Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Tamil Nadu visit

During 2nd week of Feb I had been to tamilnadu. Although it was started as normal visit became hectic during the course of time.My journey started from delhi by flight I was treated with with Rs 80 coffee and 100 Rupees of sandwich  with smile by the air hostress after paying the money. This time near bhopal it was very cloudy the pilot was in panic still and  skillfully he overcome the difficult situation  and landed in time at chennai. After two days of rest I went to Salem and went to place called MINNAKKAL  a small village nearby Salem.I was astonished to hear from the viilage people about the latest development of the country. He talked about latest change in delhi politics and other things which I was not expected . It is really wonderful and Our country come to age.

         From Salem I went to Bangalore. I noticed although bangalore is place of cybercity having attracted so many industries on the food front  after 10 PM getting food is problem from hotels and in day time the housing colonies are looking deserted as people goes for work and house hold people locking themselves inside and it is very difficult for a stranger to locate the place.The taxi drivers and auto drivers mainly depend upon the passengers mobile phones to locate place of destination and the places are not indicated by name boards

  It is please to note that Bangalore station is equipped  with lifts for every platforms . Hats off.Rajdhani express food is sufficient for 8 years old childrens The quantity and the quality of food has to be hiked atleast by 50 %. . Allow outside food 

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