Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eleventh Puranam

The elevnth Puranam is Bhavisya Puranam means tells about future.It begins with starting of the world. It informs about Sri Ganesha, Sun.
The way for selecting land for temple and construction of temple ,and idols have been briefed.Several methods of vrathas has been explained. The payment for different works have been mentioned in the proportionate way.The different way of marriage system and duties of ladies have been mentioned.
Sri kalki Avatharam has been detailed. The kings of Kaliyuga has been mentioned. The details of Sun god & route of Sun have been mentioned.

12 th puranam Sri Prama Vaivarththa Puranam.
Sri Krishna in Sri Bhagavat gita told " I am Parabrahma" In this Puranam it has been told how Sri Krishna has created this universe.This has got 3 parts.first part deals withGods and Livingbeings, second part deals with ways of worship, swarga,naraka, diseases and remedies, in the third part devoted Sri Krishna.
Ways to prevent Diseases
Their are 64 varieties of diseases. Fever is the main reason .For fever Kapam, Vatham, Pitham,
Slatumam are reasons. Ayurvetham Stramam devotes Diseases and its remedies. Sri Brahma is the author of Ayurvedha.
Clean, message of oil (on head,ear,feet),Cleaning of eyes by clean water,Daily exercise,bath,having Chandan mix on the body,equality of food,control in food intake,Curd (only in daytime) along with good habits,clean cloth, Clean atmosphere will prevent diseases.Respect of Ladies is highlighted. Here Sri Radha's name mentioned as she is assisted Sri Krishna .Mention of Navaratri, end of Kaliyuga,birth of Ganga,impotance of Tulasi,Salakramam, Savithri vratham,Sri lakshmi, Sri durga and many other Sakthi gods are mentioned. stories of Sri Ganesha and Sri Krishna are mentioned in separate chapters. Radha - Krishna story has been mentioned in this puranam

Thirteenth Puranam
This is named as Sri Markendeya Puranam

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