Friday, November 23, 2007

Today (21-11-07) I am informing you that at age 86 Smt Paattamma D/O of rayaprolu R.M Ellaiyya- Kamatchi mother of Coimbatore Krishnamoorthy, Sundram, Kumar left for heavenly abode. Smt Pattamma And Gini @ Gunavathi are own sisters. We pray for almighty .

Sri Chandrasekar , who related to Sri Seetharaman as father side relation is of very knowledgeble person.
Sri Chandrasekar who lost his wife at young age has brought up his sons with the help of his widowed sister was working in CPWD organisation and retired as Chief Engineer. By this this time the sons come to stand their own legs. In memory of his wife Sri Chandrasekar has planted one tree at Newdelhi . The park is maintained by the Govt horticultural Deptnear Dhaulakuan. Any person who is intrested can plant a tree there in memory.
After retirement Sri Chandrasekar undertook aprigrimmage to all Devara Shetram , which are 108 Shivastalam. For this he undertook so many studies, made enquiries,and completed this rare Thirthayatrai which is unique. It is beleived if one person completes 54 Shiva shetram and if any other person sees him will get benefit of having dharson of of Shiva temple. His sons are proud of their father who completed this Theetha yatrai.
A guide like booklet was published by him for guidance.
Such a great man is no more now and he left for Shiva patham 3 months before.

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