Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Police

I had a pleaseant surprice when I happened travel along with police officials. When ever we encountered with police personnel we a feeling  as if they are from different from general public.and we tend avoid them as possible

   What we are witnessing is while they are performing the duty of maintaining law and order and we have got no time/ opportunity to interact with them socially because of their nature of duty.
      I had the rare opportunity to interact recently which has changed my mindset which I wanted to share this with you all.

      They are normal human beings and only at duty times they have act rough . oithr than duty btimes they are witty and share their feeling among others and they are feeling to their family and children education and their progress and as we do they are restless whenever the expcted phonecall received in the appointed time . At sametime they are very watchful that the unsocial element take advantage of them. Some of them are more religious and studying and observing religious rites vigouressly and that religious things will not stand in performing their duties which I witnessed

   let us change our opinion and observe them as human beings and let us not form opinion seeing some of them .

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