Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy new year 2014

I wish you all a happy new year 2014and pray god to bless you all happiness you must   optain along with your family  and friends.

        A silent revolution has started for the betterment of general public 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Police

I had a pleaseant surprice when I happened travel along with police officials. When ever we encountered with police personnel we a feeling  as if they are from different from general public.and we tend avoid them as possible

   What we are witnessing is while they are performing the duty of maintaining law and order and we have got no time/ opportunity to interact with them socially because of their nature of duty.
      I had the rare opportunity to interact recently which has changed my mindset which I wanted to share this with you all.

      They are normal human beings and only at duty times they have act rough . oithr than duty btimes they are witty and share their feeling among others and they are feeling to their family and children education and their progress and as we do they are restless whenever the expcted phonecall received in the appointed time . At sametime they are very watchful that the unsocial element take advantage of them. Some of them are more religious and studying and observing religious rites vigouressly and that religious things will not stand in performing their duties which I witnessed

   let us change our opinion and observe them as human beings and let us not form opinion seeing some of them .

Monday, September 30, 2013

Golden Jublee of GHMHS 1963 SSLC

Dear Friends,

   The 50 years of Golden Jublee of SSLC students of GHMHS who passed 1963 had assembled at the School premises and it was sweet memorable recollection of school days The main event was the participation of our teacher who was at 90 years of age and as he was also a student of same school he led us to his days schooling by singing the prayer. The most memorable thing is  the vigour by which the present students participated and make the function successful. hats off the the teachers, head mistress and the correspondance and management staffs


Monday, August 5, 2013

AkshardhamTemple at Delhi

A unique experience which can not be described easily yet I am trying my efforts to bring you a experience which I felt during the visit of Akshardham temple at delhi recently. Although  this was my third visit to this place still I experienced the thrill as if I am seeing first time.

What is the thing it kindles our mind. There are not one but so many .Let me try to picturise .

 The temple dedicated to Hindu religion. First the  structure. each and every piece of corner of the building is minutely designed The main beauty is the clean atmosphere.Although people will comment it's richness it is not a easy thing to maintain clean environment. Music fountain which enchants hindu dharma verses.

 It is not easy to describe in words only ,one has to experience in person.
Lastly the premises having a very neat eating place where all kinds of Indian food is available.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Old age sydrome An excuse

Recently I had been to Chennai in connection with some house function. The return journey ticket was already. On  booked from the place of journey. While going thro the formalities and the availablity of tickets I have noticed tickets for return journey was available for both the days of Saturday and Sunday. Itold my son to reserve either sat or sun. The dates being 30/31 st March . He booked tickets for 31st march. In my mind Although I noticed 31st march the day in my mind registered as Saturday the reason I could not able to explain  .I informed everybody I am returning on saturday train . I have not the date. If i had informed the date They might have rectified me. The train train timings was 6.10 AM. So on saturday I left my house which located around 8 KM from station at 4.00 Am leaving bed by 3 AM .I reached station around 5 AM and being wait listed passenger waited for pass enger list. Around 5.30 am the list was pasted and I noticed that no train was there. I rushed to customer care centre and told them in aggitated vioce although the tickets werec issued why no train. He coolly saw the ticket and told today is 30 th not 31 march. I could not able express my feelings

Monday, February 25, 2013

Golden Jublee G.H.M.H School Salem S S L C

I am proud of one of the student of S S L C Passed in  1963 from Gokulanatha Hindu Mahajana School Salem . This year 2013 being the 50 th year of passing S S L.C examination  one good soul wants  to utilise this rare occasion to renew friendship of green years of the school  during the month of April/May 2013 at our dear school.
S S L C being the last School Examination and after that The friends persue their career study in different fields. Hence it it is our humble request that whoever  see this information kindly pass on your friends and try to participate on this occasion on the date which will be selected on the basis of majority friends convenience,

   This is the occasion where we can honour our living Teachers and offsprings of Ex Teachers on behalf of Our dear teachers

       All of us in the ripeage of 65  to 68 years Still My humble request is try  to attend and Necessary arrangement will be done for your happy stay

   contact No   D. Seshagiri    09843043018 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sri Ramana

Dear Ramana,

        As per your request, one of the darbha relative is  Sri anand dharbha,   Hoes 11-8  Plot no 19 Telephone colony Hyderabad Andra pradesh  Email  anand.darbha@gmail.com .As soon as I receiving further information Iwill be glad to forward to you. By the by your in India or outside  . By the by I added further the Mulakanadu family names as given by you .Please be in contact                                                                                                              Sivam

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I wish all of you and your family and Friends a very happy new Year  2013. may this new year brings all of you a happy and fulfilment of your wishes and prosperity