Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Visit to Native place

Recently I had been to Chennai in connection with some works.Of course it was not a happy visit. The visit was very hectic. In a way first 2 days in chennai and next 3 days at Hyderabad , next 3 days at Salem and last2 days at chennai. The purpose to share my views with you.This time I travelled by flight due urgency. My first son's father in law has passed away. Of course he was in 65 years leaving his wife, one son and one daughter.

   he worked in defence accounts officer and had good reputation.  after that I went to Hyderabad.In Hyderabad my brother in law ie my wife's brother was who was suffering from lung comes ?  I was anaylysing.  His house is having one room + kitchen in ground floor and  two rooms in first floor. .Once doors closed no ventilation. reason told musquitos. Hence all doors, windows were closed for from 6 PM to 6AM. In addition Musquito coils. The lungs due to lack of oxygen became thick walled and chemicals done the rest ie eating the sponge that made lungs honeycomb. THen Doctors medicine is dirct oxygen feeding from machine. In allopathy no medicine for lungs only in Ayurvedic and homepathic has got medicine.  My b'in law was having this . he had 15hrs under artificial oxygen. What is the remedy? In temple where regular puja is performed there is no insects. Reason Ghee deepam, camphor, samprani.  Regularly light ghee deepam in the house, put samprani smoke, light camphor, agarpathy . .   After staying with him Icame back to Chennai. My brother in law actually lives in coimbatore For rest only he had been at Hyderabad. Although I reserved train ticket . the reserved ticket not confirmed. therefore I took a decision to come back by bus from hyd to chennai. I thought it will be combursome. >The bus starte at 10.30 PM from HYD and reached chennai outer by 8.30 AM. Reached Koyambedu by 10 AM. The journey was not tedious. Then in the night train I went to Salem which is my native place Stayed there for 2 days and returned Chennai to attend the functions for which I came and back to Delhi.  But within  15 days igot the demise of my brother in law Again I gone to Coimbatore for 15 days to pay homage to him.

 In this trip I came to face some unpleasent truths. Although some section of people getting much more benefits and some section of soceity not getting any thing even though thy are much eligible benefited soceity hating others. My brother son got 95% in School final he has not got any degree course in india. they demanded huge amount.ANYWAY THIS ANOTHER CASE. I COMING TO POINT.Iwent to my friends house who studied with me in same school in higher secondry level who is well known to me refused allow me inside his house because of unbenefited soceity. my friend's co office friend  refused to take even water in my house because my non benefited soceity, although he travelled from Salem to Delhi and directly  I brought  him from station to house.

 These some of my experience. Why to worry others. we have got 125 crores of indians thouse respect us we will respect and we should not worry others feeling.and we will not good for all the people. Do according your mind quidance and do whatever you are feeling good  That is sufficient.

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