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On 25th November the marriage of Praveen and Sneha was held at Bangalore, As I had the opportunity to witness the marriage function in close vicinity  I thought of sharing the function with all of you

My journey was started from Delhi on 20 th Nov by flight INDIGO Everybody might be thinking this as boosting Yes you are correct Travel by flight is becoming common The incident which has took place is worth mentioning Hence I mentioned as flight Journey.After on line checking from from house I went to airport to deposit my luggage at the counter Afterwards I proceeded to airport to board. I reached  Chennai by 9.40  and went to collect my bag All others bags have come except me. I informed the airline staff who was monitoring there. She immediately contacted all the people and to Delhi airport. They informed that the bag was despatched in the next flight fortunately started within 1/2 hour. I got the bag in the next flight. The thing and what I suspect is the bag was not loaded and it was forgotten to be loaded and after finding their mistake it was loaded . The reason was the bag was given separately in the baggage counter and it escaped notice of loading staff. We for our convenience get boarding pass from house and suffers


The planning of conducting the marriage functions were discussed in minute details. In this stage the MODI plan was adopted    The senior citizens above age of 70 have been conveniently eliminated including me. They are only honourable advisers without power, Those seniors above 65 are only advisors but their suggestions are welcome. Above 60 no manual work will be entertained.

 Planning Group consists of Sugavanam, Thirumoorthy Shankar and Anand

  Food department  K.S Sundar  Malavika Thiagu

 Transportation     Anand, Sripathy Vivek ( just like KARUVEPPILAI he is every where)

Hospitality    Balasubramanian

Finance     Meenakshi      ( First time a woman as appointed as Finance Section  Kudoos to Sugavanam)

Distribution of gifts etc      Padmaja    Rama

remaining    are on lookers

In addition Malavoka performs the services of providing transport fecilities  on payment

My profession was changed from Engineer to Medicine    I was the holder of first aid medicine as well emergency hospital information on route

bride groom asst  Sai Prasad Advait  Karthik
Self appointed news gatherers     Shyam and Sivaraman

21 -11-2016

  Arrival of guest   As PM Modi has made final modification of marriage arrangement  Sugavanams were busy  in making some fine tuning of arrangement Along with Sugavanam I had been to market to procure some of the difficient items which we feel short in the marriage

One of the grand lady of family arrived today. Coimbatore AVVA Another Grand lady already in Chennai  ie My mother

The food department started functioning from today onwards as well as finace department. As there were only works pertains outside The activities were of the house was normal except eating and gosipping

 Today being the Sugavanam 's birthday We had been Kapaliswarar temple and had a good darshan of Karpagambigai as well as Kapaliswarar.

   Today most of the guests had arrived and Final arrangement as well mode of works to be carried out had  been disscussion. Vaideeswaran of Trichy the formal head of the house has arrived by evening I was the guide. The stay arrangement of guests have been effectively organized. All the family members have arrived today
 The next day is being NAANDHI the function dedicated to obtain blessing of our forefathers. the arrangement for the same was finalised. also the erection of marriage Pandal ceremony was to done by 5.45 AM.

 As per programme the ERECTION OF PADHAKAL ie foundation for marriage pandal  was performed with vedic chanting and singing songs by sumangalis of the family at 5.45 AM

By 9.00 AM the Nandhi function was started and it continues for about 2 hrs,  After meals as all the department heads has assembled and made final arrangement  in respect of their assigned works.  Simultaneously the packing of Bridegroom materials as well as function material were done as per list and numbered as per the list prepared  As our bus has to be started by 5.45 AM all are instructed to be ready by 5 AM and all their packages are to numbered by the organizer group.

The working group finalised the action  programme


Departure  of BARAT ie  starting of bridegroom party from place of bridegroom

In this juncture it was wonderful to observe the leadership quality of Anand and the clear instruction given to  his group. The work was minutely planned and executed The allotment of works executed by Sugavanam and Shankar was excellant And in this marriage the planning and discussion,group discussion with time sense was done thro 21st century computers and we are proud of the youngsters of our next generation. They took their responsiblity in a grand manner Not just like my generation where we take responsiblity lightly (God is there He will carry out  mentallity)

The  Bus was very wonderful and gigantic.  We took out seats and the heads were counted recounted and verified . The breakfast and midday meals were already loaded in the bus and snack items also

The bus started with invoking the almighty at 6AM from Abhiramapuram 1st street.  The grand old ladies of the family were accompanying in the car with the able guidance of Rama thirumoorthy and by rotation Rohini

 The first request of stoppage was came from  ShyamSundar to Organiser was to stop bus for few minutes for Newspaper and it was accepted and after an 1/2 hrs the bus stopped for few minutes and necessary procurement were done for making necessary advice to world leaders as well indian leaders and for analysing their works The bus travels through  PORUR, POONDAMALLI, SRIPERUMPUDUR, KANCHIPURAM, VELLORE, AMBUR, VANIYAMPADI, KRISHNAGIRI, HOSUR, BANGALORU,

   SMALL SNACKS WERE SERVED AS APPETISER AND breakfast was distributed ie Iddly packets were distributed at bus No stoppage for breakfast similar to flight mode After about 2hrs journey the bus was halted for coffee break as the food department found that hotel is of world class and announcement was done the bus will stop for 10 mts  But as per Indian tradition we had around 40 mts

After wards we proceeded further and without forgetting our human tradition we were dosed somebody played some songs game. By 12.00 lunch packet were served in the bus afterwards we had short break for easing.    We reached Bangaloru border by  1.30 PM  Our driver drove the vehicle thro city and we encountered many traffic snarls and took about 2hours to cover 20 KM and our function has to start by 3.30 PM  But we able to reach our rest place only by 3.30 PM We have been welcomed by SOWMYA and party with welcome drinks and flowers We changed our clothes and reached Marriage hall by 5 PM

The Balaji Residency  KATHA

The Balaji residency the place where we booked entire rooms in Rajaji Nagar for the bridegroom party is located adjuscent to police commissioner office in the ninth road of                                   . is unique in many ways that I found out in due course, First when we enters in lift and it closes  with the band noise as if marriage party about to leave The lift door closes with bang everytime . NO 2 is the hotel keeper has got very soft corner for the lift. He dont want hurt the lift Whenever a single person used the lift the keeper will switch off the lift power and lift will stop in the middle and even he will not hear the alarm also and he will make slight movement and make the lift to upto some level so that inside person can open the door by hand This was happened tome. When we complain he will tell immediately You see the lift working as if we are at mistake. In this way he will make us use staircase so that his Lovely lift is not disturbed. This has happened when Sugavanam approached for rooms to this Balaji Residency.

Varapuja and Reception

We were welcomed by traditional way at the Marriage pandal entrance and taken to Hall The Varapuja ceremony started at 5.30 PM and completed in record time so as both Bride and Bridegroom are ready for reception.

The relatives were in full attendance  THE reception started 1/2 hour late then prescribed time and by this time we had our evening snacks and coffee
we already booked some more rooms near marriage hall also for guests the guests are there to bless the couples by postponing their programmes.

Then afterwards the marriage programmes were as per schedule. The night meals were good to taste to everybody The food were prepared to suit everybody taste. North Indian, Bangalore, south indian light meals like RASAM SAMBAR
I feel tired and hence I want to retire early. so I left the marriage early to go to room. I took auto and dropped nearby balaji residency.

 Iam having the false  notion I know the thing by visiting onetime anyplace and reach back without difficuty. Here tonight Iwent opposite side and balaji residency not found After so many enquiries to Sugavanam I reached the destiny Of course It took 45 mts. I went inside the lift and it happened what I described earliar the affection of lift by Hotel keeper.. I reached the room and took rest.


The Mangla Stanam of Bride and bridegroom ceremony was fixed at 4.30 AM  We woke up by 3 AM
and after our morning rituals went to Marriage hall by 4.30 AM. The bride and bride groom were traditionally brought along with their parents and with 5 sumangalis made ARATHI and asked them to be ready by 6 AM after having Bath etc for the marriage procedure.

The Kasi Yatra symbolising end of BRAMACHARI stage and to get permission from Lord Shiva to enter into marriage stage. At the same time the Bride was seeking permission from Lord Gauri for entering into marriage stage. After getting permission The bridegroom was welcomed to marriage pandal by bride and both were led to place of marriage. By chanting the relevant mantra the bride was allowed to enter bridegroom side and then by Doing required Laksmi puja to mangalyam with help of Bridegroom's sister Mangalyam was tied to bride All the elders present and those whowere unable to attend actual function are all blessed the newly wedded couple for long and Happy life. A two families until now a different were united in this generation

Further function in connection of the marriage were conducted All the guests were provided with wonderful lunch  

 9 months of preparation completed to the satisfaction of all

Bomb blast in the marriage Hall

I went to toilet to ease myself located near dinning hall. In the corner one areted water bottle with moreless full waslying there. Suddenly it burst giving good sound As it was only water filled water sprayed over me some extent. I feared and expect some commotion Nothing happened and Also not informed anybody to avoid unnecessary commotion

We vacated the Marriage hall by 2.30 PM and returned to Balaji residency and had sweet rest for 2HRS,


A ggod evening Snacks of Bonda  sweet and coffee along with some snacks were arranged at our stay. The Sangitham cultural programme was performed by local family talents led by SUNDAR and Malavika  Young old family members were participated in a grand way Sri Sudharshan wants to unite all the telugu families and evolved  one programme. On the occassion of marriage SUGAVANAM and Maniraju has adopted village for upgrading their mode of life The dinner was served at 9 PM 



As the marriage is over and we were vacating the BALAJI RESIDENCE hotel as predicted by anyhow the lift was made unservisable by the keeper by planning perfect way
 We were struggled to bring our grand ladies of the family thro stairs from 3 rd floor although the hotel agreed to give help he purposely never turnout,

As the bus is unapproachable to hotel lobby went hired small vehicle to transport man material from hotel to bus standing 2 km away, The breakfast and lunch packet were were already received by us by 7 AM , We departed from Bangalore from (9 AM We were expected to reach Chennai by 3 PM As all were tired o we had nice slumber inside bus.

Alas our schedule was hampered by stinginess of driver he wanted to earn money  thro diesel and although the fuel level gone to critical level he was driving vehicle. The vehicle tried it levelbest to help the driver and in course time it has exhusted and stopped in Chennai Border ie at Porur. . The company mechanic came and removed air lock and it proceeded at reach Chennai destination by 7 PM.

Patience exhausted

For three days the guest our marriage will very orderly manner obeyed the instruction given by organisers BUT WHEN REACHED back that gone with the wind Madras water made the effect






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Excellent presentation note of Prav's wedding, subtle way of pointing loopholes and magnanimous appreciation of planning and execution efforts by all people who have made it successful.kudos to you brother.