Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A visit

I had the opportunity to visit India in the recent past ,although the purpse was a sad beginning but later course it was a very intresting and l well spent .

Due to sudden demise of my mother in law I had undertaken this trip to CBE. After consoling the grieved family I had been to Chennai to meet my brothers and relatives. During this trip I had a pleasent as well as eye openning experience. I had a opportunity to associate to compile the Kambam family tree and in that connection I wanted to establish the contacts with the family members of Kambam.
It is a kind of renewing the acquintainance which due to my postings outside the state since 40 years. The first I contacted is re lated to me as paternal uncle's Family, They were in salem during 50's when our family was there.
Mr Venkata Raman very much Educated as well as was held very prestigious post in State Educational Board and still persuing further education even after retirement. Hats off to him.
Sri Venkataraman is the Son in Law of Sri K. R. Vaidya nathan II son of Sri ramakrishaiah of Salem

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