Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sastiaptha Poorthy

In continuation,
We planned that instead of having in cities it is better to perform our function in the temple so that it will be like thanksgiving to almighty who has guiding us in our life.
The place one of remote place and from Chennai we have to travel for 8hrs by bus. We hire a bus to take us and we started our holy journey from Chennai at 6.00 AM, and arrangements were made for intermittent tiffin and coffee break.We reached the Thirukadaiyoor by 3.00PM and we lunch.
At about 5.00 Pm RudraEkadasi Japam was Started. It is chanting of rudram 11 times by 11 Vedics, equivalent to chanting of one lakh namas of shiva, the protector of human life. Elderly people were present for blessing this occasion.

Next Day on 24-5-07 we were taken into the temple by Elephantleading us the party. After performing the Gaja Pooja, and Cow Pooja RudraHomam, navagraha homam etc performed and on the sastiapthapoorthy couple (we) japawater was poured by the relatives and friends and afterwards I tied Mangalya Sudram to my wife.

Friends and relatives elders as well as youngsters graced the occasion and this function was performed by my two sons and Daughter-in-laws.

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