Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mudras for health

Our elders have for the welfare of human beings taught mudras. Here are some of Mudras

     1. Gnana Mudra

   This the Mudra you are finding in Dhaksinamoorthy idol
      Thumb Finger and the index finger edges to join and rest of fingers straight.
             Due to this the brain cells will get will get flow of blood. sleeplessness, Anger etc go

2.  Namaskar Mudra

       Just join your both palms together just like we are greetings the elders and in front of God.
  With this both the sides of brain will work simultaneously

3.Kubera Mudra

     Thumb Finger,Index finger and centre finger edges will join together and give light pressure and rest of fingers must touch the bottom of thumb finger

   There no time limit for this action. Your finacial problems will be over.  Remedy for Sinus problem .

4.Varuna Mudra

Join the thumb and last finger together and press it slightly.  and rest of three middle fingers straight   remedy for Dryness in skin and skin diseases 

5 Heart mudra

    Index finger to touch bottom of thumb finger and index and centre finger touch top of thumb finger and give light pressure. last little finger  straight
 If you do this mudra regularly for 30 to45 minutes daily you will not get heart attack. This is also called as aapana vayu mudra

 6. Sangu Mudra

      Place left thumb on the right palm touching left thumb edge on the right thumb bottom. close the left thumb by the middle three fingers and give little pressure. this process can be done by changing the hands. this will help to reduce thyroid problems,indigestion.

   7.  Maha Sirasu Mudra

   Bent the ring finger inside soas to touch the palm. Keeping last finger straight, press the rest of fingers together. Head ache will vanish

    8.  Prana Mudra

      The little finger to touch bottom of thumb, Index finger to touch top of thumb. Remaining two fingers straight.
Resistance power, energy, sugar disease will be under control,

   9. Linga Mudra

    keeping left thumb finger straight and fold both the hands together. While folding hands the straight left thumb must be circled. Increase the body heat, Good for lungs, give strength to lungs, fat will be reduced. Must not do more than half an hour in a day.

10.  Soonya Mudra

     Centre Finger and thumb finger edges together and give little pressure . rest of fingers straight.  good for ears but those persons ears are good dont do this exercise

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