Monday, January 11, 2016


With the blessings of Fore fathers and well wishers I had fortunate to visit the Holiest places in India. Last week ie on the last day of old year 2015 I started my journey towards Dwaraka and Somnath by Train from Delhi and Reached Ahamedabad on 1-1-2016 morning   9.30 AM.


    There is regular bus service from Ahamedabad  ( In Somnath temple voucher the city has been mentioned as AMEDABAD) from 10 pm.  and reaches Dwaraka by 7.15 AM. Many buses are flyingduring that time. Bus tickets can be booked by internet ).As my bus to Dwaraka starts at 10 PM I took a room in a hotel.   The journey upto Amedabad  was normal in all respects. Rajdhani express supplied food as per terms and condition.

    The bus to Dwaraka was a sleeper bus. On experiencing day weather  I had feeling the night will be pleasent. Man proposes and God disposes. With one half sweater I was shivering The bus is not provided  Kambal to protect from cold Any how I  bravely  with stood the cold ( there is no alternative than boosting like this).  The bus reached Jam nagar 3 AM. I took hot tea. The bus was stopped there for about one hour. Most of the passengers got down here. The bus driver and conductor waiting for local passengers.After one hour the resumed the journeyand reached Dwaraka by 7.15 AM. The sun rise is about 7 am. The reason for stopping for an hour I understood.

The bus stop is near temple.The city Dwaraka is surrounding the temple only. I took a hotel room then and there itself. On enquiry it has been found that the local trip around Dwaraka done in 2 times.First trip at 8.00 AM and the second one at 2.00 PM. As Iwas having some 20 mts time I got myself ready by 10 minutes and at 8.00 Am the lacal bus started.

   DWARAKA local trip   2-1-2016

     Dwaraka  trip local Trip covering following places

1.Rukmini Temple   2  Nageswar temple   3.Gopi Talab   4. Bet Dwaraka

Rukmini Temple
  One time Rishi  Durvasa came to see Krishna afterwards he wanted to somewhere. Krishna offered Chariot. But Rishi Durvasa told he dont want chariot driven by animals. Krishna along with Rukmini dragged the chariot. On the way rukmini felt immense thirst. Krishna brought ganga water by his power and gave to Rukmini. She drank the water without getting permission from Rishi. Rishi got angry and cursed Rukmini that Rukmini will be away from Krishna for 12 years. Rukmini left Dwaraka and lived in the forest . This was the place where Rukmini stayed This called Rukmini Temple.  Pilgrims give donations for feeding water here. Water is being served to pilgrims here

Nageswar Temple

   Our next stop was Nageswar Temple. This one of the Jyothir Lingam. Ther are 12 Jyothir lingam in India. One very big Shiva statue  is installed in front of temple.

Gopi Talab

    When Gopis were taking bath inside the pond without clothes to teach them the lessons to them Krishna has took away clothes and hide This is place where this has been held.  ( Vastra Apagaranam) The authorities not maintaining properly and the tank is looks dirty although thousands are visiting daily

Bet Dwaraka

Our next stop was BET DWARAKA

 On the way we saw the a very big factory of TATA salt manufacturing Salt. There are heaps / mountains of Raw salt outside.
 We reached Bet dwaraka. On the way very big fish godowns, Fishes captured by fisherman is being stored here
        Bet Dwaraka is in the middle of sea around  1 Km from the shore. Regular and frequent boat services are there .They charging Rs 10 per head.The journey took half an hour one way.

Bet Dwaraka In this place of Krishna Palace Bramin Sudhama alias Kusela  was received by Krishna and entire family was blessed.
  The temple is located around 1KM from shore. Auto  (shared) are available Rs 10 per head) In this place both Hindus and Muslims are living together. Muslims are boat drivers and fisherman .
No cellophone ,camera allowed Cloak room available Charges Rs 2 per article. After dharshan we made the return journey and reached bus and reached Dwaraka by 1.15 PM.

DWARAKADEESH  TEMPLE                     contd


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