Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Again story on tooth. different one This time this is entirely.THe swinging 8 tooths were removed on 25 th o f March and doctor dentist asked to come after 15 days. I had a inkling after taking the mould of the mouth he will fixed the denture by one week. I went to dentist after 15 days He started his moulding Process and it took 1/2 hours. He satisfied himself with his work as well as me. He asked me to come after 6 days in his prescription. My mind was doing rock and roll recalling my youth how I enjoyed the food and specially the sugarcane which I used to enjoy by tearing it with my teeth.
      As per date prescribed I went to dentist and he took my teeth set and he has done so many times to adjust the settings. In my mind I was sure I will come out of hospital with the regulated face shape. Alas He asked me to come after week . My mind mind baloon air has bursted. I said OK and came back. He asked me to come along with close relative in my case my son, for getting closer view and proper suggestion as per liking because he is the one to be with me.

    In my next consultation he fixed the tooth and asked the opinion of my son and he showed me mirror to see my beauty of the face. After that he asked me to after 7 days. 
       These are following tests he has conducted. First is you get a Rough idea of denture formation, second was to get the actual formation to in corporate in the rough formation , third was after fixing teeth how my teeth bitting will be. This has been incorporated in the  formatin mould. In the next He has fixed the duplicate teeth in the mould and tested all kinds of activivities teeth performing. Then last visit was fixing final denture.

      Now Iam shining with MUTHU PARGAL ie pearl like teeth. But alas my dear was not here to sing the relevant songs and make rock and roll I hope she will be singing from the heaven

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