Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It was our fore Father's blessings and Almighty's that we four brothers have performed Kanagabhishekam to our mother on 4-6-2005 at Chennai. It was a unique function.
on 2-6-2005 there was marriage of Vishanvi's D/O Mrs &Mr ShyamSundar &Indu . ( ShyamSundar is First Son of Mrs &Mr Thiagarajan& meena of CBE)
on 3-6-2005 Grahapravesham of Sugavanam& Chitra 's house at Chennai.
On 4-6-2005 Kanagabhishekam of our mother.

Kanagabhishegam is being performed when the person is attaining 80 years or When the person is blessed with great Grand Son during her life time. My Grandson is blessed to have great grand mother ie my mother.

The function was organised in one temple premises nearby. The function started at about 8.00 AM. All our four brothers along with our family members performed Ganesh,Navagraha, Ayus homa Puja and Homam in the presence our Family Elders, Well wishers.
Friends and relatives came and attended function to bless and wish us and as well as to get the blessing of my mother who is elder to her. It was a great occasion to all the family members which is very rare.
After performing the required homas and other connected pujas, we all including relatives and friends poured Japa water on my mother,s head along with Gold and Silver coins specially prepared for the function and got mother's blessing.

Afterwards we honoured all those present there on this occasion.
We were blessed by doing this function.

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Kadambi Chandrakanth said...

can this function be done to great grand mother too ?
i mean great grand mother(1) > her son(2) > his son(3) > his son(4) ?
kindly reply to if you know the answer.