Monday, August 5, 2013

AkshardhamTemple at Delhi

A unique experience which can not be described easily yet I am trying my efforts to bring you a experience which I felt during the visit of Akshardham temple at delhi recently. Although  this was my third visit to this place still I experienced the thrill as if I am seeing first time.

What is the thing it kindles our mind. There are not one but so many .Let me try to picturise .

 The temple dedicated to Hindu religion. First the  structure. each and every piece of corner of the building is minutely designed The main beauty is the clean atmosphere.Although people will comment it's richness it is not a easy thing to maintain clean environment. Music fountain which enchants hindu dharma verses.

 It is not easy to describe in words only ,one has to experience in person.
Lastly the premises having a very neat eating place where all kinds of Indian food is available.

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