Monday, March 2, 2009


Service The question arises occasionnally as we are going to manyplaces at times we are appreciating many things that attracts us. the way the things arranged in a beautiful way, the things conducted and the cleaniness of the place was maintained. We long for cleaniness. In some places we are hurt by the way the place is kept. Especially the place of worship. People appreciates the clean , but they are not following the basic principle.Simply they are following others for sake of convenience.If we take example The containner of prasadam say paper/leaf is thrown conveniently nearby place.The blaming game among the people is common. While blaming the others they refuse to see them in that angle,as they also part of that incident.

During my latest visit I came across the awareness in this field. Some high working executives has formed one group and they select one temple everymonth and doing some cleaning works of the temple premises. This they are doing regularly. Material help to Spastic children like colour boxes etc are being distributed.
You can also try in a small way. And you will feel the difference.


Vaidhee said...

Dear Sir,

I wish to introduce myself as Vaidheeswaran, second son of Sri.V.Ramakrishnan (S/o of Sri.Vaidyanathan). I accidentally came across your blog and was pleasantly surprised by the content. I have a few doubts regarding the family lineage and other issues. Can you please let me know your email id, so that I can post you to them.


Sivaraman said...

Iam K.R Sivaraman S/o K.S Ramanathan popularly known as ChinnaSethu of Salem. My Grand father is K.S Subramania iyer and his brother is Chochaiah Who lived in IIIrd Agraharam Salem. The family linage book is now with K.R sugavanam At madras.Ph 044-24993952.My Email ID, and