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My Somnath Yatra starts from Dwaraka by 8 AM on 3-1-2016 by Hired Taxi.The distance around 250 KM approx.

Dwaraka and Somnath are on the Arabian sea shore. The journey was along the sea shore . The entire sea shore area is producing electricity by wind through by installing gig Fans.
 Harsha Dhayi Temple

  This devi is said to be KULADEVATHA of Krishna  This place is around 40 KM from Dwaraka. We reached this place by 9 AM The temple opens at 9 Am with Arathi . I witnessed the Arathi . The beating of Drums make us clapping our hands automatically A beautiful rhytham. After 1/2 hour our journey commences


    This is place where Krishna after war with KAMSA while returning to Dwaraka took rest for sometime One shiva linga was established here
Our journey continues and the next stop was PORBHANDAR The birth place of Mahatma Gandhiji.
We reached here around 10.30 AM.

Gandhiji Birth Place
 This is midst of market area and the building is maintained without any modification except front side for benefit of visitors. Even the plastering is also not done inside. A place to see every Indian as mark of gratitude

 In Porbhandar also the place of Sudhama alias Kusela place is converted as temple.

   This place where the richest Indian born.
   Yes  This place where Dhiribhai Ambani lived, The house is now converted as memorial. The helipad also constructed nearby

I took the lunch on the way


Veravel is twin city of Somnath.  Export of sea fishes is being regulated from this place. Several huge godowns are situated here for proper storing of fishes arriving from places.

   In this place The arrowman has aimed Krishna legs while he was resting on the tree. That place is now worshipping place A temple is being constructed. A huge Shiva linga is there


    I want to take photo of this place and hence I took the camera from the hand bag and took snaps. I took the snaps from the compound wall area of the temple. The distance from the Idol to compound wall is hardly 20 feet only and after taking snaps  and bowed the god from there itself and proceeded to taxi for further journey to somnath which is about 7 to 8 Km and reached Somnath trust Guest house for rooms. For showing I card  opened bag for purse. The purse was not found. I searched everywhere and in taxi also. It was not there. I told to taxi driver my loss of purse. after recollecting all the incidents I was sure the purse might be fallen while taking camera from the bag. The taxi driver immediately took me back to VERAVEL temple in 10 mts ride. I searched entire place No fruitful,   The driver suggested to go to priest and enquire. I went near the idol where priest was sitting and enquired Negative. I came  back thinking of further mode of action. When I came down from the platform of temple KRISHNA came  in human being and asked whether your purse and handed over purse and he refused to any money from me. This was the game Krishna played for not going near his idol

I reached Somnath by 3PM and booked room for oneday in the Somnath Mandir Trust guest house

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