Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2nd Puranam

The second puranam is Padma Puranam. This is divided into 22 chapters containing stories informing the way lead life. Here in this puranam the Radhastmi Vratham has been mentioned. The devotion of Radha to Krishna has been mentioned only in this puranam.The importance mahalakshmi vratham has been mentioned. The Puri temple story is mentioned.. It has mentioned in one story the holiness behind cleaning of Vishnu temple, the importance of Ekadasi Vratham, helping in lightings of temple, importance of taking Bath in Holy rivers, Theerthams, annadhanam etc,etc has been stressed with the help of stories.Birth of ganges riveris mentioned.
Lord Vishnu ' body has divided in the form of 18 Sri Brahma Purana is Head, Sri Padma is Heart, Sri Vishnu is Right hand, Sri Siva Left hand, etc . Thus the studying of Puranams brings " Punyams" to human beings.

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