Monday, December 10, 2007

My Dream

The tendency of human behaviour to dream which is the expression of his inner feeling as well as his ambitious to see his place of birth is something unique then others.
First of he thinks peace and comfort, all fecilities like unintruppted water, electricity, house. For this he has to contribute possitively by economically as well as physically. Work hard, contribute to the nature by way of rain harvesting, planting the trees like mango,palm,neem, coconut, banana like that kind of trees, beautify the surrounding with frangrance variety of flowers. Install the solar panels for house use, with the help of your neighbours construct big ponds to save the rain water, maintain the cleaniness of your house as well as surroundings, help the needy, use the politicians for maintaning your area after all he is also a human being who has got goodness in him although he has got some compulsion.
educate the children to the maximum and give the freedom to choose their future because they got more source of information than the elders,but guide them
too much advice Ok this is the phenomeno of the old age
let us start some beginning.

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