Friday, December 11, 2009

Third Puranam & Fourth Puranam

The third Puranam in this order is Sri Vishnu Puranam. In this it has been insisted that knowledge has to be gained thro Guru. The calcllation of time for all the world has been mentioned here.and the cycle of creation and destroy and recreation etc has been mentioned here.The division of human,and others also mentioed.Sidth,Asidth,Eswara are described along with it's 6 divisions have been described. It contains many chapters and clearly described thro stories for easy understanding.Starts with creation of Universe in the first part. Second part is our Bharatha Varsha. Bharatha Varsham under Jambuth Dwipam has been praised as Punya lokam.
7 dwipams ie Jambu,Plasham,Salmalam,Kusam,Krausham,Sakam,Puskaram.
Below earth, Athalam,Vidhalam, Nithalam,Subasthimath,Mahathalam, Suthalam,Bhathalam.
Bhathal Lokam is very very beautiful ,more advanced and for better than Indra lokam.
Description about Naraka lokam is mentioned,
Above Earth, Puvar, Surya,Chandra,Star, Sukra,Ankaraka,Brahaspathi,and Sani Lokams above this saptha Rishi and Dhurva , These called as Suvar
Mahar Loka, Jana,Thapo, Brahma's Satya loka,
Total 14 lokas called Bramandam
The Sun Path and time has calculated and mentioned,as well as Chandra's path.Description of Sun and Chandra is well as all the Grahas.
In the Third partManvanthram has been described. Now we are in Vaivastha Manvanthram.
Vedha vysa in not one,they are Gurus just like Sankracharya just like we are mentioning.The details of Vedha vysa with their names in each manvanthra has been mentioned.The meaning& formation of "Pranava OHM " has been described. The "srartha ceremony " and its different methods were described.
In 4 th part Brahma's decentants were being mentioned.
The Dasavatharam is described

4 th Puranam is Sri Shiva Puranam.
In this Puranam, Lord shiva' s Appearence, Jyothilingam ,Creation of OHM has been mentioned
The marriage Of Shiva, Birth of Murugan, Vinayagar, and connected stories ismentioned. the marriage of Sri vinayaga is told. Milk ocean , Amirtham ,Usha Parinayam etc are being told.
The importance of "Vibhuthi" is being told, Marriage of Nandhi, etc.
Persons got Blessings of Sri shiva, Lifting of Kailasa Mountain by Ravana, blessing to Arjuna Savithri -satyavan story, The importance Of Kashi, Importance of Maha Sivarathri and observance Different Vrathas has been mentioned. Panch Bootha stahalams ie Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and open Space places ie Kanchi, thiru Aanaikka, thiruvannamalai, Kalahasthi,and Chithambaram

The Fifth Puranam is Sri Linga puranam

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