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A journey with purpose

Why I put this title even I also think of it Just I started to write suddenly this sentence came to mind and I written it,

 Yes the purpose of a human to attain some high level searching Please don't mistake me as if I am thrusting my thoughts upon anybody. I am narrating my journey to southern most part of our country.

  The occasion was My Paternal Uncle;s  Sadabhishekam ie 80 th year completion function. The function was held at Sringeri  Madam in Karnataka.

My journey commenced from Delhi/ Gurgaon on 12th of March . My first stop was Chennai where other members of my family joins with me On 12 th there was not much activity. My intention on day was to visit my paternal uncle  house at Sulurpeta. His daughter was getting married on 9th of April As it will be difficult to undertake one more journey to south from Gurgaon within the matter of 10 days I intended to go over his place now itself


     The distance between Chennai to Sulurpeta is about 75 KM the best way of journey is by local EMU train which has got frequency of  1/2  hour time and the travel time is 2 hrs.As 12th is Sunday the railways undertook maintainance of track  hence 2 trains were cancelled .  So 3train load passengers were to be travelled at that time of train.  As it was starting point  we can (my brother and Myself) able  to achieve our goal of getting our comfortable seats near windows by walking some distance.

 The train started People were were standing and hanging on door also The face of the travellers shows less irritation but they were he satisfied in respect that they were able to get inside he train and reach the destination. No grumbling In this packed crowd comes the vendor selling goods, eaables and travelling allowing them without grumbling and at the same time purchase from them also merrily. thatmeans people understand that the fellow travellers also goes to house/ work as per compulsion and not for merry making that generates oneness feeling and therfore no grumbling and each accomadating others as for as possible. and tolarating the inconvenience.

In time I am recalling one incident happened sometime ago I was travelling inone long distance train in a AC class. The AC was adjusted  for the comfortable journey position Suddenly one person shouted to Electrician " what you thinking We paid the AC charges and why you are restricting Increase AC cool Otherwise you will face consequence. The AC coolling was increased We were shivering even under Warm clothes . Then we made it comfortable assuring full protection to electrician  This is one way People want their comforts only.

In the plane one person hanged his carry bag on his shoulder projecting the bag on his backside while standing in the plane in preparation getting down hitting the persons standing backside even on requesting .

  The EMU journey was given beautiful lesson and experience After finishing our engagement we returned back to Chennai


  My brother ,his Mrs and myself  boarded the train Mangalore Express from Chennai Central on 13-3-2017  and depart from Chennai central by 5 PM.  This is one of the super Express  We had a comfortable berths . As it is overnight  journey no Pantry car provided . We had our pantry car arrangement from our house itself Hence we were munching whenever we felt with the coffee provided by stop over station vendors and after our meals we performed duty of 90 % human beings usually doing after meals.    Next day ie on 14th we woke up  by sweet noise "  coffee  coffee "

    Reached Mangalore by 9.15 AM. We had fresh up ourself in the AC waiting room which has facility of Bath room etc . Here we had a company of  Sambanthi s . Hired one Taxi at Mangalore station for go around nearby places . Our beautiful journey started by 10 .30 AM


         This is the  temple dedicated to Mahalakshmi The goddess of prosperity We had a very good EYEFUL dharshan of goddess and we pray for our safe and purposeful Journey. (     HA HA HA MY TITLE HAS EMERGED).


    After a journey of about 2  1/2   hours at about 1.45 PM we reached Dharmastala where one famous temple located. It is Shiva temple managed Hegde family whose pronouncement judgment is final. We had a calm and satisfied dharshan . In mangalore region they are provided meals to all Pilgrims and there is separate hall for Brahmin's.  The mangalore region is only place where there is reservation for the 2% population of the country where reservation for over 10% population given not to people of 2% population.   The temple is clean and arrangements are there for a good Darshan of deities.   The temple closes for morning 2.30 PM and open 4 PM.


We started from Darmastala by 3 PM and we arrived at Sringeri by 5.30 PM The journey was cool with hill surrounding us


Completion of 80 years is considered to very auspicious and Hindus are took this opportunity to thank the god by way performing homas and pray for further healthy life to fulfill the works assigned to them by almighty in a healthy way. Participating and of by offering the their namaskarams the young generation are benefitted.The moon has passed 1000times around earth in their lifetime.

   The sadabhisegaham of my paternal uncle was held at Sringeri on 15 th of march2017.  The function began with invoking  Ganesh followes by homams , Varunajapam etc and the couples were purified by the water blessed by invoking gods. Then all the younger generation people a few older persons above 80,Youngers get their blessings from blessed couple  and elders blessed couple.


    Here this temple is dedicated to THE GOD OF FOOD ANNAPOORNESWARI. In this temple the food is served to all pilgrims. After taking food by devotees only the main puja is done for the god. Breakfast, tea/coffee lunch, dinner etc are served to devottees regularly.  The temple opens from morning 6.30 AM to night 9.30 PM. When I visited this temple in 2002 the deity was very big very much obsorbing .Presently the new moorthy has been made which just one fourth of  original in standing posture. before the original one. We had a good darshan in the night without any disturbance and also in the morning


   THE TEMPLE DEDICATED TO SAKTHI  .  We left Horanadu by 8 AM and our vehicle passed thro Silent Valley forest A wonderful and pleasing journey and we reached Kollur by 12 PM We are fortunate witness the midnoon Puja . The puja was performed in the traditional Malayalam procedure.

We had our meals by 1,30 PM in the temple


  We left Kollur by 3 PM and reached Murdeswar Temple by 4 pm . The front Gopuram height is 200 feet and there is a provision  of lift to go up to top layer of gopuram. The temple situated on the Arabian Sea Shore and 100 ft ht of shiva statue located on small hill.  We had a darshan of Lord SHIVA

We started from Murdeswar temple towards MANIPAL  at 5 PM. On the way we had a darsan of ANE KUTTE VINAYAK TEMPLE .And koti lingeswar temple where 1000 shiva lingams are installed inside well walls and one shivalingam was placed above and daily pujas are being offered.

We reached Manipal by 8 PM and stayed in my cousins house,



 On this day by 8 Am we started  from Manipal and had darshan of Udipi krishna,kateel durga temple and Polali Ra ja Rajeswari  and arrived Mangalore by 2PM and boarded train to Chennai by 4 PM train and reached Chennai on 18th morning

In this journey we made a point that hurrying and adding numbers are avoided. The darshan of deity must be without any tension Even if we forgo someplaces are OK with us. Fortunately in every temple the devottees are very few and we were in Gods sannathi as long as we wish and every temple we were fortunate to have darshan more than twice and we were took our meals in the temple both the times in a separate enclosure reserved for bramins

Here I am saluting our TAXI DRIVER SULAIMAN for his minute guidance to visit temples in time and minute guidance regarding temples and his punctuality          

Lastly I am thankful my paternal uncle and due his Sadabhishekam only we can able to organise this trip

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