Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eighth Puranam ninth and tenth Puranam

The eight puranam is Bhaagavatha Puranam. It describes Sri be Vishnu 's different avatharams. It begins with Mahabharatham ,then Sri krishna's end, Pandava's end ,Raja Parishisit and How Bhagavatha was told to him at his last 7days of life. It has stories of Sri Uttavar, Vidhurar,etc.Sri Dhuruva Story,Puranjanan,Priyavrathar,Jalabharathar, Ajamilalan, Prahlathan,Gajendra Moksham, Parkadal story, Ambarishan story,All avatharams of Vishnu etc
It informs how god will be at each Yukam. It describes 20 ways which make " paripoorna ( unlimited) happiness in the world thro the discussion between Yadhu and Avadhuthar.Entire Krishna Avtaram described in detailed story.

The Ninth Puranam is Sri Agni Puranam

In this Puranam, How to worship S hiva, Vishnu, Sun,How to pronounce Mantra, Homam, What are the Karma's to perform at each occassion ,etc
Construction of Temple is placed highest and the ways to prepare Images of Gods and construction of Temple tanks.the procedure for taking Bath,Theertha Shetras. Gaya shetra importance, Daily Karma's. way to observe during Birthand death, karma tobe done after death by son and relatives, etc
The way to conduct homams, Prayachitta vratham and many kinds of vrathams, the effects different kinds of flowers, different kinds of Dhanams, Purusha, Stri Lakshnams, effects of dreams, sakunams, ways of keeping forces for & against enemy .
Ways of Abhishekams, medicines and Rudraksha varieties are described.
Next Puranam is Sri Kandha Puranam. This is tenth Puranam
Inthis Puranam the entire Sri kandha life has been described in detailed way till Sri Valli Marriage
Eleventh Puranam is Sri Bhavisya Puranam

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