journey was given beautiful lesson and experience After finishing our engagement we returned back to Chennai


  My brother ,his Mrs and myself  boarded the train Mangalore Express from Chennai Central on 13-3-2017  and depart from Chennai central by 5 PM.  This is one of the super Express  We had a comfortable berths . As it is overnight  journey no Pantry car provided . We had our pantry car arrangement from our house itself Hence we were munching whenever we felt with the coffee provided by stop over station vendors and after our meals we performed duty of 90 % human beings usually doing after meals.    Next day ie on 14th we woke up  by sweet noise "  coffee  coffee "

    Reached Mangalore by 9.15 AM. We had fresh up ourself in the AC waiting room which has facility of Bath room etc . Here we had a company of  Sambanthi s . Hired one Taxi at Mangalore station for go around nearby places . Our beautiful journey started by 10 .30 AM


         This is the  temple dedicated to Mahalakshmi The goddess of prosperity We had a very good EYEFUL dharshan of goddess and we pray for our safe and purposeful Journey. (     HA HA HA MY TITLE HAS EMERGED).


    After a journey of about 2  1/2   hours at about 1.45 PM we reached Dharmastala where one famous temple located. It is Shiva temple managed Hegde family whose pronouncement judgment is final. We had a calm and satisfied dharshan . In mangalore region they are provided meals to all Pilgrims and there is separate hall for Brahmin's.  The mangalore region is only place where there is reservation for the 2% population of the country where reservation for over 10% population given not to people of 2% population.   The temple is clean and arrangements are there for a good Darshan of deities.   The temple closes for morning 2.30 PM and open 4 PM.


We started from Darmastala by 3 PM and we arrived at Sringeri by 5.30 PM The journey was cool with hill surrounding us


Completion of 80 years is considered to very auspicious and Hindus are took this opportunity to thank the god by way performing homas and pray for further healthy life to fulfill the works assigned to them by almighty in a healthy way. Participating and of by offering the their namaskarams the young generation are benefitted.The moon has passed 1000times around earth in their lifetime.

   The sadabhisegaham of my paternal uncle was held at Sringeri on 15 th of march2017.  The function began with invoking  Ganesh followes by homams , Varunajapam etc and the couples were purified by the water blessed by invoking gods. Then all the younger generation people a few older persons above 80,Youngers get their blessings from blessed couple  and elders blessed couple.


    Here this temple is dedicated to THE GOD OF FOOD ANNAPOORNESWARI. In this temple the food is served to all pilgrims. After taking food by devotees only the main puja is done for the god. Breakfast, tea/coffee lunch, dinner etc are served to devottees regularly.  The temple opens from morning 6.30 AM to night 9.30 PM. When I visited this temple in 2002 the deity was very big very much obsorbing .Presently the new moorthy has been made which just one fourth of  original in standing posture. before the original one. We had a good darshan in the night without any disturbance and also in the morning


   THE TEMPLE DEDICATED TO SAKTHI  .  We left Horanadu by 8 AM and our vehicle passed thro Silent Valley forest A wonderful and pleasing journey and we reached Kollur by 12 PM We are fortunate witness the midnoon Puja . The puja was performed in the traditional Malayalam procedure.

We had our meals by 1,30 PM in the temple


  We left Kollur by 3 PM and reached Murdeswar Temple by 4 pm . The front Gopuram height is 200 feet and there is a provision  of lift to go up to top layer of gopuram. The temple situated on the Arabian Sea Shore and 100 ft ht of shiva statue located on small hill.  We had a darshan of Lord SHIVA

We started from Murdeswar temple towards MANIPAL  at 5 PM. On the way we had a darsan of ANE KUTTE VINAYAK TEMPLE .And koti lingeswar temple where 1000 shiva lingams are installed inside well walls and one shivalingam was placed above and daily pujas are being offered.

We reached Manipal by 8 PM and stayed in my cousins house,



 On this day by 8 Am we started  from Manipal and had darshan of Udipi krishna,kateel durga temple and Polali Ra ja Rajeswari  and arrived Mangalore by 2PM and boarded train to Chennai by 4 PM train and reached Chennai on 18th morning

In this journey we made a point that hurrying and adding numbers are avoided. The darshan of deity must be without any tension Even if we forgo someplaces are OK with us. Fortunately in every temple the devottees are very few and we were in Gods sannathi as long as we wish and every temple we were fortunate to have darshan more than twice and we were took our meals in the temple both the times in a separate enclosure reserved for bramins

Here I am saluting our TAXI DRIVER SULAIMAN for his minute guidance to visit temples in time and minute guidance regarding temples and his punctuality          

Lastly I am thankful my paternal uncle and due his Sadabhishekam only we can able to organise this trip