Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Minnakkal village

Minnakal village near salm eas Inam land gifted to 13 families of learned Vedic Brahmins. The inam gift is in canerese language as it was under Tippu sultan. The area was around 3000 acres and in the course of time the bramins sold the lands and migrated to to nearby places like Naickarapatti, Dharmapuri. In 1932 communual riots the remaining telugu family vacated the area and shifted to other places. the Telugu bramins were holding the posts of Karnam for many years.
Sri Ramabhadraiyya , The grand father of Ellaiyagaru for sometime managing a Choultry near Dharmapuri Salem Dt. Due to some mismanagement he gone to Kasi and after sometime he returned with GangaJal and presented to Chieftain of the place and ask for forgiveness. It was granted.
RamaBhadraiyya 's Son Visweswariyya died at young age leaving hiswife, son Ellaiyya, Daughter Subbamma. Ellaiyya and his sister brouhtup in his motheside parents house at Taramangalam.
Ellaiyya Period from 1799-1872.
Ellaiyya is responsible for reposessening the lands at Minnakkal at he was Karnam of Papparapatti and later he has given his post to his cousin Narayanaiah.Sri Ellaiah was estate manager of FIsher and co and the head quarter at erode in later dates. The fisher &co was exporting cotton to Manchester England.He became commission Agent and became financially very sound.His charity well known and respected byall and he instrument in getting back most of the inam land back to telugu family.

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