Thursday, July 14, 2016

Saranya Thiagu Marriage

on 23 rd My brother's daughter Saranya marriage has been performed at chennai. As family elder I was present 3 days before. In the marriage to avoid confusion We had our  discussion and we had been alloted specific works and work has been allotted in such way nobody can miss the functions. I had been alloted the financial section, 2 days  before marriage day  My brother handed over to me  2 lakes. I was  trumbled. Such a huge cash I was lost in the thinking. First safety and then easy availablity in needs and minute and careful in handling and disbursement.  The main thing is secrecy and Iam having only one small leather bag and it is possible somewhere it may slip without knowledge and when ever necessary I must have  a companion , this was my line of thinking.

            On 22nd the previous day Marriage day function started by 7 am We arrived the the marriage hall by 6 AM .The designated group were doing their allotted work efficiently The unexpected thing was the Bridegroom party also came well in advance which has overlapped our work.  We had our breakfast and the first prelimanary function of invoking blessing from our forefather's began. It was about 2 hrs function Simultaneously the same type function for bridegroom side commenced. Due to some delay the next programme of lecture began an hour late

     The lecture is about Paramacharya of Kanchi Mutt. Every South Indian Hindu family somehow attached to Paramacharya Of Kanchi Mutt. I was honoured To give an Salvai to  the Lecturer

    Then much awaited Lunch which we have .

     The Morning Session had completed and Of course I had commenced my allotted work also efficiently ( pl dont blame me for my self Praise)

IInd session

    the actual participation of public gathering started from this time and many relatives and friends are started arriving at this time. It was a great occasion in this session the replay of the Engagement ceremony which was held within the closed circle has been performed with the august presence of relatives well wishers and elders of both the family and the bridegroom welcomed by all.and the new couple were introduced to all with their best wishes and blessings.

In this marriage traditional procession of bridegroom was performed after getting blessings from almighty.  The finer point in this procession was Cracker burstng and traditional North Indian marriage dancing before bridegroom.One intresting point is even Bridegroom also joined in the Dancing . It was dancing dancing and dancing till Both the couples occupys the dias.
 Then reception starts and went on till midnight. Out of happiness both the parents of Bride Saranya MOORTHY and Rama  were not eating because they were in such a happymood .

Marriage Day   23-06-2016

   Golden day for SARANYA AND THIAGU

The function Started at 5 AM with blessings of  elderly Ladies and after taking holy bath the Bridegroom  started his homam first time in life for his healthy family life and asking blessings from Almighty SRIMANLAKSHMI NARAYANA AND LORD PARVATHI  SHIVA  By means of Holy fire and symbolic going to Kashi . On return He was welcomed none other than Bride and both were happy for obtaining the blessing of Almighty and elders. That is symbolic cradle welcome.

 Afterwards in the presence of all Thiagu tied the Mangalsutra   To Saranya and both became husband and wife

Afterwards as both Thiagu and Saranya are new there introduced by way traditional method at the time NAGAVALLI.

    The important part is all the close relatives and friends made avideo of themselves and bless the couples



Thiagu family as per their custom performed puja for getting blessings from their past family Ladies  who attained heaven before their husbands

The marriage has many many memorable things       Long and happy married life to THIAGU AND SARANYA

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