Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Random thoughts

Random thoughts do occur in all human beings. Sometimes it is so felt that I should share with you.

We born in this human form to fullfil some karma and also for our earliar karmas. accordingly the present life we are leading. Sometimes,say many times we came across that if you read particular shostram/ perform particular puja our sufferings will vanish. What I feel is our sufferings will be always will be there.and we have undergo that sufferings without fail as because it is karma, but performing the kind of puja etc one can get the strenghth to bear the sufferings so that the magnitude will not be felt. For example by taking the doctors medicine we feel releived because the medicine gives the physological feeling as well as strength to bear sufferings. Hence instead of wiping out the sufferings,pray for the strength to bear the sufferings,Why postpone the sufferings.
We are all the puppets in the hands of Almighty. Always keep it in the mind.

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