Tuesday, December 1, 2009

18 Puranas

Recently I happened access thro' 18 Puranas which are teaching the human kind and worshipped by Hindu community. It teaches how the mankind should behave and the remedies. It is not for people to frighten. On each occasion How the mankind must behave.It teaches with the stories so that it is easy to follow.Let us brief the puranas one by one.
1. Sri Brahma 2.Sri Padma, 3 Sri Vishnu, 4 Sri Siva 5 sri Linga 6 Sri Garuda 7 Sri Naradha 8 Sri bhagavatha 9 Sri Agni 10 Sri Kandha 11 Sri Bhavishya 12 Sri Brahma vaivartha
13 Sri Markandeya 14 Sri Vamana 15 Sri varaha 16 Sri Maccha 17 Sri Koorma 18 Sri Brahmanda 19 Sri vayu puranam has been included in the 18 puranams
Sri Brahma Puranam consists of 34 Chapters. One chapter is devoted to Gayathri Maha manthram.
We know Yugha . We are now in Kali yugha. There are 4 Yughas . 4 Yughas combines together is called Maha Yugha. 71 Mahayugha consists of one Manvanthram. 14 Manvanthram equals to one Kalpam One kalpam is Sri Brahma's one day. New world born for each Kalpam.Now we are in 7th manvanthram called as Vaivasvatha manvanthram.

Before the birth of Brahma from the Naabi of Moola Brahmam sound has come by hearing the sound from the 4 faces of Brahma 24 words has been formed and this formation of this called " Bheejakshra mantra called " Gayathri Manthra" After wards 4 Vedhas are formed. Hence Gayatri Mantra is called as Mother Of Vedhas.
There are 18 maha Puranam as per list given above. Additionally 18 Uba Puranams are there.
In the Maha puranams Brahma Puranam is called AAdhi puranam ie First puranam.
The earth has been divided into 7 islands surrounded by 7 seas. In the earth 7 types of Mountains are there. Our Bharatha desam has got 8 divisions. they are called as Indra, Suserumaana, Thambrabharana, Kabassthimana, Naga,Sowmya, Khandharva, Vaaruna. The ninth division has immersed in the sea..
Below the earth 7 worlds are there. Athalam, Vithalam, Nithalam, Sudhalam, Thalathalam, Rasathalam, Bhathalam. These places are more beautiful and precious metal are aplenty.and are like earth living beings are there. Lord Yam a.is the king of all the earths and prople are rewarded as per doings. Above earth , Bhuvar ( this part of earth), Surya, Chandra, Bhuth, Sukra, Ankarakan, Guru, Saptharishi, Dhuruva lokams (contingency) are located. At the end of kalpam only Boo, bhuvar, Suvar lokam (contingency) will destroy.
The Puri Temple deities were initially prepared by Viswakarma .This has been illustrated in Brahma Puranam

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