Monday, December 12, 2016


After our return from the Marriage function of Praveen and Sneha marriage The marriage function after concludes at Bride house it has be winded up in Bridegroom house also instead of leaving at middle. The marriage function started in Bride groom house for invoking our forefathers blessing. Now in the concluding function the blessing of Sumangalis of our forefathers were to be obtained for the NEW GRAHA LAKSMI who entered in the family. This function is called SUMANGALI PRARTHANAI   Sneha ,s father and her all family members were accompanied with us from Bangaloru to chennai by another vehicles to participate in the reception as well in the sumangali prarthanai function. One of relatives of Sneha is the state awardee of good teacher and we are proud of meeting her

                5 sumangalis consists of both the bride and bride groom family were invited and they were honoured and requested them to bless the new couple for their prosperous and happy life. Through their media the the family ancessostors bless the couple This function was held on 27-11-2016 in the morning


Sri Balasubramaniam has took the control of reception arrangement . The reception was held in HOTEL SAVERA  where the engagement ceremony was held. DIAMOND Nagaratnam is the organiser from Hotel.Efficient man.  About 250 guests had graced the occasion, Old office people as well as friends of Sugavanam were there. All our relatives also came. The reception started exactly by & PM as per schedule. Both Bride and Bridegroom instead of going directly to their designated place they went around the guests and greeted them A very good gesture.

 The receprtion as well as the relatives departure happened simultaneously.  The reception ended with happy note by 9 PM. The food was good and all cherished well.

As on 28th as bharat bandh was announced Sneha's family execept her father left for Bangaloru in night itself and Reached Bangaloru by 5 AM nextday ie on 28th nov.


On 29th Nov after having our lunch we 7 people Maniraj, Sugavanams, Moorthy and myself left for Vaideeswaran Koil Which our prisiding deity by 1.30 PM. and reached Vaideeswaran Koil by 6.30 PM. After occupying the hotel Room we gone to Temple for finalising next day puja. Being the KARTHIK Monday we had fortunte to have dharshan of ARATHI .and after wards we returned and had night tiffin and to rest.

Nextday we were at temple by 6 AM and abhiseham were performed by 6.30 AM and by 9AM we left the temple and had our breakfast and left Vaideeswaran Koil by 10 AM and reached Chennai by 3 PM

In this trip we had very good rapport with Sri Maniraju and we are happy to him personnaly

In thi connection I forget to mention the management of assigned To PADMAJA and MANASA. Manasa has to specially appreciated for her contribution to the sucess of SANGEETHAM and many KOOdos to her and Padmaja for her contribution for extending the warm treatment extend ed to guest is wonderful

 We will be meeting Next year  20017


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