Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Somnath Yatra Part 5


I reached Ahamedabad by 7 PM and passed remaining day time in the hotel.

5-1-2016  Local trip at ahamedabad

  Today trip started at 9.00 Am This time I took an auto to travel as it will be easy to recognise the place. Today trip was to goto famous Jain temple situated at about 68 KM from Ahamedabad city. The name of the temple isJain mahavir temple at MOURI and the priding deity name is GHANTAGAN MAHAVIR, the way passes thro Ghanthi nagar . A temple for Ganthiji is under construction We reached Mouri temple  by 2 hrs . The temple prasadams can be purchased for in ranges from Rs 30 and above  and it will be offered to god and it will be returned back to offerer. The prasadams will not be allowed take outside of the premises. There is  one  dining hall where food is available at Rs 50 per head unlimited one, Pure veg Jain food.On return Journey Mahakali temple is there and repulica of Amarnath temple is also constructed on the way. I reached the hotel by 4 PM

6-1-2016  Today I went ATLAJ STEPWELL .This is 5 storied well and having steps to go upto bottom This has built in the year AD 1555 by a King for his Rani bath. 5 stories are visible and further 2 more stories there the driver informed.The wall are beautiful carvings

. There are TRIMANDIR of Swami Narayan sect, Balaji Temple, ISCON temple Swami Narayan temple at Ghanthi Nagar.

Left Ahamedabad by 5.40 PM and reached Delhi?Gurgaon by 7 AM on   7-1-2016

Adani is building very big housing complex. Multi storied buildings.

In general Ahamedabad roads are Jam packed. No body including stat buses not following the rule og road.Very conjusted. The Sabarmathi River inside the city is well regulated It is the fine outings for people Gandhi nagar is well protected and police bis very strict and fully controlled by CCTV and police not corrupted.

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