Sunday, June 7, 2015

My First outing outside Tamilnadu then Madras State

It was 1967 Jan . By that time  I had been to West Bengal At the age of 19 years. Yes I completed my diploma in Civil Eng in 1966 and I got the interview card for the Junior engineer post at Farakka barrage Project in west Bengal. It is the Central govt job.There was a apprehenson that  I should be sent to far away place from the family side. I got boosting from my friends to go and I told to my parents my wish and determination.After so much discussion they agreed to send me to attend the interview. The interview was within first 10 days of Jan 1967.  we were not aware of the location of Farrakka barrage and the place Farrakka. In 1966 no computer to find out.

    first along with my friends we took out the Atlas to find the place. We located Farakka . Then we took out the railway map to find out the route to reach the place. and we went to railway station and booked the ticket. I requested my friends who studied with me in eng to join me. they flatly refused  saying House meal is always good. Even if we earned very little it is always good because that is near by house. So I started my journey to outside world just like once bird get its wings it started to venture outside.

      From Salem I went to Madras and for the first time  in my life I started my first journey to outside Madras. The name of the train is Howrah mail.It passed thro Gudur, Nellore, Tenali Vijayawada,Waltair,Srikakulam, Bhubaneswar, and it terminated at Howrah  in the morning of 3rd dayMy connection train to Farrakka is at 2PM, I took some snacks and meals and boarded the train and I reached Farakka at 6.30 PM. I enquired and reached Project Dormitory and informed care taker regarding my Interview letter. He gave one room for Rs 5 per day  and He informed meals were available at canteen After refreshing Iwent and had meals.
Next day morning interview and it had completed by 1 PM and after taking rest etc and by  night return journey to Howrah nd reached Howrah by 6 AM.By evening the train I started from  Howrah to Madras.and reached Madras by 4.30 AM on the third Day and after taking rest in my cousin ,s house at Ambattur and reached Salem by next morning by Nilgiri Express.

With 20 days I got the Appointment order from Farrakka Barrage Project as Overseer(Junior Engineer)nd my last date to join was 7 th March 1967 for accepting the job.. In the mean while one more interview call from GREF organisation for MES job. My father insist me to attend the the interview. The problem is the last date joining the duty and interview date is same. Recalling the tamil Proverb that instead of acquiring the fruit in hand no effort must be made to capture the flying object.
             I decided to join duty by 7th march and I reached Farakka on 6th evening and as I have to join on the other bank of Ganga Crossed the ganges river by steamboat and Joined duty on 7th. Immediately I have been provided Single room Dormitory accomadation of Rs 5 per month rent and my salary was Rs 306/-PM.


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