Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Old age sydrome An excuse

Recently I had been to Chennai in connection with some house function. The return journey ticket was already. On  booked from the place of journey. While going thro the formalities and the availablity of tickets I have noticed tickets for return journey was available for both the days of Saturday and Sunday. Itold my son to reserve either sat or sun. The dates being 30/31 st March . He booked tickets for 31st march. In my mind Although I noticed 31st march the day in my mind registered as Saturday the reason I could not able to explain  .I informed everybody I am returning on saturday train . I have not the date. If i had informed the date They might have rectified me. The train train timings was 6.10 AM. So on saturday I left my house which located around 8 KM from station at 4.00 Am leaving bed by 3 AM .I reached station around 5 AM and being wait listed passenger waited for pass enger list. Around 5.30 am the list was pasted and I noticed that no train was there. I rushed to customer care centre and told them in aggitated vioce although the tickets werec issued why no train. He coolly saw the ticket and told today is 30 th not 31 march. I could not able express my feelings

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