Saturday, November 28, 2009


We regret to inform the demise of subbanarasaiah @Kunnadu at the age of 84 leaving his wife ,4 sons and 2 daughters.on26-11-09.
Sri Kunnadu is the eldest son of Dr sethumadhava Rao (S/O V Ganapathaiyya & Gajalakhasmma) & Sarathamba (d/o of Ellaiyya &Kamatchamma)
Sri Kunnadu is in his living days toured many places and collected many useful data of his anscesstors . He is the person nobody has ability to tie in one place more than 1/2 hour. While on visit to Gaya he performed Gaya Tharpanam to elders more than 40 that includes all his relatives by virtue of his collection of family details. He was having every minute details of the places visited and recorded in manuscript .He felt very much upset when onetime in the tour he lost the details of that tour but he tried his level best to reconstruct.
we lost one of our close who is always ready to help even at the age of 83 who was not able to hear with the help of hearing aid and walks with stick.
Suffered in his young age but he helped his children to prosper and his main supporting pillar his wife who at this age lost her mental support. She always stood by his side at difficulty with the smiling face We share her sufferings

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