Friday, January 9, 2015

Hindu gods

Many times I want  to know  gods represent /  what it conveys to us.First Vinayaga and Murugan quarrelled just like brithers quarrel. and when ever younger brother needs his help he rushed to help him ex vaali marriage .. Shiva has got third eye emitting fire. All human beings are having very hot air in the centre of fore head, that why ladies are asked to put kumkum and gents were asked wear either vibhuthi/Naamam/Chandan etc to reduce the heat.

    At first where is the god ? whether he is temple or hills ,Kailash,vaikuntam or in open space or specially in theertha stalam ? no where is the answer. Whether he exists answer yes but where is the question. . When ever we visits to shiva temple there we worship only Lingam. The god is in lingam shape. On seeing any person sitting with folded legs in the floor and anybody sees from distance his sitting shape is resembles lingam. Yes God is with you in your body. That why the God was shaped in lingam shape. To remind us God is in you our elders has made that shape. The Upanishads, Vedas are all describing in their verses human being  are called linga shaped beings not as human.
While doing puja think of god in yourself and do prarthanas. Our Ambal gods are are very affectionate and loving idols. This shows our ladies are very affectionate and loving and Annapoornas who feed us and thinking of our welfare. What vedas telling is one time if you call Maatha she is there at your side. I am telling the upanishads and vedas telling.

Hanuman is good administrator. Good minister, good communicator,quick decision maker and good executor.. We are submitting neivedyam to god. Molasess( Vellam), coconut, fruits, Sweet pongal, dal etc All are good for health.   Grinding of occean.  That shows much wealth is in the sea. search it.

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