Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pallu Pidinkina kathai (tooth removing Story)

People used to say  when they became angry  they will utter if I not  not removed your tooth  I wiil change my name. But be sure It is not in my case now and I had not fight with any body and nobody utter the above word. It is age factor played the major role in my case.

   Let me elaborate.The story began 6 years before. One fine morning I had noticed that  one of my swinging tooth had fallen while brushing. This was the beginning. After fall of first tooth  the face was normal . after 6 month second one fell. My wife was insisting why you are not filling the gap. As it was not easy to find by others the loss of teeth. Hence I told her not to worry When more teeth fall then I can think of.

      Then instead of my teeth one big one fall. Yes I lost my wife. Then One by one teeth started falling on every 6 months ie the gap of one teeth to other teeth falling is 6 months. I dont want to go the dentist for extracting tooth as I feel it is not necessary Let nature take its own way. that was my feeling.

      When There was 12 teeth remaining I just to know the trend I went to a Dentist for consultation.He was very generous. He examined me took some X-Ray and he studied and before study he by his generosity extracted from me Rs 1000/=. Afterwards he told me as your teeth are weak requires artificial teeths are to be fixed .

     I asked him the time to be taken for extraction as well as for fixing the artificial . He informed the time required.then Lastly asked him the amount to pay. This time also he was very very generous He told me that
3 laks is sufficient.  I was very much overwhelmed and there is no speech came from my mouth at the same poor fellow with this money only he has to admit his small child to KG level school. I felt very much because
I was unable help his child education .
    I was an opinion let the teeths fall on its natural way and being alone why I should bother myself on my beauty. time passed One by one teeth started falling. It was 6 teeth remaining. The children took pity on me for not taking slightly hard food just like dhanthuri roti, murukku,nuts etc. They started pressuring me to go to dentist. As I retired central Govt employee I am eligible for treatment under CGHS.( central Govt Health Scheme). I got reference from my health centre to dentist. The treatment cost will be bourne by Govt.
  I met the dentist and within 2 days my natural teeths have been removed. Now at present I am like 3 month child. The mind boggling thing is when toothless child laughs everybody irrespective of age group goes and ponder the child Whereas it is reverse in my case. OH MY GOD

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