Monday, January 11, 2016

Dwaraka -Somnath Yatra part 2

In continuing Dwaraka trip


    On 2-1-2016  After having the dharshan of Bet Dwaraka The time was 1-30 PM I had the lunch and had a rest for 3 hrs. the temple opens at 5 PM . I went to temple after having tea etc . the distance  is walkable distance only. there is separate counters for camera Cell phone and shoes. Free of charge.

  Secrutiny clearence is there. There is not much people. I entered the temple and had a eyeful dharshan of Lord Krishna What I can not able to describe in words My eyes refuse to move away from Krishna  I was  seeing   seeing seeing -------------------

                More than 1/2 hour I was in front of Krishna and more than one hour I  was in temple.


   In the morning 6 AM the temple opens. I went to temple in the morning 6 AM and I had fortunate to see the ARATHI of Krishna and after one hour I came back to hotel room and had a slight breakfast and vacated the room by 8 AM for the onward journey to Somnath

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